White Owl Meaning: What Does It Mean To See A White Owl?

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White Owl Symbolism

The owl is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to see into the future. These birds are associated with the moon, representing intuition, insight, and psychic abilities. 

Few animals give us feelings of awe and enchantment, like the white owl (also known as the snowy owl); spotting one in the wild is rare. And, like most animals, the fact that the sighting of this beautiful bird can leave us feeling a certain way is no coincidence.

The white owl is a bird associated with many different meanings across cultures. These beautiful creatures are often associated with wisdom, messages, and change. 

If you see a white owl, it could be a sign that something new is about to happen in your life.

In this blog post, we will discuss the significance of white owl symbolism and what it means to see one of these birds in the wild. This blog post also will explore some of these symbolic meanings and what they might mean for you!

See A White Owl.

The spiritual meaning of a white owl

White owls are regarded as symbols of wisdom, change, adaptability, and purity

Change & Transition

When trying to decipher the spiritual meaning as to why you are seeing a (white) owl, it is important to look at what is going on in your life. The white owl spirit will always use certain symbols to deliver important messages regarding situations you are currently dealing with or have questions about.

If you are currently at a point in your life where you are considering a new career, seeing a white owl could signify that you should take that chance. Maybe you’ve been considering moving to a new place or learning a new skill.

Whether it’s a small change or an overall transformation in your life that will align you with your true purpose, the white owl symbolism can be seen as a sign from a spirit letting you know that the universe has your back and your decisions are supported.

You also might want to consider ending certain habits or things in your life that might be holding you back from the greatness you were destined for.


A white owl, or snow owl, is known for being able to blend in with their environment. These owls are often found in colder climates with snow and are difficult to point out in the wild. 

These messengers remind us of the importance of adaptability. There’s great strength in standing out and living in your authenticity. 

But the power comes from knowing when to adapt, blend, and tag along for the ride. You cannot be present when you cannot adapt to your current circumstances. 

You may see a white snowy owl when you need to learn to be more adaptable. Reflect on your current situation and see where you can make adjustments. 

Wisdom & Knowledge

The owl has been a symbol of intelligence and mental strength since ancient times. This is due to it being both an active hunter, like its prey, as well as internalizing what they learn from watching them in order to gain more knowledge about how things work. 

The white owl symbolizes the importance of wisdom, not just knowledge. Knowledge is gained through study and observation. 

Wisdom is gained through life experience. These beautiful birds are a culmination of each of these traits, showing you the empowerment that comes when they are both obtained. 

Life is about learning through experiences and using that knowledge to grow, evolve, and help others. You may see a white owl fly overhead during a time when you’re meant to start sharing your own wisdom and experience with others. 


A white owl symbolizes the magic of purity. Their white feathers are bright, clean, and pure, appearing at angles when they fly overhead. 

The color white is often associated with innocence and peace. When the form of a white owl greets you, it’s a sign that you are being asked to create a sense of purity in your life. 

You may be committed to many obligations that aren’t of your own doing, giving away too much of your own energy. These white species of owls ask you to remain true to yourself, reflect on what your heart desires, and make room for your own wants and needs. 

Alternatively, the white owl may also signify that you are pure at heart and that your presence is very healing and renewing for everyone you meet. 

Witchcraft & Magic

Another reason why people associate white owls with witchcraft and magic is because of the connection between the two. In folklore, the white owl symbolism was said to be able to fly through walls and appear out of nowhere. This made it easy to believe that they were magical creatures who had powers beyond our own.

This is still somewhat true today; although, the white owl is not considered to be a magical being anymore. Instead, they are now more likely to be seen as a messenger from another dimension.

The white owl is known to be a harbinger of bad news, so if you spot one, it may be time to prepare yourself for a message from the other side

Prophecy & Prophecies

One of the reasons why the snowy owl is connected to prophecy is because of their ability to foresee events before they happen. The white owl symbolism is also said to have the power to predict future events by looking into the past.

If you see a white owl, then you might be getting a glimpse of something that is going to happen in the near future. However, it is best to pay attention to these signs when you feel like you need some extra guidance.

It’s also possible that the white owl is telling you something about yourself. For example, if you see a white owl while driving, it could mean that you need to slow down and think before making any major decisions. Or perhaps you’re feeling like you don’t have enough knowledge or wisdom to make good choices.

