Fly Symbolism: A Guide To A Fascinating And Mysterious World

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fly symbolism

Catching The Red Eye: Why You Shouldn’t Repel The Fly Symbolism

The fly is a fascinating and mysterious creature that has played a significant role in many cultures throughout history. Fly symbolism can vary depending on the culture, but there are some common meanings that are shared by many cultures. For example, the fly is often associated with death and decay, which makes it a symbol of transformation and change. In some cases, the fly may also be seen as a symbol of luck or good fortune.

“Flies are so mighty that they win battles, paralyze our minds, eat up our bodies.”

– Blaise Pascal
What do flies symbolize

What do flies symbolize?

Second only to bees when it comes to ecological and human importance, flies are among the world’s earliest pollinators responsible for developing early plant life. Considered one of the most acrobatic insects for their unparalleled flight patterns, these annoyingly cunning creatures are frowned upon by many for their association with all things gross, disgusting, and dirty. However, flies are very effective insects that deserve our respect not only for their role in the environment but for the symbolic prominence they hold in various cultures as well. Typically adapted for maneuvering in the air, let’s touch down and find out why they fly symbolism is more than just a buzz.

Notorious for vomiting or excreting the moment they set their foot on our food, many of us are cautious and would go to a great extent to keep flies away with the help of repellents. Known to spread illnesses and germs, these relatively small yet notorious insects hold an abundance of symbolism that provide intuitive wisdom and awareness about life. Gifted with big red eyes that amazingly provide them with a 360-degree vision, the fly could be an indication that some kind of threat is lurking and that you have to look out and remain alert to avoid being consumed by the possible danger.

Famous for its ability to imitate the sound of bees and wasps to ward off potential predators, the fly is related to the idea of gossip and lies and its appearance could be reminding us to be extra cautious about the people we trust. However, it could also be a reminder that we are the ones guilty of these actions and that it would be in everyone’s best interest if we simply flee from such a damaging habit. Often seen rummaging through rotting food and trash bins all while having an affinity with anything fragrant and appetizing, this highly versatile creature is a reminder that you will always get what you are willing to give. Its presence serves as a reminder that if we constantly send out love and kindness to those who are around us, then those are the same virtues that we should expect to get in return.

Along with their awesome ability to thrive in the harshest environments, these survivors tell us of our own capacity to overcome adversity. Teaching us about the value of determination and persistence, the fly inspires us to keep going even during difficult times until we fully realize what we want out of life. An effective guide in times when you feel you lack the skill to achieve your goals, these relentless bugs would often fly in to remind us to remain strong and flexible regardless of the challenges that we encounter as we work towards prosperity and abundance.

What does a fly symbolize

Sometimes the Fly meaning is associated with death and decay, which makes it a symbol of transformation and change. For thousands of years, flies have been symbols of death and decay around the world: they’re often seen hovering near corpses waiting on fresh meat before buzzing off again into darkness once their meal has finished rotting out enough for easy digestion- so when someone sees one in real life this could be interpreted as an omen that something bad will happen soon;  it might signal impending illness/losses related to material possessions (like losing money).

Fly symbolic meanings are usually negative unless we remember there exists another side where they represent resurrection after having gone through death; this could either mean being reborn from something old or new life coming back into existence again. Fly symbolism can also be found in many cultures around the world and has been used throughout history to symbolize death, decay, transformation, and change – all things which people associate with flies because of their ability to survive despite having gone through so much adversity

The Fly meaning is often associated with negativity but there exists another side where they represent resurrection after having gone through death; Fly symbolic meanings are usually negative unless we remember there exists another side where they represent resurrection after having gone through death-this could either be rebirth from something ancient or new life coming back into existence again. Fly symbolism has been found all over the world in various cultures throughout time as well.

Flies are often seen as symbols of motivation and wealth. They live in harsh environments, and despite being surrounded by trouble; they still manage to feed themselves adequately so it’s clear there is some kind of strength within them that allows one brief moment of joy during what would otherwise be an endless cycle without happiness or hope.

Fly symbolism also typically points to the idea of being unnoticed or insignificant. People who see fly symbolism as a message in their lives are usually urged to start taking notice of themselves and what they’re doing in order to make a change for the better.

The fly meaning is complex and varied, but it’s always associated with some kind of positive message. No matter how dire things seem, there is always hope and potential for transformation if we pay attention to the messages that a fly brings us.

fly eating

Fly spiritual meaning

In the spirit realm, messengers come in various shapes, popularity, and sizes. While the fly is perhaps not one of the most appealing among the spirit animals, it does have meaningful insights and symbolism to share. Feeding on liquids that they suck in using their sophisticated mouthparts, they tell us to remain steadfast and grab hold of opportunities as they come. Since changes are almost always inevitable, flies motivate us to adapt to different situations and to show resilience in turning a negative occurrence into one that goes in your favor.

Recognized as an insect that goes through a complete metamorphosis, the fly is an agent of change and transformation as well as an indication of the significance of staying calm and being patient. Spending most of their lives as a larva or a pupa, they teach us how to appreciate even the smallest things that life gives us and how to enthusiastically take the opportunities that life offers. Gliding in with great maneuverability, not only do they help direct us towards our goals but they also serve as our guide in those times when we struggle to discover our purpose.

