Unlock Your Energy Centers: A Course Review of Mindvalley’s Chakra Healing Course by Anodea Judith

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chakra healing course mindvalley Unlock Your Energy Centers: A Course Review of Mindvalley's Chakra Healing Course by Anodea Judith

Are you looking to deepen your spiritual practice and create balance within your energy centers? If so, then Mindvalley’s online course on Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith may be the perfect fit for you!

Chakra healing isn’t one of the main topics taught in school or work, so this concept can seem foreign to many, especially those who live in the western world. 

Mindvalley’s Chakra Healing course by Anodea Judith is one of the best online resources to help you tap into your internal energies, learn about each chakra, and learn how to activate and heal these energies. 

The course walks you through each of the chakras and how healing the different aspects of your being can help you heal each chakra. If you haven’t practiced chakra techniques previously, you may be skeptical about whether or not courses like these have any noticeable effects. 

This is a review of Mindvalley’s Chakra Healing course and how I felt after completing the five weeks of training. 

Chakra Healing Course

Quick Overview of How it Went

The way chakras are talked about in the spiritual community, especially in western societies, doesn’t quite touch the depth that Anodea helps educate her students. Throughout the course, I learned more about the chakras and how they affect our daily lives, which helped me better understand the importance of healing and maintaining balance in these areas. 

One of the key points that surprised me was Anodea’s take on manifestation and how the chakras play a role in the law of attraction. This course doesn’t simply teach you the surface-level information of the chakra systems; it helps teach you how to embody an elevated version of yourself. 

I learned that the upper chakras are associated with a sense of being, the middle chakras are associated with a sense of doing, and the bottom chakras are associated with a sense of having. Learning these concepts helped me better understand where to look in my own chakra system when I am struggling with any of these issues in my daily life. 

Sometimes, there were instances in the course when Anodea threw a lot of information at the listener, which could be difficult to digest for some. If you’re not familiar with energy work or spiritual topics, there may be some spots in this course that could go over your head, but the gist of what she’s speaking is easily understood. 

The Trailer of the course on YouTube

Why Mindvalley is a Great Resource for Self Development

Mindvalley is one of the best online resources for finding self-development tools. After purchasing a membership with their site, you can browse through their vast selection of courses. 

Their courses range from topics such as chakra healing, manifestation, mind reprogramming, relationships, and many more. Each course is directed by accredited teachers who have made a proven impact in their niche, and each course is full of useful information to help you develop the teachings fully. 

Mindvalley also categorizes its courses between the mind, body, soul, career, entrepreneurship, and relationships, making it easy to find a course for just about any area of your life. 

Why Mindvalley is a Great Resource for Self Development Unlock Your Energy Centers: A Course Review of Mindvalley's Chakra Healing Course by Anodea Judith

Why I Chose Anodea Judith’s Course

Anodea Judith is known for her work on the chakra systems and yoga. She is an energy healer that uses her knowledge to help educate others and awaken them to their own abilities. Anodea has gained respect in the spiritual community through her workshops, presentations, and her award-winning best-selling books. 

Her impressive credentials made her Chakra Healing course seem well worth it. After the first few courses, it was clear Anodea was very well educated on her topic and was a very skillful speaker. 

Anodea’s Ph.D. in psychology and health is noticed in how she speaks so fluently in her courses about the body and mind. 

Judith picture Unlock Your Energy Centers: A Course Review of Mindvalley's Chakra Healing Course by Anodea Judith

The Cost

To access the content on Mindvalley, you first need to subscribe to their membership

You have the option of choosing the yearly option or the monthly option. The yearly option is the most cost-effective option if you plan to use their service for an entire year. 

You’ll pay the yearly membership up front, costing $599 per year. This comes out to be around $50 per month. 

If you’re unsure about using Mindvalley for a full year, you can opt for the monthly membership. Each month costs $149, about $100 more than the yearly cost breakdown. You can try out Mindvalley for one month at the monthly cost, and if you like it, you can then purchase the yearly cost to save money in the long run. 

mindvalley monthyl membership Unlock Your Energy Centers: A Course Review of Mindvalley's Chakra Healing Course by Anodea Judith

What Does it Take to Complete the Course?

To complete this course, all it takes is a few weeks, a quiet space, and an open mind. If you can spare an hour or so a few times a week, you can easily complete the course within the recommended five weeks. The coursework afterward can be done without materials, but you may need a pen or pencil and a notebook to help keep your thoughts and ideas organized. 

What Does a Standard Lesson Entail?

