Mourning Dove Symbolism: What the Lovers’ Bird Means in Your Life

The Mourning Dove is a symbol of mourning, peace, and hope and has consistently gained people’s attention throughout the years. It was the only bird that appeared to Noah after the flood in search of land. This beautiful bird has been used as a symbol in biblical stories and still holds significance today.

The beauty and sorrow of these doves have captured people’s imaginations for centuries. They’re mentioned in literature, spiritual texts- even cartoons! Mourning Dove sculptures adorn churches all over America, symbolizing their resilience against sadness.

In this article, you’ll discover the spiritual messages of the mourning dove, how it’s appeared in different cultures, and what it means if you dream of this sacred bird.

“Great ideas come into the world as gently as doves.”

– Albert Camus
mourning dove meaning

What do mourning doves symbolize?

What do mourning doves symbolize? The Mourning Dove symbolism varies depending on which culture you look at. For some, the mourning dove meaning has to do with resurrection and a message of hope. Throughout history, these beautiful birds have also been a source of inspiration and joy. They’re also mentioned in literature and depicted by artists all over the world!


The mourning dove is also considered symbolic of love because it’s known as “the friendliest bird” and one who only wants unconditional affection (though they like peanuts). They mate for life, making them hold the symbolic meaning of infinite and unconditional love.


These doves mourn their loved ones’ deaths by keening or crying– hence why some think mourning dove symbolism has to do with death itself. However, this isn’t true mourning–it references the energy called Love, which never dies but transforms into something new.

We all have moments where we feel down, and nothing can help us get out of bed except for making up our mind that we’re going to get up and do something positive. Mourning dove symbolism isn’t about mourning death but rather mourning life because it’s part of the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, which is what all living things are doing on Earth.

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“I say love, and the world populates itself with doves.”

– Pablo Neruda

Connection to the divine

Another symbolic mourning dove meaning is the power of how everything is interconnected. For instance, when a mourning dove flies overhead, it’s believed its wings help create rain because birds were thought to be sacred messengers between humanity and their deities for thousands of years before colonialism began converting people around the globe into Christians.

Before this occurred, there was no separation between religion and spirituality, so all things came from God—including Mother Nature herself! So if she gave birth to creatures like mourning doves, then they must also contain some divinity which is also contained within all things.

What do mourning doves symbolize


The mourning dove, meaning for peace, is also associated with the passage of time. Many believe these creatures are connected to reincarnation because they’re always on the move, constantly searching out new food sources while moving from place to place in search of nesting grounds or better shelter options.

They have a high metabolic rate, so more energy is spent doing what needs to be done every day rather than sitting around all day waiting for prey animals like mice and insects! Mourning doves symbolize this persistence which helps keep things going no matter what difficult situation gets thrown into its path, and with continued efforts, you can achieve what your heart desires.


The mourning dove is also a signifier for completion because it’s said that they mate for life, sticking together until one dies. During this time, only then will the other choose another partner to hatch new eggs and raise more baby mourning doves!

As you can see, there are several different ways people have connected with this bird over thousands of years, making them multi-dimensional creatures who can mean very different things depending on what kind of situation someone finds themselves immersed in at any given moment. They’re considered messengers, after all, even if sometimes we don’t get the message right away!

meaning of dreaming of mourning doves


One last thing mourning doves symbolize is infinity because mourning dove numbers always stay the same year after year even if their species as a whole has been reduced to small population levels.

Mourning doves can be found all over North America, and no matter what happens, they’ll never go completely extinct because of how many other places there are to live at this point, including Hawaii and Caribbean Islands, where they’ve also decided to settle down, stop wandering around for once!

Spirit animal mourning dove

Mourning dove’s spiritual energy

The mourning dove meaning is all about finding beauty within even when there seems like nothing worthwhile left in the world, carrying on through difficult times so that you can come out of it feeling stronger than ever before.

These affectionate animals symbolize loyalty and faithfulness, which means sticking by someone’s side no matter what happens because they’re with you for life after all, whether this kind of dedication might end up being rewarded or not down the line!

on nest

They also represent peace during times of war-making; mourning dove symbolism is an excellent choice if you want special empowerment that will be long-lasting. The dove’s spiritual energy will be here long after we’ve gone as a reminder to keep fighting for our dreams even though life can sometimes feel like it’s against us!

The Mourning dove meaning symbolizes a sign of peace within yourself, allowing you to let go of the past because there’s no benefit in creating negativity which can harm your health if left unchecked for too long! This bird has a strong connection going all the way back through time, so the mourning dove’s dream interpretation shows how far we’ve come and keeps us spiritually connected to our ancestors.

“As the hawk is, won’t to pursue the trembling doves.”

– Ovid

Spirit animal

A spirit animal is a divine presence that you can call upon for guidance, and a totem animal is a special connection you have with a specific animal.

As a spirit animal, the mourning dove represents something anything we try to ignore about ourselves in our daily lives. This bird’s connection to humans is all about being honest with ourselves, so we can take steps towards being better versions of ourselves as needed, even if this comes as a bit of a shock at first!

