Comparing Chi and Chakra Energy Systems and What We Know About Them

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Chi Vs Chakra

Chi And The Chakras: An Energy Psychology Primer

When performing and learning about energy, the terms “chakras” and “chi” often co-exist as they deal with different energies throughout life. If you’ve ever heard “chi” and “chakras” being used interchangeably, it’s important to note that there is a key difference between these two spiritual topics. 

Chakras exist within the body, while chi exists everywhere within the universe. In this article, you’ll discover the difference between your chakras and chi and how they work together within your life. 

Opening your chakras

Key points

  • Chi and chakras are two different topics within spirituality. While they both deal with energy, they are separate in their function within your life. 
  • Chakras are energy points that are used to direct, contain, and express energy. They are found within the body and exist along the spine. 
  • Chi is the universal energy that exists throughout all things. Chi is infinite, unbound, and unidentifiable. 

What are Chakras?

Chakras are known as the energy centers within the physical body. There are hundreds, thousands, of these energy points, but the seven main chakras are the most well-known today. 

These energy points are invisible to the human eye. The idea of chakras originates from Eastern philosophy. 

These chakras are pools of energy that distribute and express energy throughout your body and throughout your life. For example, your crown chakra is an energy point that allows access to higher states of being and spirituality. 

What are chakras

Your throat chakra is the energy center inside of your throat region that dictates your ability to communicate confidently and authentically. When these energy points are flowing, they enable you to express and experience your best possible life. 

When they are blocked, you may experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges until you are able to balance and establish a healthy flow of energy within these points (chakra cleansing). 

What are your 7 chakras?

1. Root chakra (Muladhara, red color) – located at the base of your spine

2. Sacral chakra (Svadhishthana, orange color) – located just below the navel

3. Solar plexus chakra (Manipura, yellow color) – located in between the rib cage and navel

4. Heart chakra (Anahata, green color) – located at the center of your chest

5. Throat chakra (Vishuddha, blue color) – located in the throat area

6. Third Eye chakra (Ajnaindigo color) – located between the brows, just above the nose (read more about the third eye chakra symbol & its spiritual meaning)

7. Crown chakra (Sahasrara, purple color) – located at the top of your head

For more information on the chakras read the seven chakras symbols meanings.

identify chakras

What are meridians?

Jing Lou, or meridians, are channels in which qi and other essential substances flow. They go by various names, such as acupuncture points, acupressure points, and energy vessels. Meridians are pathways for energy flow and help to keep the body in a balanced state.

There are twelve primary meridians that correspond to the twelve organs of the body. The energy flows along these meridians, creating an interconnected system throughout the body. Acupuncture is one way of manipulating this energy flow, helping to bring balance and harmony back to the body.


Although chakras and meridians are both involved with the flow of energy in the human body, they are not one and the same. Your body contains seven main chakras that follow the meridian paths through your body.

What is chi?

Chi is the energy that the universe is created from and what the universe creates with (sometimes Chi is spelled as Qi). The concept of Chi was developed in Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine.

Everything in the universe is energy, which means everything is technically chi. Throughout the universe, there are various concentrations of Chi energy, which is expressed as high- or low-frequency. 

There is chi both inside your body and outside it, and you can accumulate the amount of chi you have or release it. There are many ways you can access higher states of chi, such as through breathworkyogameditation, grounding, and sungazing. 

When you have access to a higher stream of chi, you have access to higher states of consciousness, awareness, energy, and vitality. When your chi is depleted, you can experience low energy, sickness, depression, and a lack of purpose. 

what is chi

What does Chi feel like?

Chi feels like a warm, relaxing energy that is both calming and energizing. When in contact with chi, you can feel a tingling sensation or an expansive feeling within your being. You may also feel lighter, more balanced, and connected to everything around you.

Do Chakras affect ki?

Yes, chakras directly affect chi. The more balanced and open your chakras are, the easier it will be for you to access a higher stream of chi. Your chakras are responsible for releasing and containing energy throughout the body. When the chakras are blocked, this can prevent an optimal flow of chi. 

When the chakras are open, you can more easily access higher streams of chi. This is why it is important to maintain an optimal balance of energy within the chakras. Techniques to open up and heal chakras include the use of chakra candles or also herbs.

Ki energy

Ways to improve Chi

There are many ways you can improve your chi, like acupuncturetai chiyogameditation, and qigong. These practices enable you to open up your energy points and cultivate a more balanced flow of chi.

Another way to improve chi (also chakras) is to practice breathing exercises. This helps to create an equilibrium of air and energy within the body, which results in improved vitality and well-being. Additionally, eating a healthy diet low in processed foods can also help enhance your chi. 

Finally, spending time in nature can also help balance and increase your chi. Nature is full of positive energy that you can soak up, which helps to open up blocked points within the body and replenish your reserves of chi.  

Working with chi as a healing practice

Chi practices are a great way to restore balance and harmony in your body, mind, and spirit. With regular practice, you can access higher levels of chi that will help support and sustain your overall health. 

Support the free flow of chi or prana with practices such as qigongtai chiyoga, and pranayama (breathing exercises). Acupuncture and marma points also help strengthen the chain and remove any blockages.

chi vs chakra

What is prana?

Prana is the life force energy that exists within all living things. It is the same as chi or qi, but it is a specific term used in yogic and Hindu traditions. The word prana comes from the Sanskrit language and is translated to mean “life force,” which is seen as the underlying energy that sustains all life. 

Prana is believed to be present in the air we breathe, and it can be accumulated through breathing techniques or by drawing from other sources of energy such as nature, plants, animals, or people. 

When your prana reserves are balanced and full, you can experience increased energy levels, greater vitality, and a better sense of well-being. Just like with chi, there are various practices such as yogameditation, breathwork, and grounding that you can use to increase your prana reserves. 

Overall, the concepts of chi and prana share many similarities.

Check out this video for more information on Chi!

Chi Vs Chakra: how do chakras and chi work together?

Your chakras describe the specific points within your body that are used to direct and control energy. Chi is the energy that enters the chakra system and the energy that flows throughout your body. 

Without the chakras, chi would be free-flowing and unbound, and you wouldn’t have a means for expressing the energy that you receive from the universe. Without chi, there would be no need for the chakra system, as they would simply be points in the body that have the ability to express energy but have no energy to express. 

These energetic components work together to help create each individual person. When dealing with poor-functioning chakras, increasing the amount of chi energy within you can often help establish function. 

The chakras are areas of the body where life energy (chi, prana) is focused. They rely on chi to function properly. 

Sometimes, too much chi can cause your chakras to become burnt out or out of balance, and it’s important to find ways to balance your chi energy and release any excess through exercise. Chi vs chakras are two separate aspects of life. 

Chakra balancing

Chakras are one’s energetic identity and how they are able to express themselves. Chi is the gift of life, the breath of the universe, used to empower everything in existence. 

Chakras are temporary, as they come and go as quickly as one experiences life and death. Chi is the force that exists eternally. There is no start or beginning. From a universal perspective, chi can never be created or destroyed, and it can only be redistributed. 

Chakra points can only contain a certain amount of energy at one time. Chi is infinite, abundant, and has no end. 


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