Learn the Meaning of Centaur Symbolism in Your Life and How to Use It to Your Advantage

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Centaur Symbolism

The Centaur symbolism is one of the most complex and misunderstood of all animal symbols. The centaur has been portrayed in many different ways throughout history, but always remains a powerful figure. So what does centaur symbolism mean for you? And how can you harness its power in your life? In this article, we will explore the meanings behind this enigmatic creature and discuss how you can use its energy to empower yourself.

A centaur is a half-man-half-horse mythical creature birthed from Greek myths. These powerful creatures symbolize bravery, masculinity, sexuality, and inner rebellion. In this article, you’ll explore the different origins of the centaur, its symbolism, spirit animal associations, and get an inside look into the history of this warrior beast.

“Man is a centaur, a tangle of flesh and mind, divine inspiration and dust.”

– Primo Levi
centaur warrior Learn the Meaning of Centaur Symbolism in Your Life and How to Use It to Your Advantage
Centaur as warrior

Origins and description of centaurs

Centaurs first appeared in the lore of Greek mythology and the eastern world. They were described as wild, barbaric, reckless beasts that often caused havoc wherever they traveled. 

According to mythology, these hybrid creatures were created when Stilbe of the nymphs—a race of feminine nature spirits—was impregnated by Apollo, the God of Music and Light. They had twins. Lapidus was one who developed into a brave warrior. The other, Centarus, was malformed and started mating with rural mares. The centaurs, who would always be in battle with the offspring of Lapithus, were the product of these abnormal copulations.

Being both man and animal, the harried appearance of these beats creates a masculine personality within their kind. A centaur’s upper body resembled a man, strong, muscular, masculine, and fearless. The bottom portion of their bodies resembled a horse, ready to fight.

Botticelli centaur Learn the Meaning of Centaur Symbolism in Your Life and How to Use It to Your Advantage
Botticelli: Minerva and the Centaur

Centaurs have a taste of chaos and enjoy sensuality very much. In certain stories, their impulses are too great for them to overcome, often leading them to take actions that unfortunately lead to their demise.

The centaur symbolism is the representation of our deepest desires, coming to the surface, taking hold of the reins, and pushing full speed ahead.

In some instances, centaurs are known for their sheer bravery, loyalty, and fearlessness. They are shown as fearlessly powerful warriors, making them a fierce army or force of protection.


The word “centauromachy” is derived from the Greek words “centaur,” meaning horse-like beings, and “matchy,” meaning “battle.” 

A centauromachy is a battle between centaurs and other creatures. The most famous centauromachy is the one that took place in the forest of Pholus, in which the Lapiths defeated the centaurs.

After their defeat, the remaining Centaurs retreated to the Peloponnese. Here, they met a second opponent, Heracles. The Centaurs lost many more of their kind, leaving them depleted and low in numbers.

Luca Giordano Battle of Lapiths and Centaurs Hermitage 2 Learn the Meaning of Centaur Symbolism in Your Life and How to Use It to Your Advantage
Giordano: Battle of Lapiths and Centaurs, 1680

A List of Centaurs

Pholus – A civilized centaur on Mount Pholus. Heracles felt threatened by a group of greedy centaurs who tried to enter the cave he was in to drink the delicious wine he had opened.

Heracles killed the centaurs with poisonous arrows. Later, Pholus tried to honor the centaurs and bury them civilly while accidentally getting cut by a poisonous arrow, leading to his death.

Chiron – Chiron was a very wise centaur and was believed to be immortal. During the battle of Mount Pholus, one of Heracles’ arrows shot Chiron but was unable to kill him because of his immortality. The arrow’s poison caused immense pain for Chiron, eventually leading him to give up his immortality to relieve himself of his suffering.

Nessus – In Aetolia, Nessus was an uncivilized centaur who worked as a ferryman, helping travelers cross the River Events. Deianira, a Greek princess, and Heracles approached Nessus for a trip across the river. Being uncivilized, Nessus decided to abduct Deianira, causing Heracles to shoot him with an arrow and kill him.

