The Blue Jay Feather’s Symbolism and Meaning

The blue jay is a beautiful bird with blue feathers, blue eyes, and a blue crest. But how does this translate to the meaning behind blue jay feathers? Blue represents loyalty, wisdom, and intelligence, which are all qualities that we want in our friends. The blue crest on the head of the blue jay may also be seen as symbolizing royalty or high esteem. It is easy to see why these birds have been used for centuries by Native Americans in storytelling rituals.

If you happen upon one of these fascinating creatures while walking through your backyard or taking a walk across town then don’t forget about their significance! If you’re interested in learning more about what it means, read on…

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A bird’s spiritual meaning in general

Birds are often seen as symbols of freedom and the ability to soar, but there is much more to these creatures than just flight. They can be found in many cultures around the world, serving different purposes and meanings. There are certain birds that have a deep religious significance, such as the dove and peacock. Other birds like vultures also hold symbolic meaning for things like death or rebirth depending on where they live.

Also, birds can reach beyond the sky—one reason why it symbolizes love and protection from our supreme being, our creator, God. The feather represents everything connected to the Higher Realms, including wind, guardian angels, ascension, and many more. Besides, there are assumptions that if we are dreaming of feathers or even feathers are present in our dreams in an unexpected way, that means the guardian angels are watching over us. The generalization of birds and their feathers symbolism can help us in our decision-making, thinking beyond what we could imagine, and making changes in our lives. Therefore, it is impactful to take our time to find out the meaning of a bird spiritually or culturally.

What is the meaning of a Blue Jay feather?

The feather of the Blue Jay is a sign of silver lining and optimism amid trying times, which means it symbolizes hope and energy. It is letting people think good and positive thoughts and absorb the good ideas to lead the way. If there comes a time that a Blue Jay’s feather comes your way, you can expect a good day ahead. Since Blue Jays are entitled to be innately intelligent, their feathers represent people as an encouragement to pursue dreams and hope, with effective plans in life. Also, it is a sign of clarity and confirmation that the time will come that your goals aren’t impossible but worth the wait. It will boost the person’s determination and perseverance, which will drive them to a successful future. Moreover, Blue Jay’s feather symbolizes faithfulness that upholds the importance of relationships, and of course, represents the healing of oneself.

Spiritual Meaning

There are multiple representations of the symbolism of Blue Jay spiritually. However, the most spiritual characteristics of Blue Jay’s feather are faithful, light, focus, energy, protection, healing, curiosity, intelligence, perseverance, and vibrant. Finding a feather of Blue Jay means encouragement for you to follow your wildest, highest dreams that you think are impossible. It is an affirmation that your aims are meant to be achieved by you, and also, whatever the circumstances you are facing, it assures you that you are protected along your journey in life. A Blue Jay feather symbolism is indeed a symbol of all the positive things that come your way. By that, you must be happy and grateful if that symbol crosses your path.

Moreover, seeing a Blue Jay feather means you should utilize your intellect and communication skills to build a relationship. With that, you can find out if the people around you are trustworthy and have good intentions for you. Because in life, jealousy is the nature of someone in the circle, but you can sharpen your alertness to see who’s bad for you. Through it, take action in the proper way possible.

Feathers appear when angels are near

Finding a Blue Jay feather – what does it mean to you?

Finding a Blue Jays feather is like receiving an angel’s blessing. You should take it as confirmation that you are being protected along the way and that there’s nothing holding you back from your goals. It can be considered to have received an angel’s blessings because they represent everything we want most in life: success and happiness.

A Blue Jays feather is also a beautiful physical symbol of encouragement to cross your path. It’s the ultimate confirmation of the universe that you’re made to be successful and possess the right mindset to achieve it. Finding one on your walk means you are encouraged by fate itself, not even having any doubts about yourself or what might happen next!

It is said that when finding a feather, you are blessed with the qualities of loyalty and wisdom. This may be seen as an omen or sign to live life well!

Another interpretation for finding a blue jay feather could come from Native Americans who see them as representing royalty. Blue Jays have been used by tribes for centuries during storytelling rituals in which they tell about how they can gain access to spiritual knowledge and healing through these birds. The Cree Nation sees blue jays as intelligent beings with access to spiritual knowledge that humans do not have on their own – such as messages from other worlds or prophets – bringing news about the change in this world.

Does a Blue Jay feather mean good luck?

I believe a blue jay feather in your home or business means good luck. The Native Americans believe that this particular bird has power over spirit guides and may bring messages from them. Others believed that if you dream about one that it will be followed by rain. In either case, having a Blue Jay feather nearby can increase positive energy flow into an environment!

Is seeing a Blue Jay a sign from heaven?

It is important that we recognize blue jays because they have so much meaning behind their symbolism. They are often seen as a sign from heaven and some people use them to find hope during difficult times by following their lead with positivity and love in mind. The color of these birds also signifies positive vibes which bring peace to our hearts and minds even if it doesn’t last long before another worry comes back up again! Fresh air fills us like never before while seeing a magnificent Blue Jay flap its wings across the sky. When blue jays appear in your life, it is a sign that the light will soon prevail over darkness (read here for the biblical meaning of seeing a Blue Jay).

