Squirrel Symbolism

Squirrels are cute looking animals with a bushy tail. They can be found in wooded areas and even in some neighborhoods. Just like other animals, viewing it does come with some symbolism that you need to understand. This spirit animal symbolizes playfulness, practicality and energy. You can learn about work-life balance through its playful antics while it connects nuts. Literally, the squirrel may seem to specify that you need to include more fun and happiness in your life.

These adorable creatures rarely provide us with the opportunity to view them very close. Thus, it seems to be all the more interesting and intriguing. They are mostly found in the Northern parts of the world and not available in dry and desert areas. They are considered to have different symbolic meanings throughout ages. This again depends upon the nation and culture. Noticing its habits will allow you to link this animal easily with people’s personalities.

They show you the need to accumulate reserves in a physical and emotional sense. You can always find them running around trying to collect nuts. Through this symbolism, if you look at this particular trait, then you can notice that its habits offer valuable lessons.

Some Traits & Characteristics of Squirrels

  • Fast: It is not easy to spot a squirrel easily since they are quite fast in their movements. You can find them on the treetop at one moment and the other they can be noticed on the ground. Their body shape allows them to move constantly around. Hence, they cannot be seen lazing or sitting somewhere.
  • Active life: They move constantly, either running or climbing trees to collect food. But you can never find them sitting quietly doing nothing. They can also jump high and run pretty fast.
  • Resourceful: This spirit animal is very much resourceful. They are hard-working and collect food throughout the year so that they can enjoy the long winter season.

This animal in some cultures is considered to be sacred to the Thunder and Fire God. Residing in an ash tree, it represented earth and air. Red squirrel symbolism during the Middle Ages became negative. It was stated to be the devil’s symbol due to its fiery red color and lightning-fast speed. They are symbolism of preparedness and show you to save valuable resources for the rainy day. It signifies that you need to invest today so that you can enjoy your future. This might mean multi-tasking or work very hard.

They also represent food, money love, warmth, rest, comfort and health in abundance.  They also signify determination, putting in the right efforts and hard work.

Spirit Animal & Spiritual Meaning

Are you always ready to face challenges in life and at work? If yes, then the squirrel is your spirit animal. Your characteristics generally are being prepared, multi-tasking, saving food/comforts/money and being super-busy.

You will also find it tough to part with your items to someone. Similar to the squirrel, you might prefer to hoard things in your home. This way, you can be better prepared for those dark days ahead.

This spirit animal also signifies sociable nature. It shows that you love your routine, are meticulous as well as scurrying around performing multiple-tasks. Still, you have ample time to make friends, parties, fun and be sociable.

You possess excellent communication skills, good at vocalizing, articulating and spot trends effortlessly. You also have a better understanding of where to invest in your hard-earned money, thus being a good investor. You also will have developed fabulous research skills. You can be a writer, blogger, reporter or journalist.

On the negative side, this spirit animal represents hyperactive and high-strung individuals. Such people are known to perform multi-tasks while running fast in diverse directions. This would also mean, you will only end up spreading your energy in numerous directions, thus becoming less effective. But you are likely to have immense fun throughout the process.

You can invoke this animal spirit when:

  • You have developed the feeling of having reached the tunnel end and find no way out.
  • Is required to prepare for your future.
  • Be less cautious, while being loose.
  • With this spirit animal, you can become an excellent organizer and planner, thus not worrying about your future. You can easily manage all obstacles and hindrances that come your way since you are made from tough stuff.
  • You can stop worrying about something that is yet to take place. This way, you can save your precious energies to be used in another work.

Squirrel Totem

This animal totem is known to symbolize multi-tasking, abundance, preparedness, laying the groundwork, better days, rest and new life. The squirrel also makes plans, strategizes, comes up with various techniques and is better prepared to handle emergencies. It is joyful, playful and positive, although it is hurried, fast and busy. This spirit animal is devoid of negativity as it focuses all its thoughts mainly on abundance and preparedness.

This totem animal signifies that you should be better prepared to achieve success in the future. You also need to be more focused on saving your precious money, while working very hard. You need to understand that it is hard work and not laziness that will be rewarded.

Squirrels are associated with abundance. This does not cover just monetary abundance but also includes many other things. It involves an abundance of loving relationships, good friends, opportunities, comfort, shelter, etc. It also signifies peace and comfort even during dark, cold times and food being served on the table always.

Squirrel totem

Perhaps you are working very hard to reach your set goal or derive the desired outcome. If a squirrel has crossed your path, it means that this spirit animal is signifying you not to surrender to obstacles. Rather, you need to stand up and fight and make constant progress until you have reached your goals. Your efforts and hard work put in may appear to be illusionary or futile. You may also develop the feeling of wasting your precious time. Whatever be it, you should continue your good work and be persistent with your efforts. Do not procrastinate. Rather, do your work with great vigor and you are sure to be rewarded well with good food, comfort and peace. You will also enjoy the happiness of mind and soul.

Dead Squirrel

Squirrels are considered to be totem animals, depicting varying symbolic and spiritual meanings. As you see them, it means these are God’s signs. You can also acquire wisdom from them. But you may come across a dead squirrel and think if it is a good omen or not. Dreaming of a dead squirrel may symbolize financial loss which can be experienced sooner or later. This financial loss can be due to your wrong handling of finances or reckless behavior. But with some wise decisions and careful handling, you are sure to overcome this financial loss easily.

Squirrel Dream Meaning

If you dream of squirrels, then it signifies fun, preparedness, playfulness, lightness, treasure hunting, storage and abundance. It also means you need to surrender completely to focus on your assigned tasks. You need to stay positive and keep moving all the time.

Dreaming of squirrels may also indicate that you hold onto things in your life, thus reflecting your hoarding personality. You may retain even those things which may never be put into use again. Your subconscious might want you to clear the out. It can also be that you are holding onto some past emotions or feelings. It could only be creating a negative feeling towards some person or work and hamper your growth. Such things may not serve any purpose except destroy you within. If you are such a person and dream of a squirrel, then it means you should let go of such emotions immediately. Acting soon will allow you to have positive energy, enjoy good physical and psychological well-being.

Squirrels also mean being a resourceful person you have the capability to make something from nothing. You can perhaps see good things, which others cannot.

The spirit animal’s gathering tendencies show that you are frugal when spending your hard-earned money. You are more careful with your earnings and have set a good amount for your future something others haven’t. You are also better prepared to face the uncertain future that lies ahead and not much worried about it.

Seeing the spirit animal in your dream may also mean that you are excessively frugal than what is required. This can also mean that you are missing out on your deserved results. You are perhaps excessively prepared, thus not allowing yourself or your family to live in the present moment. This is because you are more bothered about the future than live happily today.

It also shows that constant work and no rest has made you tired and worn out. You need to devote some to your health and family and get adequate rest.


Seeing a squirrel in your dreams means you need to sacrifice yourself and work hard to achieve your goals, desires. Doing so, you are sure to reap in the rewards.

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