The Symbolism Of Squirrels

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Squirrel Symbolism

Do you know the squirrel symbolism? They are known to be clever, agile, and resourceful. These rodents live in harmony with their environment and can survive on almost anything. All these things make for a great metaphor for people who have been through tough times. You may not think of it at first but when you take time to look closer, there’s no denying that this little creature is actually full of wisdom!

Squirrels are cute-looking animals with bushy tails (sciurus carolinensis or eastern gray squirrel). They can be found in wooded areas and even in some neighborhoods. Just like other animals, viewing it does come with some symbolism that you need to understand. This spirit animal symbolizes playfulness, practicality, and energy. You can learn about work-life balance through its playful antics while it connects nuts. Literally, the squirrel may seem to specify that you need to include more fun and happiness in your life.

These adorable creatures rarely provide us with the opportunity to view them very close. Thus, it seems to be all the more interesting and intriguing. They are mostly found in the Northern parts of the world and are not available in dry and desert areas. They are considered to have different symbolic meanings throughout the ages. This again depends upon the nation and culture. Noticing its habits will allow you to link this animal easily with people’s personalities.

They show you the need to accumulate reserves in a physical and emotional sense. You can always find them running around trying to collect nuts. Through this symbolism, if you look at this particular trait, then you can notice that its habits offer valuable lessons.

Squirrel power animal

Some Traits & Characteristics of Squirrels

  • Fast: It is not easy to spot a squirrel easily since they are quite fast in their movements. You can find them on the treetop at one moment and at the other, they can be noticed on the ground. Their body shape allows them to move constantly around. Hence, they cannot be seen lazing or sitting somewhere.
  • Active life: They move constantly, either running or climbing trees to collect food. But you can never find them sitting quietly doing nothing. They can also jump high and run pretty fast.
  • Resourceful: This spirit animal is very much resourceful. They are hard-working and collect food throughout the year so that they can enjoy the long winter season.

They also represent food, money love, warmth, rest, comfort, and health in abundance. The squirrel symbolism also signifies determination, putting in the right efforts, and hard work. When these traits describe you then you are a squirrel person.

Spirit Animal & Spiritual Meaning

Are you always ready to face challenges in life and at work? This is the squirrel spirit animal! Your characteristics generally are being prepared, multi-tasking, saving food/comforts/money, and being super-busy.

You will also find it tough to part with your items to someone. Similar to the squirrel, you might prefer to hoard things in your home. This way, you can be better prepared for those dark days ahead.

This spirit animal also signifies sociable nature. It shows that you love your routine, are meticulous as well as scurrying around performing multiple tasks. Still, you have ample time to make friends, have parties, have fun, and be sociable.

You possess excellent communication skills, good at vocalizing, articulating, and spot trends effortlessly. You also have a better understanding of where to invest in your hard-earned money, thus being a good investor. You also will have developed fabulous research skills. You can be a writer, blogger, reporter, or journalist.

On the negative side, the squirrel spirit animal represents hyperactive and high-strung individuals. Such people are known to perform multi-tasks while running fast in diverse directions. This would also mean, you will only end up spreading your energy in numerous directions, thus becoming less effective. But you are likely to have immense fun throughout the process.

You can invoke the squirrel spirit animal when:

  1. You have developed the feeling of having reached the tunnel end and find no way out.
  2. Is required to prepare for your future.
  3. Be less cautious, while being loose.
  4. With this spirit animal, you can become an excellent organizer and planner, thus not worrying about your future. You can easily manage all obstacles and hindrances that come your way since you are made from tough stuff.
  5. You can stop worrying about something that is yet to take place. This way, you can save your precious energies to be used in another work.
Squirrel Animal totem

Squirrel Totem

The squirrel totem animal consists of the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. This would be an excellent symbol to work with because it represents determination and good luck in all endeavors.

The animal totem is known to be cunning and quick-witted but is also a creature of great wisdom. The symbolism of the squirrel would be fitting for many careers as they are said to bring luck in business ventures.

It is also known to symbolize multi-tasking, abundance, preparedness, laying the groundwork, better days, rest, and new life. The squirrel also makes plans, strategizes, comes up with various techniques, and is better prepared to handle emergencies. It is joyful, playful, and positive, although it is hurried, fast and busy. This spirit animal is devoid of negativity as it focuses all its thoughts mainly on abundance and preparedness.

This totem animal signifies that you should be better prepared to achieve success in the future. You also need to be more focused on saving your precious money, while working very hard. You need to understand that it is hard work and not laziness that will be rewarded.