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Legal matters

Blue Jay feathers are on the list of federally protected birds in the United States according to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This law protects blue jay feathers because it is illegal to own, trade, or sell a blue jay feather without an appropriate license. It is also illegal for anyone who doesn’t have this license to possess any part of a freshly killed blue jay that has been killed and not yet cleaned, prepared, and mounted–this includes all body parts including tailfeathers and wingtips. The penalty for violating U.S federal bird protection laws can be up to six months imprisonment plus $15000 USD in fines per violation (U.S FWS).

Can you keep blue jay feathers?

According to the Migratory Bird Act, it’s forbidden to keep blue jay feathers. You can’t take them from the wild. It’s not illegal to buy blue jay feathers though, as long as they were obtained through a licensed dealer and come with documentation of authenticity. The best way to make sure you are not performing an illegal act in the United States is to look at a feather and take pictures of it.

The Symbolism

The blue jay is considered a sacred bird in many Native American cultures. This belief stems from the blue jay’s curiosity and ability to find food year-round, even if it means living as an outcast for a while. Blue Jays are also seen as watchers of luck and bringers of good fortune because they’re believed to be messengers between man and the spirit world. These qualities make the blue jay feather symbolic meaning one that represents wisdom, honesty, loyalty, generosity, and creativity – four traits valued by Native Americans at those times when courts were used or during ceremonies such as weddings.
Some tribes would go so far as using body paint made with powdered bluejay feathers on their faces before going into battle with enemy tribes or other enemies. The blue jay is also seen as a symbol of many other things, including one’s spiritual guide or guardian angel and the power to find answers in life when we ask for guidance from a higher power.

In ancient Greece culture, the blue jay was said to be a messenger of either Apollo or Hermes, who would carry messages between gods and people. The Greeks also believed that it could foretell death if one saw a single blue jay; this is because they are usually seen in groups. If you found one feather from an unknown bird on your doorstep, it meant good luck for whoever owned the house when set inside their chimney (but only if there were no other feathers).

What do blue jay feathers look like?

Blue jay feathers are primarily blue and white, they also have a speckled pattern of black or brown. They can be found on the underside of their wings and rump as well as around their tail. Blue Jays have two types of feathers; long ones that cover most of their body (called contour feathers) and short downy feathers that protect them from the cold (called under-down). The common bird is an average size for birds weighing in at about 18 ounces.

Here are some examples of Blue Jay feathers:

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Superstitions surrounding the Blue Jay feather

In Europe, their blue color was seen as a bad omen and they were viewed as thieves of food from other birds’ nests. They are also thought to bring about death or injury if found in one’s possession. These beliefs date back to the time when church bells would ring loudly at a person’s funeral, which is where we get our phrase “the jaybird.”

In Native American cultures, however, the symbolism surrounding the blue jay feather varies widely depending on what tribe you ask or talk with about this bird species. In general, though, it represents knowledge and cleverness, as well as discovery as these animals, have been used for hundreds of years by hunters looking for prey within trees and bushes due to their keen sense of vision. The feathers are also used as a sign of friendship and respect in some tribes, while other ceremonies make use of the whole bird itself as a religious symbol to show homage to spirits or spiritual medicines. In many cases, they were seen as messengers from one world to another – either life into death, heaven into earth, past into the present, etc.

The blue jay feather has all sorts of symbolism surrounding it depending on which Native American culture you’re looking at and asking about this topic. However, there is one constant: its beauty and grace that represents power and strength within each piece we receive here at Feathers From Paradise!

Legend has it that if you wear a Blue Jay feather, your wishes will come true

There are old legends saying that if you wear blue jay feathers, your wishes will come true. A variation of it relates to wearing it on your hat and passing it on to someone else when your wish is granted, so good luck will come to them.

Another legend is: that when you capture a blue jay bird and keep it in your house for seven years without giving away any information about yourself or to anyone else outside of your home, you’ll become rich.

Another legend says that when you see a Blue Jay feather lying on the ground with no birds around it is said that its bearer has died; however I think this might be more along the lines of superstition than anything because there’s definitely not enough evidence to prove otherwise!

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What does it mean to have a dream about a Blue Jay feather?

If you dream about a blue jay feather, it means that someone is trying to give you their luck in the form of good fortune. This could be in regards to money or some other type of gift they think would benefit your life; however, if this person was trying to do something for your sake and not theirs (like when you’re dreaming), then there’s likely another motive behind why they want to bring good things into your life.

Dreaming about having a blue jay feather on top of your head can mean many different things depending on how much detail your dreams are showing, but generally speaking, it represents knowledge and cleverness – as well as discovery since these animals have been used by hunters looking for prey within trees due to their keen sense of vision.

If you dream about finding a blue jay feather, it means that your life is going to change in some way very soon – whether this is for the better or worse remains up to interpretation! It can also mean an upcoming discovery will be made that changes how people view things now and forevermore into the future.


It is crystal clear that birds are different from humans. Their outward appearances define who they are, but humans are not. However, there are given traits of birds that humans embody, and that is a beautiful practice that we should look forward to. In the spiritual meaning of a Blue Jay’s feather, it is essential to be vigilant. It is always good to wish and help everyone live their best lives, but do not forget your own. Self-care is not selfish; always remember that.

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