“Technically, we’re all half centaur.”

Nick Offerman

Centaur symbolism in cultures around the world

The centaur symbolism is found throughout many different cultures and mythologies. They’ve appeared in books and movies and have associations with astrology. Here are the different instances of centaur symbolism from around the world.

Centaur zodiac signs and their meanings in astrology

In astrology, a centaur is associated with the Sagittarius constellation and the zodiac. This centaur is depicted as an archer ready for battle. Sagittarius is one of the fire signs of the zodiac. Fire signs are known for their hot-headedness, impulsive personalities, and need for freedom in every aspect of their lives.

Sagittariu centaur 2 Learn the Meaning of Centaur Symbolism in Your Life and How to Use It to Your Advantage
Sagittarius Centaur

There is also an aspect in astrology called Chiron, associated with the famous centaur. This association may be a reflection of the instances in Greek mythology where centaurs experienced karma and loss due to their destructive actions. This aspect describes the karmic lessons you will experience within your lifetime and highlights your spiritual wounds.

chiron centaur Learn the Meaning of Centaur Symbolism in Your Life and How to Use It to Your Advantage
Chiron Centaur
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Check out this centaur video for a deeper dive into Greek mythology’s association with Sagittarius!

Centaur in Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, centaurs are mythical human-horse creatures that reside in the mysterious mountains of Thessaly and Arcadia. Ixion, an infamous Greek legend, is believed to have created these unique beings.

Because of their animalistic nature, the centaurs often found themselves in the midst of many battles wherever they traveled. The centauromachy, or battle against the Lapiths, led to their eventually being cast away from Mount Pelion.

The centaur symbolism has also been associated with the god Dionysus. Dionysus was the god of wine, parties, and ecstasy. He was often depicted as being half-human and half-goat, and he was said to ride a chariot drawn by centaurs. Dionysus was also associated with madness, violence, and chaos. In some stories, he is said to have driven the centaurs to drink so much wine that they went mad and started fighting each other.

Dionysius’ chariot is drawn by two centaurs

Centaur meaning in the bible

In the Bible, centaurs go by the name of Nephilim. They are an Anakim race of human-horse hybrids associated with Benjamin and Judah. These creatures were warriors, often carrying bows, arrows, and shields, and traveling in large armies.

Centaur in Celtic mythology

In Celtic mythology, centaurs were viewed as symbols of courage and strength. They appear in certain religious pieces, are engraved in crosses, and are used as a symbol of freedom and fertility.

European Celtic tribes also engraved pictures of god-like horses on coins, believed to symbolize secret knowledge within their religion. This god had roots in Roman culture. Christianity was likely worshiped regionally amongst smaller groups of Celtic people.

centaur on coin Learn the Meaning of Centaur Symbolism in Your Life and How to Use It to Your Advantage
Centaur on coins

One interesting approach is the Irish nuckelavee, a creature from Irish and Scottish mythology that was blamed for everything from droughts to pestilence on land despite being primarily found in the sea. It is an elusive creature that can transform into a centaur or a horse-like demon when on land.

nuckelavee Centaur Learn the Meaning of Centaur Symbolism in Your Life and How to Use It to Your Advantage
The Nuckelavee

The Centaur symbol in Native American culture

Hernan Cortez was a Spanish conquistador who helped lead the overtaking of North American land. It’s believed that while discovering the native tribes of America, Hernan ordered his men to stay seated on their horses in the hopes that the tribes would believe the horses were part of their bodies.

Certain fossils suggest that once horse-like beings walked the soil, but at the time of the expedition, the Spaniards were the first to introduce them to the native tribes. They were unable to fool the tribes, and the natives eventually adopted horses into their own culture. This suggests that horses didn’t freely roam the Americas during that time.

