Animals And The Law Of Attraction: Which Ones Influence Your Manifestation?

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Animals And The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is an energetic force within the universe. The energy you put out is the energy the universe mirrors back into your life. 

You can use this tool to intentionally send out energy that can help bring back the desires you seek. Using animals as symbols for the law of attraction can help strengthen your abilities. 

Follow along for the top animals associated with the law of attraction and how animals have been utilized throughout history.

Key Points

  • The law of attraction is a law that governs the universe and acts as a mirror for the energy that each individual puts out into their life. The law of attraction mirrors your thoughts, emotions, actions, and intentions.
  • You can use the law of attraction to create your reality, which can be achieved by gaining control over these aspects of yourself.
  • Animals are great teachers for helping us access the ability to use the law of attraction to our benefit. 

Animal symbolism for the law of attraction


A bear is often seen as a symbol of strength and power, but it can also symbolize the need to spend. When we see a bear in the wild, we are often drawn to its impressive size and strength. 

However, if we take a closer look at the bear, we will see that it is also an animal constantly on the move, searching for food. This can be seen as a metaphor for our lives, as we always search for ways to earn more money and buy more things.


When you see a bird, it symbolizes that your desire is coming into your life quickly. The bird is a representation of freedom, and it reminds you that you are free to attract your desire into your life. 

The bird also represents new beginnings and reminds you that it is never too late to start fresh.


Canine companions can teach you a lot about the power of gratitude. You see, to experience abundant life, it is essential that you practice gratitude.

So next time you’re feeling down, take a cue from your furry friend and practice gratitude. By showing appreciation for all the joy and love they bring into your lives, you are opening up the channels for even more good to come our way. 

Gratitude just might be the key to attracting your deepest desires.


Cats are predator animals, using stalking tactics to catch their prey. To be successful, they must be strategic in their approach and plan out their course of action instead of trying to catch their prey instantly.

Cats symbolize the need to be strategic in your approach to using the law of attraction. If you only invest time here and there and don’t plan a specific course of action, you may not receive back what you desire. 


Most butterflies only live two to four weeks. The short duration of their lives doesn’t stop them from continuing their magnificent journey.

A butterfly encourages you to continue with your efforts using the law of attraction without focusing on the ‘how’ or ‘when.’ Learn to let go of the external circumstances of your life, and change from within.


If you’re constantly seeing flies, it may signify that your desires will not come to fruition. Flies are often seen as symbols of decay and death, so seeing them frequently could indicate that your dream or goal will not materialize.

How to use animals to work with the law of attraction

If you have pets or enjoy bird watching outdoors, you’ve likely noticed the interesting way animals interact with the world around them. Animals live in total presence and neutrality and take action fearlessly, which is essential for working with the law of attraction. 


The law of attraction is the energetic correspondence to the thoughts, actions, choices, and emotions found within the present moment of your life. Being present is how you work with this law and how to draw new experiences into your life.

Being present law of attraction

Animals are very skilled with living in the present moment, as many times their survival depends on it. Even household pets still have the ability to remain present even when they are in a safe environment. 

While playing fetch, many dogs will bring a toy back to its owner and wait until it’s thrown again to run after it. If you were to hold the toy in place, the dog would continue to hold its focus on it, no matter how long you held it. 

Instead of having doubts, running away, or getting angry, most dogs will simply wait and allow the toy to be thrown again. The law of attraction operates best when you are in a state of allowance. 

When you expect the outcome of a desire and remain focused on it, the universe will quickly throw it into your life for you to receive. 


The law of attraction sends back to you the energy you send out and also the energy that exists inside of you. Many times, people experience traumatic events that cause them to harbor unresolved emotions. 

These emotions remain empowered inside of you and are felt throughout the different aspects of your life. For instance, if you were taken advantage of in some way and never learned to find forgiveness for that situation, you’ll likely expect to be taken advantage of again in the future. 

law of attraction sends back to you the energy

Animals don’t operate in this way. While animals have different abilities for storing memory, many times, they continue to let go of the past, both the positive and the negative. 

These beings focus on what’s in front of them, living presently and in neutrality. Animals don’t empower their past, causing the law of attraction to bring more of the same into their lives. 


Taking action is one of the most vital steps in allowing the law of attraction to work in your life. No matter how much energy or time you invest in trying to attract your desire, without taking proper action toward it, you aren’t allowing the energy in your life to assimilate to your desired state. 

Humans seem to be much more cautious than animals, especially in regard to obtaining their desires. People let their fears, worries, and insecurities hold them back from trying to achieve their goals. 

Animals, on the other hand, will take action in the blink of an eye. They don’t let fear or self-worth issues prevent them from taking action. 

allowing the energy in your life Animals And The Law Of Attraction: Which Ones Influence Your Manifestation?

A squirrel will climb across a telephone wire without the fear of falling down. A dog will run up to a group of strangers and greet them as if they’ve been life-long friends. 

Wild horses will run at full speed and jump over anything that stands in their way. Animals live within their natural state and allow the earth and universe to provide for them and live their lives freely.  

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