What Are The Hand Chakras And How Do You Open Them?

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Chakras of the hand

Every part of you contains energy points, or chakras, that can be activated to help establish a higher flow of energy. There are more than the seven most commonly known chakras in the body.

Depending on your body’s area, the chakras can awaken certain abilities that may have otherwise been dormant. One of the most unique sets of energy points is found in the hands. 

Your hand chakras are often closed off, not operating in their full form. When activated, you can access larger amounts of creativity and influence over your life. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about what hand chakras are, how to activate them, and how doing so can empower your life. 

Hand Chakra activation

Key points

  • Hand charkas are energy points located throughout the fingers, palms, and wrists. 
  • When your hand chakras are blocked, you can experience issues with your creativity and energy-healing abilities, and they can also affect the functions of your main chakras. 
  • You can activate your hand chakras in many ways. Two powerful ways are through visualization and through physical touch. 

What are hand chakras (also called palm chakras)?

The majority of us are aware that there are seven major chakras along the spine, but did you know that your hands’ palms also contain a number of smaller chakras (they are part of the minor chakras)?

There are three main chakras located in each palm and four minor ones. The three main chakras are the heart, solar plexus, and root chakras. The four minor chakras are located between the fingers.

The hands are thought to be the centers of healing and regeneration in holistic healing treatments like Reiki, making the hand chakras one of the most significant.

Hand chakras are located throughout your palms, fingers, and wrists. They are small energy points that function as funnels for life force energy. Some say there are 24 healing chakras in your hand.

When these chakras are blocked, you can experience issues with your creations. Your hands are one of the most powerful tools for creation, both physically and energetically. 

hands are thought to be the centers of healing
Hands are thought to be the centers of healing

The hands are also one of the first tools used to interact with the world, have a sense of feeling, and connect with the world around you. Your hands are essential for cultivating a fulfilling life, which can be challenging when the energy within them is blocked or stagnant. 

The hand chakras stem from your seven main chakras located along your spine. These energy points are the single most important centers for receiving and expressing energy, but they can become imbalanced when the hand chakras or other chakras in the body become stagnant. 

If you experience issues with your hands, such as mobility, pain, convulsions, or weakness, this can be a sign that these chakra points have become blocked, and it’s important to find ways to relieve this energetic pressure. 

Finger Chakras

Each of the hand chakras corresponds also to a specific finger and has its own unique meaning and symbolism.

The Thumb Chakra (Sanskrit: Surya)

The thumb chakra, also known as the Surya chakra, is located at the base of the thumb. It is associated with self-confidence, determination, and the immune and endocrine systems. When balanced, it can improve overall health. When out of balance, it can lead to insecurity and a weakened immune system.

The Index Finger Chakra (Sanskrit: Chandra)

The index finger chakra is associated with the digestive system, as well as the emotions of creativity and self-expression. When balanced, it can improve digestion and enhance creativity. When out of balance, it can lead to digestive issues and difficulty expressing oneself.

The Middle Finger Chakra (Sanskrit: Agni)

The middle finger Agni chakra is associated with the respiratory system, as well as the emotions of communication and personal truth. When balanced, it can improve respiratory function and facilitate clear communication. When out of balance, it can lead to respiratory issues and difficulty expressing oneself honestly.

The Ring Finger Chakra (Sanskrit: Vayu)

The Vayu chakra interacts with the circulatory system, as well as the emotions of love and commitment. When balanced, it can improve circulation and facilitate strong relationships. When out of balance, it can lead to circulatory issues and difficulty forming close connections.

The Pinky Finger Chakra (Sanskrit: Akasha)

The pinky finger chakra, also known as the Akasha chakra, is located at the base of the pinky finger. The skeleton, as well as the emotions of trust and surrender, are driven by this chakra. When balanced, it can improve bone health and increase feelings of trust. When out of balance, it can lead to bone issues and difficulty letting go of control.

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”

― Albert Einstein

How the hand chakras work

Your hands’ energy centers, which are located near the other chakras, are what give you the ability to communicate energetically with others. They are related to the act of giving and receiving and permit the flow of healing energy both in and out. 

Hand chakras are used to express your creative side. They also help you connect with the spiritual realm and give you the ability to perform energy healing on yourself and others. 

hand chakra healing
Hand chakra healing

The left hand is known as the receiving hand, while the right hand is known as the giving hand. The right hand is often seen as more powerful because it’s the one most often used to express our creative side. 

When your hand chakras are balanced, you’ll feel a sense of power and control over your creativity. You’ll also feel more connected to your spiritual side and be able to perform energy healing with ease. 

