Dine with the Chakras: What Makes a Good Chakras-Inspired Restaurant

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When you think of chakras, you might not often think of restaurants or food. A chakra restaurant includes chakra-inspired energy throughout every aspect of the experience. 

Music, lighting, food, guest experience, and employee training can be used to include chakra energy throughout the restaurant. If you’re looking for a few helpful tips and tricks to help find a chakra restaurant, follow along to find out!

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Explanation of chakras and their significance

Chakras are the unseen energy centers within the body that are positioned along the spine. Chakras originate in India through Hindu philosophy and play an important role in the overall function of our mind, body, emotions, and spirituality. 

There are seven main chakras that each correlate to different aspects of our lives. 

The seven chakras are:

  1. Muladhara (root chakra) – governs your natural instinct, safety, and ego. This chakra is located at the base of your spine. 
  2. Svadhishthana (sacral chakra) – governs your passion and creative expression. This chakra is located in your pelvic region. 
  3. Manipura (solar plexus chakra) – governs your self-esteem and self-worth. This chakra is located in your navel region. 
  4. Anahata (heart chakra) – governs compassion, love, and wholeness. This chakra is located in the center of your chest. 
  5. Vishuddha (throat chakra) – governs communication, truth, and self-expression. This chakra is located in the throat region. 
  6. Ajna (third eye chakra) – governs intuition and guidance. This chakra is located between your brows. 
  7. Sahasrara (crown chakra) – governs spirituality and. soul purpose. This chakra is located at the crown of your head. 

How the chakras relate to food and dining experiences

One of the main attributes of chakras is the colors associated with each energy point

  • Root ChakraRed
  • Sacral ChakraOrange
  • Solar Plexus – Yellow
  • Heart ChakraGreen
  • Throat ChakraBlue
  • Third Eye ChakraIndigo
  • Crown ChakraViolet

Food also comes in a variety of vibrant, fresh colors. Eating certain foods is a great way to help balance chakra energy or bring in the energies that each chakra governs into your restaurant. 

You can eat specific-colored foods to help balance each chakra. For example, if you want to heal your heavy heart or cultivate compassion, eating green foods, eating on green plates, or drinking green juice are great choices to balance the energies inside of the heart chakra

Eating too much of one color of food can throw the rest of your chakras out of balance, so it’s best to find balance in the colors of the food you eat. If you have a particularly large issue, eating the same colored foods is great for a short period of time, but you should start to include the rest of the rainbow into your diet shortly after. 

chakra salad
Nice colorful salad

Elements of a good chakras-inspired restaurant

If you’re looking to find an authentic chakra-inspired restaurant, there are many ways you to do so. Pay attention to the music, ambiance, and menu to help you find a chakra-inspired establishment. 

Atmosphere and ambiance

When working with the chakras, the main goal is to allow for a stronger, more stable flow of energy. The same goes for dining at a chakra-inspired restaurant. You want to find a restaurant that has a flow straight from the reservations booth all the way to the guest tables.

Open, colorful, and inviting spaces are best. Don’t overcrowd your table, and keep your items organized. 

Color schemes and lighting

The color scheme and lighting of a chakra restaurant are one of the first impressions you will notice. When deciding on the restaurant, you want to decide which chakras you want to emphasize most throughout your meal. 

The solar plexus, heart, and throat chakra are all excellent choices for a chakra restaurant. The solar plexus helps increase the value and esteem of you and your party, the heart chakra helps create a sense of connection and compassion throughout the table, and the throat chakra encourages positive communication. 

Yellows, greens, and blue hues can help evoke these energies throughout your dining experience. 

For lighting, consider the “temperatures” of the colors associated with each chakra. Do you want to experience a passionate, creative atmosphere? These feelings are associated with the sacral chakra, and you’ll want to choose a restaurant with warm lighting tones. 

Review the chakra colors to help you decide which lighting temperatures you should seek out in your dining destination. 

restaurant lighting chakra

Music and sound

The music in a restaurant should reflect the chakra energy you wish to experience or highlight throughout the meal. Each chakra can be linked to specific sounds or genres. 

  • Root Chakra – loud, fast, instrumental. 
  • Sacral Chakra – sensual, creative, warm. 
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – happy, playful, inspiring. 
  • Heart Chakra – romantic, smooth, heartfelt. 
  • Throat Chakra – peaceful, soft, blissful. 
  • Third Eye Chakra – abstract, unique, other-worldly. 
  • Crown Chakra – spiritual, cultural, meditative. 

Menu and food selection

Each dish you eat has the opportunity to help assist different chakras in the body. Have the chefs create a “rainbow dish,” including ingredients that contain all of the chakra-related colors, which can you a special meal that helps assist every aspect of their energetic being. 

You can also find dishes that only contain 1 – 3 colors geared towards specific chakras throughout the body. 

It’s helpful to eat appetizers that contain red food ingredients, as these will open up the sacral chakra and begin allowing a steady flow up the rest of the spine. You need stability in order to work with the upper chakras, and having red appetizers can help you achieve this. 

For the main course, choose a dish that includes orange, yellow, and green ingredients, as these are the next chakras along the spine and are easily found throughout nature. You can include many different types of fruits and vegetables to help assist these charkas. 

Drinking a few blue beverages or cocktails can help soothe the throat chakra and help encourage conversation throughout your visit.

Lastly, eat indigo and violet ingredients for dessert. Blueberries and lavenders are excellent ingredients. 

restaurant beverages chakras

Use of natural, whole ingredients

The foods you eat have a direct effect on the energy that’s allowed throughout the chakras. Great food doesn’t just give your physical body energy; it also feeds your energy body. 

Eating natural, whole-food ingredients ensures that you’re consuming high-energy foods that can help empower you from the inside you. 

Try eating dishes that include uncooked, fresh ingredients, allowing you and your party to eat foods closest to their natural form. Foods such as onion, avocado, and pumpkin seeds can all be eaten in their natural state. 

Opt for house-made sauces and dressings, and seek out dishes on the menu that are made from scratch. 

Balanced and nourishing meals

When choosing chakra delicacies, you want to make sure your meals are balanced and nourishing. Come up with creative ways to enjoy chakra-inspired color themes for your dishes and pair them with nutritionally complimenting appetizers and drinks. 

Make sure to order a little something for everyone. Include meats, such as lamb or beef, but also offer a few vegetarian or vegan options. 

Allergen-friendly foods are often offered at most restaurants and are easily made to promote chakra wellness. Whether you’re looking to enjoy potato, mint, butter, or spices, pairing each ingredient with nutritious counterparts is key. 

chakra hand

Service and staff

The service staff should exude genuine hospitably throughout daily operations. They should be trained on mindfulness and intentionality as this is helpful for creating a chakra-inspired culture among you and your party. 

Since chakras are at the focal point of a restaurant, find a restaurant that teaches their staff the importance of each chakra and how foods relate to each of them. 

This allows them to have informed and educational conversations with you and heightens your overall experience. 


When finding a chakra-inspired restaurant, there are so many routes you can take! Use the helpful tips and tricks listed above to help you decide what to look for in a restaurant. 

You can seek out as many or as few of these ideas in a space; it’s the thought that counts. 

Whether you’re looking to find a space that promotes solar plexus energy, heart chakra energy, or to help balance the entire chakra system, there are plenty of options for you to try out! 

For more information on the chakras, check out this video!

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