In this case, it would be wise to listen to your inner voice and follow your instincts. You’ll know which direction to go once you do.

The meaning of the white owl in different cultures

Native american culture

For Native American tribes, the white owl is a symbol of power and protection. It was thought to be good luck for hunters because owls are nocturnal animals that hunt at night. 

When hunting at night, an owl’s eyes shine very brightly in darkness – just like how they would reflect light from fire or moonlight. Native Americans believed these bright lights were spirits watching over them while they hunted, which gave people courage and bravery when nighttime came around again. 

They also believe that whenever a hunter shoots down prey with his bow, then he must thank the spirit (in this case, it’s an owl) who guided him by saying “thank you” before taking any meat back home with him.

Here’s a cute little story from Eskimos about why the snowy owl made a black dress for the raven.

white owl crossing path

Christian culture

In Christian culture,some view the white owl as symbolic to represent death because they are nocturnal animals that hunt at night. Others see them as symbols of peace and protection from evil spirits who do not attack what belongs to God’s domain or home turf. 

In addition, many churches around the world have statues of saints holding owls on top of their staff which signifies this belief system.

A rather strong view of owls is mentioned in Ferguson’s famous book ‘Signs and Symbols in Christian art‘: “the owl, since it hides in darkness and fears the light, has come to symbolize Satan, the prince of darkness. “

snowy owl native american

In the bible

The Bible does not specifically mention white owls. However, the owl meaning is mentioned. They are tied to isolation, darkness, emptiness, and desertion meanings. 

greek culture owl
Owl of Athena

There are several stories in the Bible that refer to owls being in areas where human life cannot survive and how they are “unclean” birds; these are the reasons those meanings have become attached to them.

The white owl in greek culture

According to ancient Greek mythology, the owl was sacred to Athena, the Goddess of the night who represented knowledge. Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, had a companion Owl on her shoulder, which gave her unseen truths. 

Owl was able to light up Athena’s backside, enabling her to speak only the truth.

Welsh mythology

In Welsh mythology, Blodeuwedd, the Goddess of Betrayal, is associated with the owl. This myth comes from a tale about Blodeuwedd, who betrayed her husband. 

He was transformed into the creature he hated most, which happened to be an owl, and she turned into a white owl to haunt the night in solitude and sorrow.

Hindu mythology

The white owl symbolizes prosperity, insight, luck, and good fortune in Hindu culture. Hindu Mythology buffs should know that the Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth in Hindu mythology, is known to have a White Owl as her vehicle

As such, it’s not uncommon for Bengali households who possess this bird or any other type owned by an upper-caste person (Brahmin)to never drive them away because they symbolize good fortune and abundance.

Japanese culture

Owls also hold important meanings in Japan. In Japan, white owl charms are believed to invite happiness, and owls generally mean good luck.

Seeing a white owl meant you would receive some sort of gift or financial gain. These were very lucky times, and you were encouraged to go after your goals as the white owl was near, ready to assist you in achieving them. 

Polish legends

The folklore of Poland claims that when a girl dies without marriage, she turns into a white owl, whereas married ones turn into doves. Polish people believed that white was a symbol of renewal and grace and was highly respected in their culture. 

white owl Change & Transition

The white owl spirit animal

If you have been seeing white owls frequently, it might be time to listen to your intuition more. The white owl’s spiritual meaning reminds you that you have all the answers within yourself; you just need to trust your gut instinct. 

Pay attention to your dreams and any synchronicities that occur in your life. These could be signs from the white owl spirit animal guide.

If you are drawn to the white owl, it might be time to explore your spiritual side more. The white owl reminds us that we are all connected to the supernatural world and that anything is possible. 

Embrace change and let go of what no longer serves you. Trust your intuition and listen to your inner wisdom. 

The white owl is here to guide you on your spiritual journey. A white owl spirit animal also appears to help dissolve a bad omen or any bad luck you’re experiencing. 

white owl in dream

What is the white owl’s personality?

The white owl personality is often seen as wise, intelligent, and mysterious. They are deep thinkers with a strong connection to the spiritual realm. 

They are independent and self-sufficient but also have a strong sense of intuition. White owls are often regarded as loners since they prefer to spend time alone in nature.

If you identify with the white owl personality, it might be time to explore your spiritual side more. Trust your intuition and let go of what no longer serves you. Embrace change and follow your heart.