Far eastern centaurs’ symbolic meanings

While centaurs are often associated with Greek mythology, they are also believed to appear in the Middle East. In the Assyrian seal, there’s a depiction of a winged man with the body of a horse. Similarly, the man also carries a bow and arrow, much like other depictions of centaurs throughout history.

winged horse with claws and horns Learn the Meaning of Centaur Symbolism in Your Life and How to Use It to Your Advantage
Winged horse with claws and horns, ca. 14th–13th century B.C., Assyrian

In Indian mythology, there are creatures called Gandharva. While these creatures are similar to other depictions of centaurs, they are shown to have the heads of horses and the bodies of men. They are handsome beings, known for their music and for being protective warriors.

In Japan

Only the manga stories of Hatarke Kentauros make reference to centaurs in Japan. The stories in this collection are about centaurs attempting to live normal lives in contemporary Japan. The lesson of these tales is typically social justice.

hatarake-kentauros centaur
Hatarke Kentauros centaur

Centaurs in ancient Egyptian culture

In Ancient Egypt, we can find the Cretan Centaur and Minotaur had become what is known today as the Egyptian Sphynx; a creature with the head of a human and the body of a lion. The centaur symbolism was also associated with the god Set, who was often depicted as part animal (usually a donkey or bull). Set was the god of war, chaos, darkness, and destruction. He was often associated with storms and darkness, and he was said to be responsible for causing drought and famine.

In some texts, Set is also said to be the father of all centaurs.

Egyptian Learn the Meaning of Centaur Symbolism in Your Life and How to Use It to Your Advantage
Egyptian Sphynx

What does a centaur symbolize?

A centaur is a wildly ravenous creature that symbolizes man’s most impulsive desires. The centaur symbolism represents raw masculinity, sensuality, greed, courage, and karma. Centaurs can also help us understand our wild animal spirit within.

Raw Masculinity

Centaurs radiate masculine energy from their strong muscular torsos to their powerful horse-like bottoms.

For people, centaurs remind you of the power of your masculinity, fighting for your desires and embodying your inner strength.


In Greek mythology, centaurs are described as very sexual beings.

Centaurs help remind you of your sexual nature and the power of your sexual energy. Tapping into this part of yourself can help you cultivate passion, inspiration, and confidence.


Centaurs are impulsive creatures whose focus is often on pleasure, such as food and wine. They enjoy the luxuries of life and get lost in their senses.

They symbolize the importance of appreciating what you have and living in the present moment. Instead of focusing on future desires, find satisfaction in what you currently have right now.

female and male centaurs
Female and male centaurs


One of the most fearless creatures in Greek mythology is the centaur. Their impulsive nature allows them to fear nothing, no matter the opponent or consequences.

These beings help remind you to act fearlessly in the face of opposition. If your desires are met with obstacles or challenges, tap into your inner centaur to find the power to overcome them.


In many mythical stories, centaurs are killed due to reckless actions. Many of the uncivilized centaurs met their demise for stealing women and meddling with the lives of other beings.

Centaurs remind you that all of your actions have consequences and that it’s important to only put out energy that you would welcome back into your own life.

“Horses frighten me as much as chickens do,’ he said. ‘That is too bad, because lack of communication with horses has impeded human progress,’ said Abrenuncio. ‘If we ever broke down the barriers, we could produce the centaur.”

– Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The centaur as a spirit animal

A spirit animal teaches you wisdom and guides you through different lessons throughout your life.

Centaurs are half-man-half-horse and this hybrid nature may account for their wild nature and seemingly uncontrollable need for pleasure. Because of these traits, many centaurs have met their demise.

A centaur spirit animal will gallop into your life to teach you the importance of gaining control over your impulses. Not every desire needs to be met, and it’s important to understand which ones are truly beneficial for you. 

When it comes to honing spiritual skills and natural magic, the centaur spirit might be a potent friend. When you feel trapped, look to the centaur for liberation and strategies for breaking down boundaries. Ask this spirit guide instead if you’d like the self-assurance that will allow you to exercise your power! It could also assist in preparing for independence and imparting knowledge gained from prior experiences.

