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During Corona times the vast majority of scientists who have studied the virus agree that it evolved naturally and crossed into humans from an animal species, most likely a bat. That does not speak in favor of bats and will demonize them even more. Let’s have a closer look at what’s the bat’s symbolism.

The bat is a nocturnal animal and mostly comes out during nighttime. This winged animal is also considered to be a symbol that you need to be aware of. Paying attention to your surrounding signs is important. These clues may be spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical. The bat signifies some part in you dying. This part is perhaps no longer required for your higher calling. Hence, you need to follow new emotions, hunches, and ideas unfamiliar to you.

In case, your forestall it, then this change is likely to be a bit painful. On the other hand, by embracing this change wholeheartedly, you will be able to connect with the universe. Therefore, such changes can become easy and possible for you.

The Bat symbolism might be a reminder for you to let go of your ego and to keep on pursuing your spiritual development. This can be made achievable by refreshing your beliefs and thoughts regularly. Also, you need to carry out some inner work, nurture personal growth, and love enemies unconditionally. The Bat meaning can also be a reminder of remaining in the present. This will clear all things.

Spirit Animal

Bats are rather viewed as a monster-like creature. They are regarded as monster symbols used in most stories. For this very reason, this spirit animal can be somewhat scary. However, you need to know what exactly is a monster? It is considered to be an unexamined power existing within ourselves. We experience riddles and fear until we come face to face with reality, something that we are not eager to face. This spirit animal shows us the importance to become independent from being dependent on others. It also signifies that is high time for you to take responsibility to learn and improve your life significantly. There does not exist any sure method or technique by which you can grow a sense of certainty and confidence.

The bat spirit animal also allows you to overcome your inner fears, things that you feel scared about. It tries to push you past those gargoyles which are present at the clarity gates. This animal can be termed to be a spirit guide, enabling you to become wiser and smarter. It is quite common to feel afraid. But still, you need to move ahead, trying to overcome it, with each step taken. Bats are highly sensitive animals and also very much self-sufficient even when moving around in total darkness. This way, you can also become sensitive to things around you and move ahead even when you are faced with troubled times.

Do check out your past occurrences and try to find out what has exactly happened. Bat also is known for its vibrations. The bat spirit animal is said to hold the darkness that is otherwise noticed in the cave. What this signifies is that there can be obstacles and hindrances in whatever way you opt. You can find it tough to see or hear the truth at any point in time. This obstacle is mostly your own fear that grows within you and if not arrested will engulf you. The reason is darkness is unknown. You need to travel through the darkness by learning how you can put to good use your other senses. By focusing on the present situation, you can have a better sense of understanding. It could be that someone might suggest something. However, you might feel that the other way is the correct one. In such a case, understand the perception, while taking action accordingly from what you understand.

Animal Totem

If the bat is your totem animal, then you are likely to be very much sensitive and aware of your surroundings. These winged creatures have developed the ability to move through the darkness with great ease and see through illusions. You will enjoy strong family ties, be incredibly social, and get to know what matters and work on it. Also, you can be seen to be a person with fabulous communication skills, nurturing, and using your sense of touch for communication.

If you have bats as your totem, then it signifies that you are cleverly adaptable. You are likely to keep track of your required resources and responsibilities. This way you can be highly effective in your regular activities. You are likely to have prophetic dreams and consciousness on a psychic level. You have the ability to adapt easily to any situation that you are in and come out of it.

Bat and its Symbolism in the Bible

Bats are known to roam freely at night and hide inside a cavern in the day. They are associated with evil and darkness. Numerous ancient occult practices and mystical traditions symbolize bats as dark and evil energy (check symbolism for evil) (check symbolism for evil). The Bible has repeatedly mentioned bats to be ‘unclean birds’. Bats also have been mentioned by most Biblical scriptures including Isaiah, Deuteronomy, and Leviticus. This animal is stated to be the resident of deserted, dark places. Biblical interpretations about bat appearing in your dreams are mostly negative and ominous. But this again depends on what kind of dream you had.

A few Biblical meanings that are attached with bats are:
• Loss
• Unrealized potential
• Lack of confidence
• Rebirth
• Lack of logic in actions taken

Bats Tattoo Meaning

Bat symbolism bible

Most bat symbol meanings are said to be associated with fear. Native Americans, however, honored all animals, since they were aware of all living being interconnected. These spirit animals are highly sensitive to their immediate surroundings. Hence, they are symbols of vision, dreams, and intuition. If special energy is desired such as night-sight, then the Native American Shaman is likely to involve the bat’s spirit. This way, you will be able to see through all illusions, which means get to know the truth. Being a social creature, it is also a powerful communication symbol. This spirit animal also has excellent family ties, is nurturing, sensitive, touching, and exhibits verbal communication. It is also a symbol of depth and rebirth since it lives in dark caves or the earth’s belly. It is from here that this animal emerges during the dusk like it is getting reborn each night.

Having a bat tattoo engraved in your body will mean you are completely aware of your surroundings. You may be extra sensitive towards others’ feelings. The tattoo also symbolizes the following:
• Loving enemies
• Keep away your ego
• Renew your self-beliefs and thoughts
• Explore reality

Dream Meaning

If you see a bat in your dream, it may denote a symbol of unrealized potential and rebirth. It also means that the current chosen path is not a compatible one. It will not allow you to flourish in your new goals. The message clearly depicted through the dream is that you are likely to enter some unknown deal or situation. Hence, it becomes important to analyze the facts before getting into anything new.

The mammal when seen in your dream may also represent annoyances, personal demons or uncleanness. Such old habits should be eliminated immediately.

Bat dream meaningv

The bat dream can also symbolize that you need to become more responsible and attentive while making crucial choices. You should not follow your gut feeling blindly. Rather, be logical in your approach.
These winged animals are also related to death and darkness. If it appears in your dream, then it can also mean personal loss. It may indicate that someone in your family (check here for animals that represent family)or beloved one is likely to experience a bad time.

It may also symbolize someone trying to drain continuously your energy. This means you need to know your well-wishers and those who are only causing issues for you. Hence, it is important to be cautious and selective while spending precious time with someone.
A Bat is also associated with the following:
• Communication
• Clairvoyance
• Camouflage
• Death
• Grief
• Ego
• Initiation
• Illusion
• Journeying
• Invisibility
• Intuition
• Inner depth
• New ideas
• Love
• Reality
• Pollination
• Past lives
• Transition
• Shamanism
• Renewal
• Rebirth
• Vibration sound
• Underworlds
• Transition

There are also several situations where you may dream about bats. Some of them are as follows:
Bat attacking you: This is considered to be an ominous sign. It reflects your impulsive and hasty personality. Perhaps you may not be aware of the rash decisions taken resulting in unwanted consequences. You get a warning sign through the dream indicating your reckless and impulsive attitude. This you need to change.
Bat visiting your house: This is regarded to be a bad omen and a warning sign. It indicates some threat or grave danger for your whole family. It can be anything like infectious diseases to robbery, or disturbed relationships with loved ones.
Bat hanging on your wall: This is also an ominous sign reflecting danger or threat that you might experience in life. It also reflects of you being an intuitive person who can sense danger easily. You need to follow your gut feeling and intuition to prevent threats from damaging your life.


Getting to know about bat symbolism can help you to know whether it is good or bad for you. This way, you can be better prepared to face whatever comes in your way and emerge victoriously.

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