Dreaming of white owls

If you’ve had a dream about a white owl, it might be trying to tell you that change is coming. Sometimes dreams of owls can signify the death of someone close or an end to something important in your life. Other times they are simply omens for good luck! No matter what meaning this particular bird has brought into your life, it’s always worth considering how symbolic its appearance was and what message or lesson it may have been seeking to teach.

I know of one story where a woman tried to find a way around her infertility. At one point, she started having recurring dreams of an owl and felt very mothering towards it – as though this owl was her daughter. Soon after she kept having these dreams, she found out that not only had they been able to have their own child but that they were also expecting a baby girl who would be born healthy!

White owls are often times symbols of female wisdom or maternal instincts because mothers can sense things other people cannot – like if something is wrong with their children before any signs show up on paperwork or symptoms. The white owl symbolism in the story was a sign of hope and change – for motherhood to come.

Another white owl dream interpretation is seeing a white owl in your dreams signifies you will have important communications and discussions during the coming days. You are likely to make an effort when it comes to work but find out that nothing can be achieved without any hard work at all! Although the outcomes may not come as expected, know that one-day things will turn their way no matter what happens. Seeing this bird means there could be many enemies around you who want to do harm; for now, though avoid them so they don’t jeopardize your success later on down the line – even if it seems like a good idea right now!

White Owl Symbolism and Meaning


Overall, the presence of a white owl and the white owl symbolism in your life is a positive omen. They are a sign of wisdom, change, and moving forward

You should consider yourself lucky should you spot one, but you should also take the time to evaluate your current situation in life.

If you’re thinking about making some changes, no matter how big or small, a white owl’s spotting can be taken as a sign from the spirit that you should take that chance. Remember that the universe has your back, you’re always guided, and when you are open to receiving messages, they will come to you when you need them.The snowy owl is unfortunately also on our list of bird species in danger of extinction.

white owl Prophecy

A real-life story about a white owl symbolism: graceful, not ominous!

This is a story we have found here:

I’m going to describe a particular childhood memory regarding the white owl. I had just turned seven years old. I was on the balcony with my father in the middle of the afternoon. In our backyard, I spotted an enormous white owl. At the very top of the Kadamba tree, it took a seat.

White Owl Symbolism and Meaning

We both looked at that stunning white bird. My father didn’t make any disparaging comments about the owl or attempt to scare it into taking off. I stayed there and watched the owl until I grew weary of doing so. Its presence and beauty really delighted me.

My mother gave birth to a premature baby that very night, and both were in critical condition. My mother and sister made it through that perilous journey, despite my father’s intense anxiety and distress. It follows that seeing a white owl is not a bad sign. The fact that my mother and sister were ill is really a coincidence. Although it is a superstition, we tend to believe it to be real.”

“There’s always a hidden owl in knowledge.”

E.I. Jane
white owl spiritual meaning


What does it mean to see a white owl at night?

Since owls are considered nocturnal creatures, it might seem like the best chance to see an owl at night. Even still, seeing a white owl at night is still quite uncommon, so if you do, it might be a sign of some spiritual messages from the afterlife.
In some cultures, white owls are seen as the spirits of dead people who are visiting us from the other side. If you see a white owl at night, it could be a sign that someone from your past is trying to communicate with you. If this happens, pay attention to your dreams and intuition for any messages.

Is seeing a white owl a bad omen?

There are many cultures and traditions that hold the notion that witnessing a white owl is unlucky and a sign of bad portent.
 White owls are considered a symbol of death by Native Americans and are often used in frightful tales to scare young children into staying inside at night.
A white owl, in my opinion, expresses the spiritual significance of what death signifies rather than the practical act of dying. Although seeing a white owl may not necessarily predict ill luck, it does symbolize change, which some people may take negatively.
For instance, the Death card in the Tarot shouldn’t be taken literally. The death card is actually a good card because it signifies the end of one thing and the start of another.The card thus stands for evolution and transformation.
A white owl, like the Death card, symbolizes the natural fact that everything born eventually dies and is reborn in a different form. All experiences eventually come to an end; what matters is the soul’s long journey.

[Video] Secrets Of The Snowy Owl

A rather interesting video about a young owl named Baltimore’s PRECISE route from a beach in Maryland to an island in Canada.


What does a white owl mean?