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Animal totem

As a creature that can weather the harshest environments, having the fly as your totem animal inspires you to rise above adversity no matter what. A true survivor, the fly teaches us to constantly strive for the best, all while preparing ourselves for the worst. Known as a master of disguise for their ability to mimic other insects, these unrelenting creatures never seem to give up and stay mindful of the dangers and rewards of their environment. Highly responsive even to quick and unexpected changes, this adventurous totem encourages you to embrace spontaneity and independence as they create a path for you towards great abundance.

Reviled and despised by many, the fly totem animal would vigorously flutter into your presence when the odds are not on your side and help you turn it into something of great value. Laying their eggs on the most corrupt and unclean surroundings, they stir us to celebrate and give value even to the most meager of things. An insect that doesn’t own a lengthy lifespan, the fly channels a resurgent spirit that never gives up on its dreams no matter what.

Fly animal totem

Housefly spiritual meaning

Widely acknowledged as the most common among the fly species, the housefly is extensively associated with humans as they have been our constant companion throughout history. As they are a common symbol of unrest, difficulties, and doubt, their constant presence could be an indication of an unpleasant occurrence that is about to take place in our house. While they may not necessarily represent the next-door neighbor who throws loud parties that extend until the wee hours, they could symbolize the inhospitable people around you that are out to bring you harm.

Since their presence could mean that we may have ignored that pile of trash in our house, they could be reminding us to give more attention to something or someone whom we deem important. A symbol of renewal and conversion, a housefly would often have its presence felt when we lack the courage to let go of something that we consider of great value. Buzzing into our consciousness, these mischievous critters provide us with the strength to overcome even the most toxic challenges, signifying that peace and serenity will soon prevail in our home.

Housefly spiritual meaning

Fly symbolism in different cultures

While fly symbolism is predominantly positive in most cultures, there are some that view them as a bad omen. In India for example, flies are seen as carriers of disease and uncleanliness. As such, their presence is often viewed as an indication of something negative taking place.

In contrast, the ancient Egyptians regarded the fly as a symbol of resurrection due to their habit of laying eggs near dead animals so that maggots could hatch and consume the flesh. This association led flies to be considered symbols of life after death.

Furthermore, different cultures have assigned different meanings to the various types of fly species. For example, dragonflies typically represent change or transformation while mayflies usually indicate unfinished business or tasks left undone. So if you encounter a fly that you don’t recognize, it may be helpful to do some research on its symbolism.

Fly symbolism is an interesting thing to explore as its meanings can vary drastically depending on culture and time period. However, at its core fly symbolism typically points towards some type of positive message such as resilience in the face of adversity or noticing the small things in life that bring happiness. No matter how bad things seem, flies remind us that there is always hope for transformation.

Native American culture

In many Native American cultures, flies are considered messengers from the spirit world. As such, they are often seen as symbols of change and transformation. In some cases, flies may also be viewed as omens of bad news or misfortune.

Native Americans typically have great respect for the fly meaning and often take its messages very seriously. Fly symbolism in Native American culture is typically associated with positive messages such as change, transformation, and new beginnings. However, like all forms of symbolism, it’s important to interpret these meanings in the context of your own life experiences.

Greece and Roman cultures

In Ancient Greece, the fly represented passion and sexuality. It was seen as a symbol of both creation and destruction – much like fire or lightning. The Greeks also believed that flies could carry messages between mortals and gods because they were considered to be immortal beings themselves (they didn’t age as humans did).

Fly symbolism in ancient Rome was similar but not quite identical: for example, flies were thought to be messengers from Hades who would deliver souls into the afterlife when their time came.

Fly symbolism in the bible

The book of Genesis in the bible mentions flies when God creates them to torment Pharaoh during the plague of flies. In this context, flies are seen as symbols of death and destruction.

However, there is also a passage in the bible that speaks about flies in different cultures while the fly symbolism is predominantly positive in most cultures, there are some that view them as a bad omen.


In India, flies are seen as carriers of disease and uncleanliness. As such, their presence is often viewed as an indication of something negative taking place. 

The meaning of flies in your dreams

The meaning of flies in your dreams

When there are flies in your dreams it often means that you are feeling restless or bored. This can also indicate a sense of dissatisfaction with your current situation, especially if there is something that has been troubling you for some time and it’s starting to weigh on your mind. The fly meaning in dreams can also signify change; this could be good news about an upcoming holiday where you will get away from work for a while or bad news such as someone leaving the company which means more responsibility being placed upon everyone else.

Flies are often symbolic of infestation and filth. They may be a sign that you need to cleanse yourself from the emotional dirtiness or psychological baggage weighing down on your soul, which could result in letting go of relationships with friends/family members who bring negative energy into one’s life.


A spirit animal that manages to grow and flourish even in severe living conditions, fly symbolism presents a more powerful meaning than most of us probably expected. As many of us look down and see them as dirty and impure, these exceedingly wonderful creatures that are spurned for carrying sickness and disease take a flight to bring messages.

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