Scary Spiders Pictures 2

Scary Spiders Pictures

There is something about spiders that makes people’s skin crawl, especially when looking at scary spider pictures; maybe it has to do with all those hairy legs? To get in the spirit of spooky Halloween, we are diving into the … Read More

Scary Spiders Pictures UK

Scary Spiders Pictures UK

Creepy crawlies! Spiders from all over the world. With eight legs and venomous fangs, spiders are some of the most hated and feared creatures to walk the planet.


What are British girls like

They are: Very short and very tall and everything in between Very classy and very trashy and everything in between Aneorexic and obese and everything in between Black and white and everything in between Fitness junkies and total slobs and … Read More

teddy bear nightmare

Teddy Bear Nightmare

Normally, teddy bears dream more than two hours a night, and a nightmare usually happens in the later hours of REM sleep, or rapid eye movement sleep. The dreamer often awakens from a nightmare with a good recollection of the imagery and … Read More

magic mushrooms richmond park

Magic Mushrooms at Richmond Park

Where to find magic mushrooms? Ask the mushroom man! Found these magic mushrooms in Richmond Park, London – some tweaking was needed to make them glow. A real magic mushrooms picture looks like that: Magic mushrooms effects are: Just like any psychoactive substance, the effect on … Read More

Dead Bird Symbolism

Dead Bird Meaning

If you’ve seen a dead bird in the road, or perhaps accidentally hit a bird, it may feel like a bad sign. Similar to the death tarot card, a dead bird is a symbol or an omen of a fresh start from an end and not simply an end. Overall and paradoxically, a dead bird symbolizes a new beginning. So no need to worry, this is an opportunity to reflect on the changes that are happening around you and inside yourself. So, acknowledge your emotions and prepare to release the old skin. It’s excess baggage for the next part of your journey.