Colliers Wood Tower – London where it really hurts

The  Colliers Wood Tower was voted the ugliest building in London in a 2006 BBC poll and one of the 12 ugliest in the UK in a 2005 Channel 4 poll for its programme Demolition (see Colliers Wood here)

5 Responses to Colliers Wood Tower – London where it really hurts

  • William K Wallace

    There are a few equally ugly buildings in Kilburn. I wonder what moron designed that monstrosity…

  • Hi Richard – very powerful photograph of a disappearing part of London. Grant

  • Teresa Schultz

    I don’t think it’s such an ugly building.  Maybe it is if a poll said so in 2006, but it’s certainly not an ugly photograph.  Dramatic and well-captured.

  • Corporate Photographer

    Hi Richard

    Did you shoot this on film? It reminds me of when I used to shoot on TMax and burn in the skies.

    • richardalois

      Hi – tnx for your comment! Its shot with DSLR + some processing applied

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