How to Use Symbols of Manifestation to Change Your Life

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Manifestation Symbols

Did you know all symbols hold specific energy and power? Many symbols have been passed down throughout generations, cultures, and societies, and still exist today due to the power that they hold. 

Manifestation symbols are images that contain unique energy that can assist you in obtaining your desires. Follow along for a deep dive into the most energetic manifestation symbols and how they can help empower your life. 

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”

— Oprah Winfrey

Key points

  • Manifestation symbols have been used throughout history since ancient times. 
  • Regardless of your desired intentions, there is a manifestation symbol that you can work with to obtain your goals. 
  • Focusing on your manifestation symbol daily is a great way to use its energy to help your manifestations come to pass 
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The Hamsa Symbol Offers You Protection

The Hamsa is an ancient symbol that has been used for centuries to represent healing and protection. The word “Hamsa” means “five” in Arabic, and the symbol is traditionally used as a talisman to ward off evil spirits. 

The Hamsa is also believed to be a powerful tool for manifestation, helping its wearer to attract health, wealth, and happiness into their life. The Hamsa is a great choice if you’re looking for a symbol to help you manifest healing and protection. 

Whether you wear it as a piece of jewelry or display it in your home, the Hamsa can help you attract positive energy and create a protective barrier against negative forces.

hamsa manifestation symbol How to Use Symbols of Manifestation to Change Your Life
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Manifest Your Divine Purpose With The Cross

When you see the cross symbol, know that it is a sign from the universe that you are on the right path. The cross is a representation of your divine purpose and by aligning with it, you can manifest your deepest desires.

The cross is a powerful symbol of faith and hope. It has been used throughout history as a way to connect with the divine and manifest positive change. 

When you identify with the cross, you are tapping into something much bigger than yourself. The energy of the cross can help you to let go of what no longer serves you and make space for what does. 

It is a reminder that you are supported and loved unconditionally. Align with the energy of the cross and trust that all your needs will be met.

cross manifestation symbol How to Use Symbols of Manifestation to Change Your Life
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The Eye of Horus Awakens Your Divine Wisdom

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents knowledge. According to legend, the eye was originally created by the god Thoth. 

It is said that Thoth gave the eye to Horus, who then used it to defeat the god Set and become the ruler of Egypt. The Eye of Horus has since been used as a symbol of power and protection.

Today, the Eye of Horus is still revered as a powerful symbol. Many people believe that it can help them manifest wisdom in their lives. 

eye of horus manifestation How to Use Symbols of Manifestation to Change Your Life
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The eye is often associated with the third eye, which is said to be the center of our intuition and psychic abilities. When we meditate on the Eye of Horus, we tap into these hidden powers and can access greater wisdom and understanding.

If you are seeking guidance or looking to manifest more wisdom in your life, consider working with the Eye of Horus. Many people also get a tattoo of this symbol to cultivate inner wisdom. 

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Invite Prosperity into Your Life With the Maneki Neko Symbol

When it comes to manifesting money, some people swear by the Maneki Neko. This Japanese good luck charm is traditionally a beckoning cat, which is thought to bring good fortune and prosperity when the right arm is raised

Some believe that the Maneki Neko can help you manifest money because it symbolizes good luck and abundance. It is also said that when you rub the cat’s paw, it will bring you good luck and fortune. 

So, if you’re looking for a little extra help manifesting money, consider purchasing a Maneki Neko or placing one in your home or office.

Maneki Neko manifestation symbol How to Use Symbols of Manifestation to Change Your Life
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“Eliminate all doubt and replace it with the full expectation that you will receive what you are asking for.” 

– Rhonda Byrne

The Claddagh Symbol Welcomes in Love

The Claddagh symbol is an Irish symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty. The symbol consists of two hands holding a heart, with a crown atop the heart. The Claddagh symbol can be used as a tool to help manifest love into your life.

When you wear the Claddagh ring or necklace, it is important to keep the crown pointing toward your heart. This means that you are open to receiving love.

If the crown is pointing away from your heart, it means that you are not ready to receive love. The two hands represent friendship and loyalty. 

The friendship and loyalty between the two hands create a strong foundation for love to grow. The relationship between the hands reflects the kind of relationship you want to have with another person – one based on trust, respect, and support.

Claddagh symbol manifestation How to Use Symbols of Manifestation to Change Your Life
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How to Use Manifestation Symbols In Your Daily Life

Manifestation symbols are a powerful way to focus your intention and create what you desire in your life. Using simple, everyday objects as visual reminders of your goals, you can keep your eye on the prize and manifest your dreams into reality.

 Here’s how to use manifestation symbols in your daily life:

1. Choose a symbol that represents what you want to manifest. This could be a picture of a goal you’re working towards along with a manifestation symbol, or a physical item that reminds you of your intention.

2. Place the object or symbol where you will see it regularly. This could be on your desk at work, in your car, or on a shelf in your home.

Use Manifestation Symbols

3. Take a few moments each day to focus on your manifestation symbol and imagine achieving your goal.

You can also find jewelry or clothing that expresses the manifestation symbol you’re working with. As you wear these symbols, you’re inviting their energy into your life, helping to draw your manifestations into your life swiftly!

We also wrote a post about manifestation sigils as well as chakra manifestation, in case you’re interested.


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