The centaur as totem animal

An animal spirit that you conjure or call upon is referred to as a “Totem Animal.” To act as a guardian or protector in the face of difficulty, either as a person or a tribe with specific abilities and survival skills.

If your totem animal is a centaur, you’re likely very dominant, confident, and impulsive. Throughout your life, you may have created challenges for yourself by following every thought, emotion, and desire you’ve had.

The centaur totem animal will teach you the lesson of gaining control over your mind and body and also encourages bravery to go after your goals and ambitions.

Centaur people

The personality of a centaur person is usually bold, courageous, and passionate. These individuals tend to live in the moment and follow their instincts without much regard for others’ opinions. Because they are so impulsive, centaurs can easily lose themselves in their passions. This makes them great leaders who inspire followers to take action.

You may meet a centaur person who has mastered his or her emotions and learned how to channel their energy positively.

The Centaur person likes to learn and remain open to new ideas and approaches. However, once an idea has proven successful for the ever-pragmatic Centaur, he quickly adapts to it.

What does it mean to dream of a centaur?

When a centaur appears in your dreams, it is often a dual nature symbol of strength and power. This creature embodies the qualities of both humans and animals, which can represent the duality of human nature. The centaur can also be a representation of our primal instincts and desires. If you are struggling to control your emotions or impulses, dreaming of a centaur could be a sign that you need to learn how to reign in your wild side.

It represents how, in order to truly appreciate life’s abundance, the spiritual and your more sensible nature must come together. Its astrological connection to the archetypal sign of Sagittarius connects it to thoughts of unrestrained desire that drive you into an adventure.

The centaur is also about excess, being out of control, and overindulging. It’s a reminder that you need to be careful not to go too far or get too carried away.


Centaurs are one of the most mystical creatures found in ancient mythology. In most cultures, they’re shown as strong, courageous, powerful warriors. Although they’ve sometimes been painted in a negative light, there are many positive attributes you can take from these beings. They embody pure masculinity, courage, and strength and teach you how to tap into your animalistic desires. If you find centaurs galloping into your life, there may be a reason for their visit.


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What is the Centaur’s purpose?

The Centaur’s purpose is to guide us on our journey of self-discovery and help us find our true power. It is also a reminder that we need to be careful not to get too caught up in our own heads. We should make time to connect with our bodies and the natural world around us. When we do this, we can tap into a source of power and strength that is often hidden from us.

Is a centaur evil or good?

Centaurs are often seen as aggressive and dangerous creatures, but this is not always the case. In many cultures, they are revered as powerful protectors and healers. It is said that they have the ability to see into the future and help us avoid danger. So while they may be misunderstood, centaurs can actually be a force for good in our lives.

Where did the idea of centaurs come from?

The idea of centaurs probably came from a blend of different myths and legends. In Greek mythology, they are said to be the offspring of Ixion, a king who was cursed by Zeus. In other stories, they are said to be half-man, half-horse creatures that live in the wild. Centaurs have also been associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

What gods do centaurs worship?

Centaurs are often associated with the Greek god Dionysus, who is the god of wine and ecstasy. They are also said to be followers of Apollo, the god of healing and prophecy. In some stories, they are even said to be the teachers of Hercules.

Does a centaur have two hearts?

Centaurs are often said to have two hearts, one in their human chest and one in their horse’s body. This is because they are seen as creatures that are half-man, half-horse. It is said that this allows them to feel both human emotions and the wild passions of the animal world.

Is there such a thing as a female centaur?

Yes, there are female centaurs! Originally, it was believed that all centaurs were male, which is why they were so likely to kidnap women. However, later mythology, particularly Roman mythology, did include the concept of the female centaur, sometimes known as a centauride or centauress.

What are the differences between a minotaur and a centaur?

The Minotaur is a creature from Greek mythology that is said to be half-man, half-bull. Centaurs are also said to be half-man, half-horse. Both creatures are seen as being wild and untamed. However, minotaurs are often associated with darkness and death, while centaurs are associated with healing and prophecy.

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