The Ultimate Silva Ultramind System Review (2022 & Highest Level of Details)

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Silve Ultramind system

Meditation has always been a passion of mine! I’ve experimented with various methods, learning new and effective ways to quiet the mind and reach a state of peace. 

That’s why I was excited to try the Silva Ultramind System from MindValley. The course claims that it has the ability to teach you how to enter altered states of consciousness that allow you to better utilize your mind. 

Since I have many years of experience in meditation, I was unsure if this method would have any new teachings that I haven’t already practiced myself. 

ultramind product banner The Ultimate Silva Ultramind System Review (2022 & Highest Level of Details)

In this article, I’ll review my time spent undergoing the Silva Ultramind System, how I felt about the course, and why you may want to try it out for yourself. 

After completing the entire course, I can say that the information provided can be valuable for anyone looking to master the full capabilities of their mind. 

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Who will benefit from this course?

If you’re someone that doesn’t have the time or patience to learn how to meditate or aren’t comfortable with learning about abstract ideas, you might not benefit from using this product. 

The teachings aren’t too advanced for someone starting fresh in this world to understand them fully, but it may be hard to commit without being open to these ideas. 

Manifestation, psychology, energy

If you’re interested in manifestation, psychology, energy, and pushing the boundaries of your reality, this product is for you.

You’ll find it easy to walk through the meditations and enjoy spending time practicing the teachings on your own. Also, if you enjoy utilizing your mind and learning new ways to develop yourself and embrace your empowerment, the Silva Ultramind Technique can help you achieve this. 

To fully benefit from this product, you should have enough time to follow the course without taking too many extended breaks between lessons. They all correlate with each other and build into full practice. If you don’t have the time to commit to learning the information, it may be difficult to piece them together later on.

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What is the silva method?

The course’s updated name stems from being adapted from the famous Silva Method. The original Silva Method is a self-help program developed in the 1960s by Jose Silva. 

It is based on the belief that everyone has the ability to tap into their own subconscious mind in order to achieve success and happiness. The program consists of a series of exercises and techniques that are designed to help participants access their subconscious minds. 

The goal is to help people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. The Silva Method has been used by millions of people worldwide and has been proven effective in helping people achieve great success. 


The Silva Ultramind System is an advanced version of this method, perhaps a more in-depth and modern understanding of the mind and how to fully develop its capabilities. Unlike the original silva method, the updated course teaches you how to activate your psychic senses. 

The course claims to teach you how to access information that would be otherwise unperceived through altered states. 

Silva Ultramind & the altered states of consciousness

Accessing the Silva Ultramind tools happens in an altered state of consciousness (ASC). An ASC also called an altered state of mind or mental state is any condition that is significantly different from a normal waking state. 

People in an ASC may experience changes in emotions, sensations, and perceptions. Some common states include dreaming, hypnosis, meditation, and drug-induced states.

The Silva Ultramind System walks you through various exercises that teach your mind how to access an ASC.

Altered states of consciousness

The Silva Ultramind System is divided into four sections, totaling four weeks of training. Throughout the courses, you’re taught how to activate the different brain waves, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. 

These brain waves become naturally active throughout the different cycles of the day. Delta and theta occur when you’re asleep, and learning to activate these brain waves through meditation allows you to have a more vivid experience and tap into your mind’s abilities.

If you like, you can complete the course within the first week. There are over 11 hours of training videos, along with a few simple exercises. 

If you’re someone that’s familiar with meditation and have the ability to enter an ASC easily, you may only need to complete each video once in order to fully grasp the information provided. 

For beginners, you may need to replay certain videos as Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of MindValley, walks you through different techniques and gives you a deeper understanding of the mind and its capabilities. 

Silva Ultramind review: the instructor 

Vishen teaches you how to meditate in a way that is effective and how to visualize properly. As someone who’s been meditating for years, his techniques did enhance my own visualization abilities and took my own practice to a higher level. 

Vishen Lakhiani The Ultimate Silva Ultramind System Review (2022 & Highest Level of Details)
Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen has a very personal relationship with the Silva Method. At the beginning of the course, he tells the story of finding a book of teachings for the silva method as a teenager. 

He began meditating and following the practices and found that he was able to heal his untreatable acne completely.

Later in his life, he discovered the Silva Ultramind method and was reminded of how transformative the original teachers were for him. 

He began implementing these new teachings into his life and experienced growth and success. Vishen became a Silva instructor and eventually partnered with Silva and worked towards enhancing the teachings and offering the course through MindValley. 

Hearing his results were inspiring and made the lesson even more intriguing. He also explains the benefits he received through the courses in a practical and easy-to-follow way. 

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Silva Ultramind review: the course

Introducing The Silva Ultramind System By Jose Silva And Vishen Lakhiani The Ultimate Silva Ultramind System Review (2022 & Highest Level of Details)
Silva Ultramind System, course overview

Each section of the course is divided into smaller sections, making it easy to stop and start at your own pace. Each section has videos that walk you through different concepts, questions, and activities to help you practice what you’ve learned. 

You also have the opportunity to interact with others within the Mind Valley community if working alongside others is your preference.

Chatting with others within Mindvalley
Chatting with others within Mindvalley

The Intro

The Silva Ultramind System is divided into one introductory section followed by four lessons. The introduction was very informative and helped answer any questions I had about the course. 

Hearing Vishen speaks about his experiences and explains the goal of accessing different brainwaves and altered states. 

welcome screen silva utramind The Ultimate Silva Ultramind System Review (2022 & Highest Level of Details)

Week 1

The first week I was intrigued by how quickly the course dives into visualization. They introduce an idea called “the mental screen,” which I believe can help beginners and anyone who has practiced visualization on their own. 

