Lizard Spiritual Meaning

Lizard, the reptile with the long body and four legs, is the symbol of a true survivor. It can go to any length to make everything work according to its wish. For instance, it puts up a huge fight for keeping others out of its own turf. However, it is smart enough to know when to give up. It is ready to give up its tail and run from a seemingly impossible fight to live and be able to fight some other time. It also knows that it will not lose anything by running off, as its tail will grow back in time.

When you have the lizard coming into your life as a spirit animal, you are filled with determination to have everything work according to your wish. You also know how to give up all those things that do not really matter in your life. It can help you draw more positive energies to your life. As a spirit totem, the lizard grants you the power to regenerate. When you welcome this animal as a spiritual guide into your life, your transformation and rebirth begins.

Lizard as a Spirit Animal

Those with the lizard as their spirit animal can go easily with how life flows. They can get then spirit totem’s message quite clearly. Thus, with the lizard as your spirit animal, you can manage to get yourself out of confusing situations where you might be clueless about how you are expected to proceed. Once you submit yourself to the direction of life, you can always emerge successful.

As a spirit animal, the lizard lets you follow this flow with full faith. It can also tell you when to move slowly, and with caution. To be able to survive in any given situation, you need to be as crafty and perceiving as a lizard. The presence of the lizard as a spirit in your life can make you more resilient. From this reptile, you can get the inspiration of being able to go on, even when the going gets really tough.

Lizard Spirit Animal

Lizard – the Symbolism

As a creature, the lizard is always on guard. It takes care not to be caught by its foes unawares. This has a lot of significance when you apply the same principle to your life. As a spiritual guide, it can motivate you to look for any potential threats in your own surroundings. When you are able to spot threats when you in good times, you can transform the risks and dangers and manage to avert them or even benefit from them in some ways.

For instance, the threats coming in your way might turn out to be great avenues for splendid opportunities. You can use these threats to display to the world what you are actually made of. As a spiritual animal, the lizard also teaches you flexibility. You can learn to be adaptable from this totem.

It can help you know which types of situations and circumstances you are encountering in your everyday surroundings. You can find what should be done in order to survive under new situations. You can understand that by being flexible, you can easily get many opportunities to explore. It can also make it difficult for any risks or threats to cause major problems in your life. And even if these come, you can transform the risks into golden opportunities and use them for expansion and growth.

Where love matters are concerned, the lizard spirit animal can liberate you from the past mistakes and failures. You will be inspired to come out of the shadows of your mistakes in the past, and cut off all those past issues that have been tying you down mentally. Thus, you can have better romantic interactions in your present days.

Lizard Spirit Totem – what is Its Importance?

When the lizard comes to your life as a spirit animal, it adds value. When you feel you have come to a dead end in life, the lizard manages to find you. In these situations, you will be unable to enjoy life anymore due to the drudgery of the everyday life. As your spirit totem, the lizard can remind you of the dreams that you always had. It can rekindle your imagination, making you understand that you can focus on your objectives again.

Right from the moment when you have the lizard as your spirit animal, you can be able to dream big. You can understand that you can achieve anything that you can imagine. This type of attitude can allow you to break all your shackles. You can get the chance to see all things from a new viewpoint. Once again, all your dreams will come to life. It is also noteworthy that your fears will not overwhelm you anymore. You can get the chance to examine yourself completely and find how to deal with your vulnerabilities in the best possible ways.

When Should You Call on the Lizard as a Spirit Animal?

It is often that you undergo many experiences which make you dissatisfied and restless with the quality of life that you are living. It is a prominent sign that life is filling you with disillusionment. During these times, you have to listen to what your soul tells you.

You have to find the calm and peace required for you to concentrate again on your objectives. You need the assistance of the lizard, and have to call it by accepting it as your spirit animal.

What are the Positive Characteristics?

When the lizard is your spirit animal, you can learn to be adaptive and flexible to your environment. You can be a real warrior, being able to withstand tough situations and circumstances in life.

Like your spirit totem, the lizard, you can be fast enough to get away from your predators and catch your preys very quickly. Likewise, you can spot dangers or threats from a mile away, and spot opportunities that can help you move closer to the objectives that you have in life.

Similar to the lizard, you learn how to flow with the tide and go where it takes you to.

No matter where you arrive at, you have to make the most of the opportunities that you get and let you transform to be a better person. You have to always look for good reasons to change yourself, and practical ways to restore yourself.

What are the Negative Characteristics

A cold-blooded creature is what the lizard is. Thus, having it as a spirit animal can make you feel less compunction. However, this aspect of your personality will only get revealed when somebody rubs you off in a wrong way. Otherwise, it will not be seen by those who know you well enough.

A trickster by nature, the lizard uses guile to deceive or confuse its predators. But your shrewdness – like the lizard – can sometimes work in your disfavor. You can also become an introvert and people might find it tougher to form a deep, personal connection with you.

At times, you will feel like taking more risks in life and get curious about what kind of tough situations you can escape from. You might feel more inclined to use wile and guile to manipulate situations and people.

Meaning of Lizard Appearing in Your Dreams as a Spirit Animal

As your spirit animal, the lizard may make itself evident to you in many ways. Your dreams can be one of these ways, and it can come in your dreams in the deeper stages of sleep.

When you dream of a lizard, it can have a deep significance in your life. You have to be very attentive to the message that the animal seems to convey to you. According to one interpretation, it might mean that you have hidden talents. The animal might be urging you to use these talents for benefiting your society and community. You may also use these talents to find out who your enemies are, including those from your close circle who might have some secret agendas when it comes to your life.

As a spiritual guide, the lizard might appear in your dreams to give you warnings about the same. Always be on your guard, so that you are able to deal with these people accurately, when the time comes. When you feel the need, use the craftiness of the lizard to get away from anything or anyone who poses a threat to your life.

Lizard in Your Dreams as a Spirit Animal

When this creature comes to your dreams, it could also mean that you should return towards the fulfillment of your dreams and not waste time in self-pitying or thinking about ‘what could have been’. It could be a way of your spirit animal telling you that your life is heading in a direction that is undesirable and you have it in you to change its course and get it back on track. The lizard, as your spirit totem, would like you to understand that you can begin anew. Get rid of any baggage, emotional or otherwise, to surge ahead as swiftly like the lizard.


When you have the lizard spirit animal, you are likely to show a cold-blooded, detached aspect of your personality. This can be evident to others when you feel disrespected. Anybody experiencing this aspect of your personality will not like to see it again. You can have the flexibility, resilience, cunning and shrewdness of the lizard. It can serve you quite well, as your foes will be flummoxed with the decisions that you take.

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