Squirrels are associated with abundance. This does not cover just monetary abundance but also includes many other things. It involves an abundance of loving relationships, good friends, opportunities, comfort, shelter, etc. It also signifies peace and comfort even during dark, cold times and food being served on the table always.

Perhaps you are working very hard to reach your set goal or derive the desired outcome. If a squirrel has crossed your path, it means that this spirit animal is signifying you not to surrender to obstacles. Rather, you need to stand up and fight and make constant progress until you have reached your goals. Your efforts and hard work put in may appear to be illusionary or futile. You may also develop the feeling of wasting your precious time. Whatever be it, you should continue your good work and be persistent with your efforts. Do not procrastinate. Rather, do your work with great vigor and you are sure to be rewarded well with good food, comfort, and peace. You will also enjoy the happiness of mind and soul.

Squirrel totem

Power Animal

As the most often seen, friendly, and furry animal in North America, squirrels are a common part of the culture. Depending on your faith and beliefs about a totem animal or a power animal, you may already have decided that if you choose this rodent as your own animal guide then it is important to listen closely to its teachings. Bittersweet in nature, the squirrel has many lessons for humankind hidden in its complex array of behaviors; life lessons learned from an arboreal environment under threat by deforestation and development.

It is thought that the squirrel power animal arises from qualities like adaptation, regeneration, and tenacity. In this way, it may be one of the few animals suited for outdoor living in response to climate change. It has also long been a symbol of industriousness and resourcefulness. This will help humans maintain their foothold on Earth in light of environmental catastrophe or other major threats – all while we’re watching out for each other like our friend Squirrels!

“It’s easy to smile when you have a squirrel’s intellect.”

Dylan Moran

Symbolism in Different Cultures

Native American Culture

Like many other animals in Native American lore, the squirrel symbolism has been viewed with both reverence and fear as nature’s intermediaries between humans and animal spirits. The most well-known myth among tribes across North America tells of how Coyote (also called Trickster, read more about Coyote symbolism) played upon Squirrel’s naiveté by luring him into becoming his diversion while he stole fire from all the world, trapping it inside a hollow cottonwood tree before returning to tell his friend just what had happened. For this crime against Mother Earth, the Squirrel was never again able to walk upright like a human, relegated to the ground where its hind feet had been pinned in place by Coyote’s arrow.

In some tribes, the Squirrel was regarded as a god and considered invincible because he could not be killed unless his two forelegs were severed first – an unlikely event given how fiercely they fight when cornered or attacked. The bushy tail of this animal has often been seen as symbolic of prosperity and fertility: many Native American cultures tied their rituals with corn agriculture around these animals’ activities so that crops would prosper.

Christian Culture

In Christian culture, squirrels have been associated with the Holy Spirit, just as they were in ancient Greece. The belief is that these little critters are a sign of new life and prosperity to come. Those same beliefs can be found in other cultures across the world.

Greek Culture

In Greek culture, the squirrel symbolism was a symbol of wisdom. In the story of Athena and Bellerophon, it is said that one day when Zeus came to visit his daughter Athena he found her playing with two live baby squirrels. He asked if she wanted him to transform them into humans so they could walk on their hind legs as people do, but instead, she told him that by chasing each other around in circles all day long they were getting more exercise than any human ever would!

Because of this encounter Zeus bestowed upon Athena the title “Grey-Eyed Goddess”, because her eyes are always full of thoughts about what needs to be done next for humanity’s benefit.

Celtic Culture

The ancient Celts believed that squirrels were the messengers of the gods. They also considered these bushy-tailed creatures as a symbol of prosperity, an omen to plant crops and store up food for winter months.

Asian Cultures

In Asia cultures, the squirrel has a rich history. The most notable symbol of this furry animal is to represent happiness and luck. This is in contrast to their European counterparts who see them as a sign of slothfulness or greediness (read more about the symbolism for greed), such as the Norse god Ratatosk, who was said to have been half man and half squirrel!

In Korean culture, for example, people believe that if you spot one before noon on your birthday then you will be lucky all year long. These beliefs are also reflected by superstitions like those found here in America about seeing more than two on any given day predicting an increase in nuts next autumn season.

Some other less-known symbolism includes how Japanese lore says that seeing three together predicts rain within six days while Koreans say it means that you will have good luck in love.

In Chinese culture, the Squirrel is a symbol of longevity. This is due to the fact that squirrels are often able to store food for long periods, and so they have an extended lifespan as well. It’s believed that if you spot a single Squirrel running across your path then good luck will come your way soon after!