From my experience, visualizing can be difficult, depending on my goal for the meditation. Using the mental screen creates a familiar image that makes it easy for me to project my ideas without struggling to see the images in my mind’s eye. 

I felt like I was creating a movie and experienced vivid visuals, ones that have usually been difficult for me to achieve. 

week1 screen sila ultramind review
Week 1 of the course

Week 2

The second week was packed with multiple concepts, but my favorite was the ‘three scenes’ technique. The technique teaches you how to find a quick solution to any problem you may face. 

I found the three scenes technique to be very effective in looking at a problem or situation in a creative way. You also learn how to center yourself and tap into your intuition during this lesson, which I found very beneficial. 

meditation screen sila ultramin course
Screenshot of meditations, Mindvalley

Week 3

I believe section 3 is one of the most vital sections of this course. For anyone that struggles to find a passion for achieving their goals or may not even know what they want out of life, this section can teach you how to tap into this aspect of yourself. 

Within the lesson, you also learn how to train your mind to expect success and believe that what you want in life can be yours. I felt inspired during this section because it helped me remove any feelings of self-doubt surrounding what my goals were, and I started to see these goals as possibilities rather than dreams. 

This course dives into healing techniques, which I found very intriguing. Vishen talks about projecting into others and even your pets and how you can ‘see’ and initiate healing inside of them. 

I didn’t have any pets for the animal section, so I chose a squirrel I had seen earlier in the day. Although I’m not sure if my visualizations had any effects on the squirrel, I certainly felt as if I was ‘working’ with it in my mind. 

I’m going to really focus on this section and see how far I can develop my abilities for projection. 

projection to pets screen sila ultramin course review
Projection to pets screen, silva ultramind course

Week 4

The last sections teach you how to continue to strengthen your abilities and reflect on stories of those who have used these abilities to heal others. 

You’re walked through a guided meditation that uses all of the teachings you’ve learned so far to project into human anatomy. I found this section very interesting because not only does it walk you through the projection, but it also gives you tips on what certain visuals symbolize and how you can know if there is healing that needs to take place. 

The experience felt authentic as if I was truly seeing inside the body and shifting through the different anatomical components. 

silva ultramind review screensho week 4
Week 4 at Silva Ultramind course

Overall thoughts

To do and write the Silva Ultramind review was a pleasant surprise. Due to my experience with meditation and visualization, I was unsure if I would learn anything I wasn’t already using in my practice. 

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I will admit that the duration of the lessons sometimes felt drawn out, but I’m also the type of person that wants to learn everything all at once. 

The lessons opened my eyes!

The lessons opened my eyes to the possibilities of the human mind and helped me form a true practice with how I can exercise and express my mind’s possibilities.

I’ve found that my visualizations are much more vivid, and I’m able to direct these mind images more easily than I was previously able to. 

I had heard of but never knew much about the idea of projection, so I found these techniques very beneficial.

spirituality The Ultimate Silva Ultramind System Review (2022 & Highest Level of Details)

Some of the more extreme claims, such as healing, weren’t experienced during my time spent on this course. I believe that seeing results in regard to “healing” takes more time than just the time spent learning the material, but it gave me the tools needed to continue the techniques on my own. 

There also wasn’t a lot of ‘spiritual nonsense,’ and instead, the course is explained through a balance of both science and spiritualism, which helps to present these abstract ideas and concepts in a realistic way that I believe anyone can follow. 

The good thing about the course is, you can give it a free trial in their masterclass (see also below).

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How much does it cost?

MindValley offers a membership system that allows you to access the Silva Ultramind System. With the membership, you also gain access to 60+ other programs designed for empowerment and mind transformation. 

The member also includes weekly live sessions from MindValley trainers, a stockpile of meditations, and access to their private social media network. I’d suggest browsing through the different tools MindValley offers to help you decide which membership option is right for you. 

If you’re only interested in trying out the Silva Ultramind System, you may benefit most from the monthly subscription. The monthly cost is $199, but we often have promotional deals for only $99 per month. 

Well worth the price

If you’re on the fence about whether it’s worth the investment after completing the course, I feel that it’s well worth the price. If you have time to dedicate to taking this course faster than four weeks, you’ll have time to try out some of their other tools within your monthly subscription.

However, to find out if the course is for you, you can always try the free masterclass first.

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Mindvalley also offers a yearly membership for $499, however, you can save up to 60% when you choose an annual Mindvalley membership.

Is it really worth it?

After completing the Silva Ultramind System course, when considering the cost and the duration of the program, I can confidently say that most people can benefit from this course. 

As someone who has already had my own special techniques and meditations that I use, I feel that this puts everything into a more productive structure than I could have done on my own. 

There are also many useful tips and tools that were new to me but explained in such a simple way that I found it easy to implement them throughout the course. Vishen is very personable and comes off as an honest guy; his guidance made it feel like he was right there speaking directly to you. 

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MindValley did a great job designing the course’s layout, making it easy to follow and organizing it in a way that I think most people can follow easily. No topic seemed too long or too short, and I felt I had enough time to reflect on what I had learned and to practice it before moving on to a new topic. 

Overall, I’m glad I had the opportunity to take this course and write this Silva Ultramind review, and I will definitely use this information in my own meditative practice. 

Mindvalley’s membership also includes many other products you can use whether you pay monthly or yearly, which is another reason this course may be beneficial. Their programs are divided into sections, such as mind, body, soul, relationships, and career. You can find a tool to help in just about any area of your life.

Check also our post about courses about symbolism and symbology if you’re keen on learning new things.

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