Possum Spiritual Meaning: What the Spirit of Possum Means to You

Masters Of Disguise: The Spiritual Significance Behind Playing Possum

A cherished animal from the USA, opossums are adorable night-time creatures that are favored for their non-aggressive nature. Known for being serious loners that hang out with the female of their species only for mating purposes, these extremely shy spirit guides would scurry into our lives to advise us on how to make it more healthful and fun. Companionable yet territorial and puts its solitude in high regard, let’s scamper into the complicated possum spiritual meaning.

“Hangin’ upside down ain’t good for nobody but possums.”

— DiAnn Mills, Writer

Possum spiritual meaning

When most people think of possums, they think of pests. These small, rat-like creatures are often seen as a nuisance in yards and gardens. However, there is more to the possum than meets the eye. In Native American culture, the possum has a special spiritual meaning, and it is considered to be a totem animal. If the possum has crossed your path, there is likely something you need to learn from this creature.

Known for their brilliant way of lying down and playing dead in the face of imminent danger, possums carry with them broad symbolic meanings that motivate us to train our sights on the more essential and urgent things in life. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the cunning opossum spiritual meaning:

Clever as a fox

Armed with up to 50 sets of teeth that they can use for protection against predators, the possum would instead lie motionless and play, well, itself, to confuse potential attackers and come out unscathed. Regarded by many as a distinctive messenger of the divine, it indicates our capacity to discover creative strategies that can help us deal with the countless challenging situations that come into our lives. Also check our post about the fox symbolism.

Brilliance lies within

Smart enough to adapt to co-existing with other species including humans, as well as having the ability to trick and mislead a potential animal of prey, the possum is perhaps one of the most intelligent animals around. By sharing with us its resourcefulness and wisdom, the presence of this brainy critter indicates that we have the skill and knowledge to overcome the difficulties that we might encounter.

You have what it takes

Small, fragile, and seemingly bashful, possums have the unique ability to feed on plants that are deemed poisonous to other animals. Not only do they represent your capacity to accept and adapt to changes, but it is also a reassurance that each one of us is perfect in our own little ways.

Count on your instincts

Resilient, knowledgeable, and curious by nature, possums would often visit us in times when we seem to doubt our inner intuition, particularly when making life-altering decisions. While they are generally passive and hesitant even during territorial disputes, these apprehensive individuals would dart into our lives to remind us about the importance of trusting our skills and believing that they are enough to help us realize our dreams.

Two are better than one

Known for their extraordinary ability to share parenting duties, possums make good use of the relationships they have and work together to achieve great things. They would camp out in our chimneys and house roofs to remind us that while we should embrace our individuality, it is important to be able to work effectively with the people around us to instill peace and harmony at home and in our workplaces.

Possum spirit animal

Bear with me

Observed to start being sexually active at 13 months of age, the possum’s average life span of 6-7 years gives them ample time to produce tons of babies. Highly revered as a symbol of fertility, the presence of these graceful critters indicates that a child has been granted to those around them. While they are known for being adept at protecting and caring for their young, catching sight of them sitting on your porch or up on a tree doesn’t save you from learning how to flawlessly change your little one’s nappy.

Fulfillment of dreams

Cuddly and adorable in one way or another, possums would often whisk themselves into our lives to bring encouragement and reassurance that everything will be alright. They would come as a reminder that while there are times when our lives may seem unclear and dark, we should never underestimate the power of courage and patience to turn things around and attract success into our lives.

Opossum totem meaning

Spirit animal

Spending most of their time in rainforests while constantly chewing on eucalyptus, fruits, and flowers, possums can get intensely aggressive when it comes to the safety of their family. Putting into use a range of sounds such as clicks, screeching, hisses, and grunts, this spirit animal stirs you to hold the protection of your loved ones with the utmost importance. Its presence tells us that while certain issues can be handled calmly, there is nothing wrong with using our skills and intelligence to protect ourselves.

Known for their perseverance and cleverness, those with the possum as their spirit animal possess an exceedingly powerful mind that awakens your thirst for knowledge and wisdom. Arriving as your spiritual guide at the most opportune time, this fruit and vegetable-loving animal encourages you to use the element of surprise and distraction not for inflicting harm or inconvenience to others, but to find a way to elude and outwit the pitfalls and traps that lie ahead.

Possum totem meaning

While the similarities are uncanny, possums and opossums are two entirely different creatures. While the opossums are quick to “play possum” in the face of danger, actual possums are more curious and are ready to defend themselves. Those who are lucky enough to recognize that they have been visited by these highly intelligent spirit animals would understand how to use a brilliant strategy or a diversion rather than physical strength to realize what they long for. Known to bode well in group situations, they have a knack for coming up with awesome strategies that help their team find success even after facing what seemed like an insurmountable challenge.

Opossum animal totem meaning

Recognized for being sensible as well as humble, the opossum totem teaches us the value of patience and lying in wait to allow everything to naturally flourish and develop. While it may seem like an encouragement to be passive, this spirit guide would hurriedly scoot into our lives to reassure us that our skills and talents are enough to help turn our dreams into reality.

Possum Symbolism & Meaning

The possum is a symbol of transformation. It is a creature that can adapt to any situation, and it teaches us how to roll with the punches. When the possum crosses your path, it may be asking you to make some changes in your life. Be willing to let go of what is no longer serving you, and be open to new possibilities.

The possum also teaches us about intuition. This creature relies on its intuition more than anything else, and it can teach us how to trust our instincts. If the possum has come into your life, pay attention to the messages that you are getting from your intuition. These messages may hold the key to your success.

Possums are also known for their playfulness. They love to have fun, and they remind us to lighten up and enjoy life. When the possum crosses your path, it may be time to let go of your stress and have some fun.

The possum is a creature of change, intuition, and playfulness. If this animal has crossed your path, there is likely something you need to learn from it. Be open to new possibilities and pay attention to the messages that your intuition is sending you. Have some fun and enjoy life!

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Possum Symbolism & Meaning

The meaning of the possum in dreams

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned Possum dream to bring down your mood and make you feel dejected. It means that there are some things in life that don’t seem real, but they actually come from an agenda or self-deception on behalf of the person/situation responsible for them (you). In other words: watch out for hidden agendas; never believe anything without checking its source!

On the other hand dreaming of possums could also mean that you’re very resourceful and good at taking care of yourself in difficult circumstances – you can always find a way to make the best out of a bad situation.


With their large rounded ears, clawed toes, and long furry tails, possums are perhaps not the most attractive divine messengers that may come to our consciousness. However, they swiftly move along to bring deep spiritual messages that we can take on our journey to make it a little more bearable and easy. So, in times that you need a bolt of intelligence and wisdom in your life, maybe you can give your chimney, your roof, or your patio a glance for you might find the presence of the possum staring at you with its deep black eyes.

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