White owls are often considered to be guardian spirits who protect us at night when we sleep by chasing away evil creatures such as nightmares or ghosts. There may also be a connection between the appearance of owls at night with the idea that they bring wisdom to those who seek them out perhaps because nocturnal animals were generally seen as wise beings?

What does it mean to dream of a white owl?

In the Native American culture, the white owl symbolism in your dream might be telling you to pay close attention to what is happening around you. It could also mean that there are messages being sent from people who have passed on and need your help communicating with them.

What does it mean if an owl flies over my head while I am walking outside?

An owl flying overhead may symbolize protection or guidance coming your way! This can come in many forms; perhaps someone very wise will soon enter into your life for advice, or maybe you’ll finally realize why certain things happen as they do (and how this all relates back to yourself). There’s nothing wrong with having faith that everything will work out for the best.

Is it good luck to see a white owl?

In some cultures, white owls are seen as good luck charms. They are often associated with wealth, prosperity, and abundance. If you see a white owl, it might be a sign that good things are coming your way. It’s a rare happening so you’re lucky enough to witness it!

What does it mean if an owl hoots outside your window?

If you hear an owl hooting outside your window, it could be a sign that someone is trying to communicate with you from the other side. In some cultures, owls are seen as the spirits of dead people who are visiting us from the afterlife. If you hear an owl hooting, pay attention to your dreams and intuition for any messages.

What is the biblical meaning of white owls in dreams?

While the Bible does not make any explicit references to white owls in dreams, these majestic animals have a long-standing association with desolation and darkness. Yet many cultures perceive whiteness as signifying purity and righteousness – making it possible for white owl dream symbolism to carry hopeful messages of redemption when viewed through this lens. Ultimately though, its interpretation depends on one’s personal opinions and experiences within their own context.

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Author: Cynthia Demers
Cynthia is dealing with animals' symbolism and all things spiritual for many years. She wants to help readers achieve balance in physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband.

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  1. I was living in southern.california when my cousin saw a owl flying over us as we were driving in the city. She stopped car started cursing I’m like what the heck going on. She all did u see it big white owl I looked saw it. She tells me u do have evil around u. Still confused and went on with the night she all ur suppose to cus it out of u see a owl it’s bad omen. But I didn’t feel any bad from it but at time could of been sum bad going on. I lived quit a ways away from we’re we seen owl and few days later I was leaving house and seen it in the day light flying over my car from there on it would fly over house and at night sometimes I would hear a bird not like any other bird buy my window hooting I knew it was owl but I’m like how the hell does it even know we’re I sleep is what was wierd and crazy. I had to move from that home and I went to another city even farther now to a house property belong to ancestors since 1808 something like that house been just there last person live there was a great aunt passed away. So decided to move in clean place up take care of it me and my boyfriend. When I moved in there was a bird that would just hang out on power line made a ugly evil sound hatted it. Well about month settled in and here came white owl after that no signs of that horrible bird anymore. At time boyfriend and i were going thru problems him cheating and stuff he would always be sneaky like doing things in yard came to find out he was talking to girl lived behind us she was young kinda would stalk him catch him doing wierd thing wierd times. But I did have a.dog really good taking care of place pretty big property. But I noticed the owl like at night when the sneakiness would happen would fly around large area and make a noise like a dog protecting property. It would let me know and I’m sure who ever was out there I thought was really cool. But I mean my thoughts are very intelligent bird spiritual whatever it is I feel they are definitely protectors not bad. It also went on to having babies one day seen silhouette of lil bird on pole of fence it was in evening I was outside cleaning car didn’t sound like any other bird. So I went to bedroom window were my boyfriend was and asked him for a flashlight to see if it was a baby owl. And just as I said that 2 big white owls this time flew right over me crazy amazing experience ever till this day I’ll never forget cuz I moved out of state to new mexico and till this day I have been waiting for it to show up here and hasn’t so that the only sad part feel like a piece of me is missing just like a loved one that passed away would .

    • Dear Terri, it sounds like you had a very powerful and meaningful experience with a white owl. I can understand how much it meant to you, and how it has stayed with you even after you moved away. It’s clear that the owl had a special significance for you, especially as a protector during a difficult time in your life.

      I’m sorry to hear about the challenges you faced with your boyfriend, but it’s wonderful to hear that you had the owl looking out for you. It’s natural to feel a sense of loss when something that was so meaningful to you is no longer present in your life, but I hope you can find comfort in the memories of your time with the owl.

      Thank you for sharing your story!


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