If your hand chakras become imbalanced, you may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Issues with your creative process
  • Feeling disconnected from your spiritual side
  • Difficulty performing energy healing
  • Unexplained aches and pains in the hands or wrists
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Benefits of activating your hand chakras

When activating your hand chakras, you’re allowing a larger flow of energy to enter these energy points. Your hand has the power to create your reality, and having access to more energy can help you become a more empowered creator and manifestor. 

The chakras are sometimes associated with psychic powers, which are just untapped abilities for manipulating energy. Your hands are often associated with telekinetic abilities, which are present in those who have activated hand chakras. 

Some people who have activated their hand charkas also have the ability to touch an object and sense every person or place that it has interacted with. This is because they have the ability to take in energy through their hands, and objects hold all of the energy of their past. 

activating your hand chakras
Activating your hand chakras

If you’re a creative person, such as an artist or a writer, activating your hand chakras can help you become a more empowered creator. You can hone in on your talents and develop stronger skills that can help you create beauty in your art and writing. 

When your hand chakras are activated, you also have a stronger ability to perform energetic healing. The open chakras in your palms and fingers allow for a stronger expression of your healing energy, helping you to perform reiki and other energy healing techniques much more powerfully. 

How to activate your hand chakras

There are many ways to activate your hand chakras, but there are two that can be done easily by just about anyone. 

Activate hand chakras: method 1 

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair in a silent room. 
  2. Make sure there are no distractions around you. 
  3. Sit up straight and allow your spine to be aligned. 
  4. Bring your hands together and hold them for 20 seconds. 
  5. Begin rubbing your hands together to create a current of energy. 
  6. Continue to do so until you feel a sense of warmth rush over both hands
  7. Hold one hand with the other, and apply pressure to each of the chakra points. There are chakra points at the tips of each finger, at the center of your palm, and at the center of your wrist. 
  8. Applying the pressure creates a release of energy, helping to establish a new flow within the energy points of your hand. 
  9. Continue this process for both hands, and perform this 1 – 2 times per day. 

Activate hand chakras: method 2

  1. Find a quiet place to lie down flat on your back. 
  2. Close your eyes and direct your focus to your hands. 
  3. Breathe deeply, and with each breath, feel the energy released from your hands. 
  4. Feel the energy run through your arms, out your wrists, into your palms, and escape through each fingertip.
  5. When you’ve done this for a few rounds, begin to imagine two bright spheres of white light falling from the sky.
  6. Lift up your imaginary hands into the sky, and catch a sphere with each hand.
  7. As soon as you catch the spheres, they penetrate your hands and form a ball around them. 
  8. Lower your hands again, and allow the white light to penetrate each chakra activate these energy points (see also chakras light therapy) .
  9. You’ll feel a release of energy in many areas of your hands, and continue to visualize this until you no longer feel any more instances of release. 

Mudras and hand or palm chakras

Mudras are ancient hand gestures that were often used in religious or spiritual practices. Each mudra has a different meaning and purpose, but many of them work to activate specific chakras within the body. 

mudras and hand chakras
Gyan Mudra

There are mudras for each chakra, but there are also mudras specifically for the hand and palm chakras. Some common mudras for the hand chakras are:

Gyan mudra

This mudra is often used during meditation and works to activate the third eye chakra. To do this mudra, touch your index finger to your thumb and keep the remaining fingers extended. 

Shuni mudra

This mudra helps to balance the root chakra. To do this mudra, touch your thumb to your middle finger. 

Prana mudra

This mudra helps to activate the life force energy within the body. To do this mudra, touch your ring finger and your pinky to your thumb. Keep your index and middle fingers extended. 

There are many other mudras for the hand chakras, and you can explore these further on your own. Experiment with different mudras and see which ones resonate best with you.

How to test your hand chakra energy

If you’re new to opening your hand charkas or looking to gain a better sense of control when working with energies from your hands, an Egely wheel device can help you along your practice. An Egely wheel is a tool used to measure the frequency of energy you release from your hands. 

To measure your chakra energy, you can use mudras, which are yogi hand gestures that activate the energy within your hand chakras. There are specific mudras that can be used to work with each of the chakras in your hands (see here for mudras for the sacral chakra) (see here for mudras for the sacral chakra) (see here for mudras for the sacral chakra)

This tool can be helpful in identifying whether your hand chakras are open or closed. The device is simple to use and can be used many times throughout the day. 

Some devices will show you a specific measurement of energy, and others will light up whenever they pick up energy from your hands.

Check out this video for more information on Egley wheels!


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