Norse mythology

In Norse mythology, the squirrel is a symbol of curiosity and intellect. This small creature was often seen gathering nuts and storing them for winter, just as Odin would do with knowledge. The squirrel also has a connection to Freya, who was said to travel on her chariot pulled by two white squirrels.

Squirrel Dream Meaning The Symbolism Of Squirrels

“Sometimes big trees grow out of acorns – I think I heard that from a squirrel.”

Jerry Coleman

Dead Squirrel Meaning

Seeing a dead squirrel on the side of the road is an omen for bad luck. Straying from one’s path, accidents or ill-gotten gains could be in your future if you don’t watch out. It can also symbolize that somebody has been careless which often leads to something unfortunate occurring. Just as with other omens, this type doesn’t necessarily mean that all misfortune will strike immediately–it just means it might happen at some point! So don’t neglect small warning signs and always try not to go against nature because things are sure to follow suit when they do come up!

Squirrels are considered to be totem animals, depicting varying symbolic and spiritual meanings. As you see them, it means these are God’s signs. You can also acquire wisdom from them. But you may come across a dead squirrel meaning and think if it is a good omen or not.

Dreaming of a dead squirrel may symbolize financial loss which can be experienced sooner or later (check also the meaning of dreaming of a dead bird) (check also the meaning of dreaming of a dead bird). This financial loss can be due to your wrong handling of finances or reckless behavior. But with some wise decisions and careful handling, you are sure to overcome this financial loss easily.

dead squirrel meaing

Squirrel Dream Meaning

If you dream of a squirrel it is an omen of good luck, happiness, and prosperity. You will be surrounded by friends and loved ones which may lead to marriage or other joyous events. It also means you need to surrender completely to focus on your assigned tasks. You need to stay positive and keep moving all the time.

Dreaming of squirrels may also indicate that you hold onto things in your life, thus reflecting your hoarding personality. You may retain even those things which may never be put into use again. Your subconscious might want you to clear the out. It can also be that you are holding onto some past emotions or feelings. It could only be creating a negative feeling towards some person or work and hamper your growth. Such things may not serve any purpose except destroy you within. If you are such a person and dream of a squirrel, then it means you should let go of such emotions immediately. Acting soon will allow you to have positive energy, enjoy good physical and psychological well-being.

Squirrels also mean being a resourceful person you have the capability to make something from nothing. You can perhaps see good things, which others cannot.

The spirit animal’s gathering tendencies show that you are frugal when spending your hard-earned money. You are more careful with your earnings and have set a good amount for your future something others haven’t. You are also better prepared to face the uncertain future that lies ahead and not much worried about it.

Seeing the spirit animal in your dream may also mean that you are excessively frugal than what is required. This can also mean that you are missing out on your deserved results. You are perhaps excessively prepared, thus not allowing yourself or your family to live in the present moment. This is because you are more bothered about the future than live happily today.

It also shows that constant work and no rest has made you tired and worn out. You need to devote some to your health and family (check here for animals that represent family) and get adequate rest.

Is Seeing a Squirrel Good Luck?

Seeing a squirrel is often thought to be good luck. This belief likely comes from the Native American tradition that says seeing one of these animals marks the beginning of a new, prosperous season in life.

This superstition can also stem from an old European idea: if you see your pet squirrel on New Year’s Eve it will bring prosperity and success for the year ahead.

The list goes on- some believe seeing a grey or black squirrel means they have bad luck coming their way while others say spotting red ones are lucky as well!

Squirrel tattoo meaning

Many people believe that the tail is the symbol of marital fidelity and strength. Squirrels seem to be especially industrious creatures, going about their business with boundless determination – could it be because they know they will have enough food? For some, the squirrel tattoo means that squirrels abandon powerlessness by gathering their protein supplies ahead of time in preparation for winter’s scarcity (there is a lot to say about winter symbolism, click to read more) (there is a lot to say about winter symbolism, click to read more) (there is a lot to say about winter symbolism, click to read more). Some equate rodents with fertility due to the animals’ prolific fecundity; also some speculate it was bad luck to kill them as such animals were regarded as omens at one point.

[Video] I rescued four baby red squirrels

Nice clip about an adventurous girl rescuing Squirrels.


Seeing a squirrel in your dreams means you need to sacrifice yourself and work hard to achieve your goals, desires. By doing so, you are sure to reap the rewards.

The squirrel is a symbol of persistence. It will do everything it can to gather nuts for the winter, no matter how many obstacles are in its way. In this blog post, we explored some interesting facts about these furry creatures and their symbolism throughout history. We hope that you have learned something new today! If not, let us know what topic you would like to read more about next time so that we may satisfy your curiosity. Thanks for reading!

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