The lesson occurs over the course of 5 weeks. Each week touches on one or more chakras, and the final week explores what Anodea calls the Downward Manifestation Current, which explains how manifestation happens on different levels of the being and how things manifest in more ways than just physical. 

Each lesson has a specified topic, many dealing with a specific chakra and one aspect of how it influences your life. For example, in the first week, lesson 1 touches on healing the root chakra simply on a psychological level. 

The following two lessons also touch on healing the root chakra, but they focus on healing the body and then the spirit. In these lessons, in particular, I learned how a blocked or unactivated root chakra could take a toll on the mental state. 

Feelings of anxiety, fear, and suspicion can manifest as a result of this chakra not being in balance. It’s interesting how each chakra will also create a physical and a spiritual symptom, which can help you identify which chakra is out of alignment. 

Previously, I focused solely on working on one of the symptoms, but these lessons teach you how to work with healing on all simultaneous levels

What I also found interesting is Anodea approaches feelings such as fear or anxiety as “energy” rather than trying to resist or label them as wrong. I learned that when energy is high, all you have to do is change your perspective in order to transform it to benefit you. 

Throughout each lesson, you’ll also receive exercises from practicing after the video teachings. These include affirmations, reflection questions, mindfulness exercises, body movements, and much more. 

chakra healing course screenshot Unlock Your Energy Centers: A Course Review of Mindvalley's Chakra Healing Course by Anodea Judith

My Results after completing Chakra Healing

After completing the five-week Chakra Healing course from Mindvalley, I sincerely view my life from a brand new perspective. I’ve dabbled in energy work throughout the years and have used crystals and meditation to balance my chakras, but I didn’t have the background knowledge or comprehension to fully understand how these energy centers work. 

I noticed that when I have a physical symptom, lingering thought, or unpleasant emotion, instead of simply trying to asses which chakra it’s associated with, I also try to identify whether or not I’m also experiencing symptoms on other aspects of my being. Having this full spectrum of perspectives helps me identify the best way to resolve these issues. 

Maybe working on my mental space will be more beneficial today than stretching, or maybe strengthening my spirituality will be more effective today than restricting the foods that I eat. I now try to focus on which of these aspects has the largest impact on me and make efforts to heal these issues and have been excited at how quickly some of my issues have resolved themselves. 

My Favorite Lesson in Anodea’s Chakra Healing

Throughout the course, there was one lesson that stuck out to me the most. Anodea talks about how the heart chakra helps launch your desires out into the universe in Lesson 32, which helps draw them back into your life. She talks about co-creation and creating dreams that not only benefit you but benefit the people around you. 

I found it interesting to think about how your desires, actions, and choices have an impact on others, even when they may not seem like it on the surface. 

I also really enjoyed the last section of lessons that teaches you how to use the energies of each chakra point and how they work alongside each other to help empower you and create the life you desire. 

screen shot heart chakra Unlock Your Energy Centers: A Course Review of Mindvalley's Chakra Healing Course by Anodea Judith

Who Can Benefit From this Course?

Of course, benefiting from the course requires you to have an interest in energy work and be open to spirituality that may not teach traditional beliefs. Anodea approaches chakra healing in such a comprehensive way that anyone who’s struggling with psychological, physical, emotional, or spiritual blockages can benefit from following this course. 

There are some topics and ideas that seem a little advanced, but the course follows a slow enough pace that can allow you to take notes or circle back to a topic or message that you didn’t fully comprehend. 

If you’re not open to new-age, or spiritual beliefs, such as manifestation, then you may not find this course very useful. 

For those who have already aligned themselves with a spiritual journey, I believe this course can help you understand a new depth of chakras and use these teachings to benefit your life. 

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Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith: Is it Worth It?

Overall, the Chakra Healing course is definitely worth it for anyone looking to explore the chakra systems and learn about how they affect not only the body but also the mind and spirit. There are courses out there that lightly touch on this information but don’t actually explain the finer details of how chakras work, how they affect the many avenues of your life, and what you can do to help activate and balance these energies. 

If you’re someone who’s studied chakras on your own or taken similar courses, I believe this course is structured in a professional way and contains a depth of information that could help solidify or expand your current understanding. 

With Mindvalley’s membership, you can also dive into all of their other courses, which makes the membership fee well worth it. 

If you’re looking for a formulated approach to strengthening your spirituality or gaining a deeper sense of how energy healing works, this course may just be what you need. 

In case you’re interested in more courses, check out our post about the best symbolism courses.

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