Symbolism For Confidence – 10 Symbols That Represent Confidence

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Symbolism For Confidence

Representing Confidence, Strength, And Love

When it comes to symbolism, confidence is one of the most important things you can wear. Confidence can be expressed through many different symbols, each with its own unique meaning. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most popular symbols of confidence, strength, and love. We will also explore the symbolism behind these symbols and how they can help boost your self-confidence!

From having the most assured presence in the room to feel happier and more content about ourselves, developing self-confidence is a skill many of us perpetually aspire to have. Described as a mindset of knowing that you can achieve anything that you set out to do, it stimulates us to trust in our abilities and how we can find ways to make things happen no matter what.

While many believe that none of us is born with such a trait, a handful of plants and animals that represent the belief in one’s self is hiding in plain sight (see also 10 animals that represent strength). From the most ferocious of creatures to flowers that are simply beautiful, here are some of the most significant symbols of self-confidence. 

“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

– Dalai Lama

10 symbols that represent confidence


dragon representing confidence

Revered as a mythological creature that existed in folklores of various cultures, the dragon has long been respected as a highly intelligent beast that owns the ability to fly using its enormously powerful wings. Believed to represent evil and chaos by some, this fearsome fire-breathing animal is known to stand for symbolism for confidence and bring courage, luck, strength, and confidence to whoever is fortunate enough to have them as their spiritual guide. Providing us with an all-encompassing blanket of protection, having this monster on your side will undeniably give you the assurance that you can effortlessly take on any challenges. 

Protection needed?

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eagle representing confidence

Known for its amazing ability to hunt down wild cats, foxes, young goats, and deer, the eagle is a large and powerful bird of prey that signifies strength, determination, wisdom, and power. Regarded as the king of all birds, its vigorous and majestic presence motivates us to trust and be certain of our own skills and talents. A compelling creature to different cultures particularly to the Native Americans, its soaring image symbolizes confidence, individuality, and freedom.


lilac representing confidence

While its mere presence allows your garden to attractively stand out, the lilac has carried a handful of awesome messages that inspired many to keep them in their yards throughout history. Featuring a fragrant aroma that you can easily pick out from a distance, these flowers are favorably used in weddings which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that these gorgeous flowers are often associated with love and romance. Often seen blooming at the beginning of spring, various cultures see them as an indication of purity, renewal, and faith in ourselves.


bear representing confidence

From the fearsome but adorable grizzly to the panda which is insatiably voracious and hungry, bears are some of the most interesting animals on the planet. A dominant figure in the wild, these relatively colossal creatures would often appear in our lives to provide us with the courage and confidence to face the difficulties of our own personal journey. While most of us face domestic, financial, and health concerns daily, the bear would eagerly strut in to awaken the fearlessness that we all possess within. See also our post about bear symbolism.


lion representing confidence

Featuring a muscular chest and a hairy tuft at the end of their tail, lions are perhaps the most popular among wild cats. An undoubtedly strong animal that implies diligence and wisdom, these fierce creatures have been observed to single-handedly lead their pride in hunts and territorial battles with tenacity and confidence. Well-built, athletic, and extremely capable, this remarkable creature can establish time and again that it is a cut above the rest.


amaryllis representing confidence

With a name that translates to “sparkle” in Greek, the Amaryllis is a lovely flower that instructs us to show off our abilities with great confidence – it stands for symbolism for confidence . Originally blooming from spring to summer, it has been bred to provide charm and appeal to our homes throughout the year. Not only does this make this stunning flower a symbol of beauty, but that of strength, determination, and patience as well.


lion fish representing confidence

Much like its namesake, which lords it over the jungle, the lionfish are recognized as proficient hunters that use their quickness to capture their hapless prey. Equipped with concealed fins that they use to ward off potential predators, these invasive creatures of striped bodies encourage us to stand our ground when faced with danger and to never hesitate to use our hidden talents to help keep us safe and ultimately make our lives better.           

Secretary bird

secretary bird representing confidence

Along with an impressive wingspan that stretches up to 7 feet, these wonderful birds that prefer to hunt on the ground stir us to be proud of our unique abilities and to use them without hesitation confidently. Recognized in several African traditions as a symbol of self-worth, the secretary bird stomps into our presence to help us in showing the world what we are made of and to give our self-esteem a boost.


crocosmia representing confidence

Commonly called “Lucifer” for its bright red color, these vibrant blooms are known to symbolize life, passion, sensitivity, and love. Its vivid and easily recognizable color has made this incredible beauty among the flowers that represent confidence. Standing tall with grace and charm, the crocosmia teaches us to face all our challenges with great certainty and elegance.  


peacock representing confidence.

Best known for its jaw-dropping tail feathers that it uses to attract a female for mating purposes, these dazzling birds are not only symbols of strength and love, but integrity, honor, and the belief in one’s self. While such a glorious display of beauty has been observed to make the peacock seem bigger and intimidating in the presence of its predators, it teaches us how the appropriate use of our gifts can lead us to achieve even the most insurmountable of things. See also our post about peacock symbolism.


Confidence drives us to constantly be optimistic and find creative means to get what we want in life. While there may be countless times when things just don’t seem to go your way, having the strength to face new challenges with excitement and determination, as well as the courage to let go of those who try to control or manipulate you, are just a few of the rewards you reap by knowing that you are absolutely amazing just the way you are.

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