The mourning dove meaning brings up things from the past which need our attention to move on and be happy again someday. This bird symbolizes freedom because it’s able to fly away whenever its heart desires without ever being tied down or obligated by anything or anyone else along the way.

Totem animal mourning dove

The mourning dove travels around, seemingly lost with no sense of direction. This spirit animal may come to you when you struggle to find direction in your life, reminding you to trust your instinct and that everything happens at its perfect time.

Mourning dove symbolism is about finding a community and social life and working together to make the world better for everyone. These wild birds help you create change that will inspire others along the way so they can follow suit instead of continuing down paths that do not benefit them in the long run.

Totem animal

As a totem, mourning dove symbolism shows that it’s time to let go of the past and move on because you’ll never be able to find happiness otherwise. Mourning doves are also about experiencing good things coming from unexpected places, so they symbolize optimism as well, being able to see beauty in even the darkest or most dismal situations possible since all living creatures have this ability deep down inside!

Mourning dove totem animals represent love like no other sign out there. This is why these birds were often seen together with humans throughout history–they’re believed by many native tribes across North America (and elsewhere) to embody life itself along with having a connection with death.

mourning dove sunset

This isn’t something we can understand right now, but mourning dove qualities show how much stronger we can become through love, so mourning dove symbolism is all about making the most out of every moment in life, no matter what happens.

The Mourning Dove meaning reminds us that it’s never too late to start over again since this bird symbolizes rebirth when you feel like there’s nothing left for you anymore, even though deep down inside, something tells you otherwise! This animal totem shows how much more beautiful things will be once your eyes are open and ready to see everything around you in a new light.

“Those doves below, the ones utterly cared for, never endangered ones, cannot know tenderness.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke

This celebrated bird represents clarity because its heart is pure, which means loving unconditionally without expecting anything back in return (although sometimes good deeds happen to come full circle).

Mourning doves stand for growth and change, especially when it comes to finding love and happiness in unexpected places or situations that bring us down into despair. These totem birds’ symbolism is about making the most out of every single moment we’re given in life, no matter what happens along the way, which means mourning doves show gratitude above all else since this bird symbolizes appreciation for everything you have today!

The mourning dove totem animal shows how much closer we can get to our friends and family by opening up more instead of keeping things bottled inside because people will be able to tell if something’s wrong whether they ask us directly or not, so don’t worry—mourning dove meaning is all about being honest with yourself first before asking anything from anyone else along the way.

mourning dove symbolism in different cultures

The mourning dove symbolism in different cultures around the world

Asian cultures

In ancient Japan, the mourning dove carried a message of peace. The bird was often depicted carrying a sword, symbolizing the end of a war. Regardless of who the champion was, seeing this image was a sign of peace on Earth once again.

In China, The Book of Odes references the mourning dove. Here, not only are these birds symbols of peace, but they are also signs of fidelity. They believed the dove was a positive omen that signified a relationship or marriage would be fulfilling and long-lasting.

Confuzius book of odes

Also, a common dove meaning in China refers to a woman as having ‘dove eyes.‘ A woman who’s labeled this is very wise and intelligent.

Greek culture

The Greeks believed that mourning doves were reincarnations of people who had died; they compared their beautiful songs to human voices singing praise to God!

If you had common dove encounters, it was believed to be an interaction with a loved one who has passed or someone from your ancestry guiding you and bringing you a message. They also associated them with Aphrodite–Goddess of love—and her son Eros because this is when they first start mating for life.


Mourning dove symbolism in the Bible

The mourning dove is mentioned twice in the Bible! The first book of Kings tells us that King Solomon was out hunting when he found a mourning dove nesting, looking for somewhere safe to lay her eggs.

He took pity on them and brought them back to his palace, where they lived happily ever after with their new human father, who would protect them from danger making mourning doves symbolize peace during war.

In Leviticus, God commanded Moses to tell Israelites not to kill mourning doves because it’s considered an abomination which makes sense since these are symbols of love—killing one shows absolute disrespect even if you’re following what someone told you without thinking about how this might affect others around you or the mourning dove symbolism attached to them.

The white-necked doves are messenger birds because they bring messages from one person or thing to another; this includes good news like when Jesus Christ told his disciples he was going back up into the heavenly realm after laying down on death’s doorstep at Lazarus’ feet (John 11:25-27).

This can be compared with other creatures who act similarly, such as carrier pigeons which were used throughout history by militaries everywhere–from World War I battleships being bombed below waterlines during battle to WWII when carrier pigeons were used to bring information back home if a soldier was lost behind enemy lines.

The mourning dove was also said to be Noah’s only friend while he sailed during the great flood (Genesis chapter eight). This shows how important these creatures were for survival in ancient times when they acted as harbingers or indicators that land was near!

While many people think there may not have been any animals left after this massive deluge covering most of the planet–it wasn’t true because some did survive, making their way back towards the dry ground where food could again be found! Other creatures mentioned in history are said to have gone with Noah on his ark- including horses, sheep, and ravens.

