Praying Mantis Meaning in the Bible

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praying mantis in bible

Depending on what culture you belong to, viewing a praying mantis is sure to bring good or bad luck. This insect has derived this name because of the way the two front legs are held up as if praying. ‘Mantis’ is a word derived from the Greek word ‘Mantikos’, meaning prophet. In this article, we want to explore the meaning and symbolism of this insect in the holy book, the bible.

Praying mantis symbolism in the bible

Some Christians believe that this spiritual animal represents piety or spiritualism due to its ‘praying’ hands. If you find one in your home, it means that you are guided by the angels who are watching you. This spirit animal is small and light are nimble as well as quick in its movement. Thus, it is considered to be a worthy and formidable adversary. It has a special, unique way to receive and seek timely answers to diverse life questions.

If you see this insect, then the universe is trying to make you understand the need to learn properly. Also, you need to know the attributes. The mantis generally enters our lives as our lives are filled with chaos, activities, and business. Such activities may not allow you to hear the small still voice within you due to the created external din around you.

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Bible verses

With its folded front legs, the praying mantis seems to be in a praying posture. Seeing this bug, you only think about prayer. Christians believe that the most common of all postures to assume according to the Scripture is a prayer. So like this spirit animal, it should probably be in our name.

So, when exploring the Praying Mantis meaning in the Bible, let’s look at the New Testament. You’ll find a few verses which provide some insight into Scripture passages. Every reference made to prayer shows how important prayer is in our lives. Going through each verse, understand the descriptions and allow them to enter your heart.

  • ‘They joined together in prayer, with Mary, Jesus’ mother along with His brothers and women.’ (Acts 1:14)
  • ‘Jesus told a parable to His disciples they should not give up but always pray’ (Luke 18:1)
  • ‘Be faithful in prayer, patient in affliction and joyful in hope’ (Rom. 12:12)
  • ‘Being thankful and watchful, dedicate yourselves to prayer’ (Col. 4:2)

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What does it mean to see a praying mantis?

If you come across this spirit animal, then it means you are likely to experience plenty of good luck. If it sits on your body, then you can expect luck in small/big forms. This Praying Mantis symbolizes the earth including its colors, thus blending in perfectly to achieve greater harmony and peace. Its symbolism includes concentration, focus, stillness, and calmness. You need to have a still and calm mind. Only then will you be able to focus on your objectives and intentions, thus realizing them easily.

You can derive the perfect moment to enhance your awareness and stillness. Moreover, you will be able to hear the voice within you very clearly and with greater openness and acceptance.

What does it mean to see a praying mantis

Hence, this spirit insect means the stillness of mind. This creature is found to spend most of its time being still. It tries to visualize its objectives and goals. Accordingly, it plans what next move to be taken to realize the set objectives.

Since the praying mantis is in complete stillness its prey moves towards it unaware of this predator. It can protect itself, thus fending off dangerous attacks and saving itself. This symbolizes that you get answers to all the questions that you have in your mind and ask openly.

By remaining calm, quiet, and still, you are likely to attract positive energies. Thus you provide the universe with a message, thus prompting it to send answers back to you.

Seeing the praying mantis symbolizes that you need to understand fulfillment and attainment similar to the orca animal spirit.

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All your objectives and goals are likely to be fulfilled after you wait patiently. Once the right moment sets in, you can find yourself at the most appropriate place to derive the benefits.

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It is only from a successful quest or hunt that greater satisfaction can be attained. Then you need to enter contemplation mode to determine the different ways by which you can improve your techniques.

This spirit animal is also said to symbolize your wisdom and intuition derive from creativity and patience.

Furthermore, it signifies contemplation and meditation in a manner such that it is quite opposite to that of the possum (see the opossum spiritual meaning) (see the opossum spiritual meaning).

Rather, it is more about being action-oriented as well as decisive. At the same time, you need to plan carefully about the different moves to make in your life. Understand that it is all about healing in spirit, body, and mind.


If you see a praying mantis, then it is perhaps a visual reminder of what you need to do and avoid. The lesson we can learn from the praying mantis meaning in the Bible is this: we can go through the motions of praying while not connecting with God at all. Our eyes can scan the words of a Bible, understand their meanings, and even study it in-depth, but unless we allow it to be transformational in our lives we’re as clueless as the praying mantis on the Bible. We can have the forms and expressions of faith but not the substance!

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