Noah and mourning dove


In Christian tradition, according to Genesis 8:8-12, when sent out by Noah on its first voyage following floodwaters had subsided; eventually returning at God’s command with news that they were now able to see beyond just waters expectant terrain ahead – this event soon came to be seen as confirmation there will always exist somewhere safe place upon Earth where humans can go if necessary despite running low hopes!

Mourning dove symbolism in this way became associated with the Holy Spirit sending out the first beams of light to guide people through darkness during difficult times.

The mourning dove also became a spiritual symbol of hope and new beginnings following the story, which was used by Noah to search for dry land after receiving an olive leaf from his animal companion.

This story was also seen as mourning doves themselves being sent by God, who sees what’s happening, brings them back, and tells Noah he doesn’t have to worry about losing his family anymore, making mourning dove symbolism that much more important because it shows just how capable our creator is at keeping all living things safe from harm!

These are powerful messages for children since they can be read right alongside their bibles before bedtime rather than watching animated movies meant for adults, which might not carry so many positive underlying themes or could even cause nightmares instead—thereby ruining their entire altogether!

Native American culture

The Blackfoot tribes have the spiritual beliefs of an open-winged dove. They believe these birds symbolize protection and relief from a bad situation. In battle, they would carry Dove feathers with them as a talisman to help guide them home safely.

Other tribes refer to this bird as “messenger from above,” which reflects how they were seen in early America! Pilgrims saw doves flying overhead while traveling on foot, comparing them to biblical figures such as Noah and his wife or even Jesus himself so mourning dove symbolism became associated with courage during times when life wasn’t easy since these birds would never give up trying no matter what happened—and neither should we!

blackfoot Native Americans
Blackfoot tribe

Celtic culture

In Celtic folklore, doves were celestial messengers of Venus, the Goddess of love. The calming presence of these birds associates them with the phrase ‘Peace of earth.’

Celtic people also considered these peace symbols as soulful and wise and wielded the ability to bring harmony into their lives.

Mourning dove feather meaning

The meaning of dreaming of mourning doves

Doves in dreams normally symbolize the need to look at what you have in your life now and be thankful for it! It can also indicate that someone is waiting for you but doesn’t know how to communicate with them.

Mourning dove dream interpretation isn’t as deep as some other birds because they’re seen more often as symbols of beauty and luck rather than having a strong spiritual value or connection with deities beyond natural forces like wind or sun. They’re reminders not only about being grateful for what we already have but also hope, which comes back on its own when we truly need it, even if everything else seems lost!

These are great things worth remembering no matter where you live because everyone knows bad times as well as good ones, and it’s what you do with those experiences that matter most.

In general, a mourning dove dream can symbolize peace and love. In particular, white doves represent loyalty; simplicity; gentleness with friends or family members– whoever you are dreaming of at that moment. The Holy Spirit may also be blessing your thoughts!

Dreaming of a dead dove is also associated with mourning, a sense of loss or loneliness that can feel overwhelming. You may have lost someone you loved very much, and it doesn’t seem like anything to look forward to anymore!

This kind of dream might suggest mourning for something from your past. It would be worth reflecting on what has been going on lately because this could help move things along rather than being stuck in one place forever. If not, it can cause you even more misery when mourning doves fly right over the head without knowing about all these negative feelings hanging around while crossing your path repeatedly until you decide to take them seriously!

mounring dove on ground

Mourning dove feather meaning

Mourning dove feathers have been used for good luck and blessings since dawn. They’re part of many Native American and Celtic cultures because they believe mourning doves carry a message from the deities themselves, especially after dark when they fly around more often. Hence, their symbolism becomes even stronger at this point.

The mourning dove feather is also associated with love in some cases, which was particularly popular during Victorian times when mourning jewelry made with these feathers became all the rage along with black ribbon or lace.

The color most commonly linked to the feather, meaning white. However, you might see them depicted with brown ones, too; depending on what culture they were found within, white seems common enough among different groups that it’s worth considering whether your dream mourning dove has white feathers or not. White mourning doves are often seen as a sign of purity, peace, and hope for the future, so if this is what you dreamed about, it’s worth pondering why that might be!

mourning dove feather

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What god is associated with mourning doves?

The Greek goddess Aphrodite is often associated with mourning doves. This is because the bird is a symbol of love and affection. In many cultures, mourning doves are seen as messengers of love. They are believed to carry the souls of loved ones who have passed away. For this reason, they are often used in funerals and memorials.

What is the meaning when I see two mourning doves?

When you see two mourning doves together, it is a symbol of eternal love. This is because the mourning dove mate for life. They are known to be very devoted and loving partners. If you see two mourning doves together, it may be a sign that your soulmate is coming into your life.

Mourning dove in house meaning

If a mourning dove visits your home, it is considered to be a sign of good luck. It means that the bird has chosen you as its special friend. This is a very rare and special honor. The mourning dove is known for its loyalty and affection, so this is a great omen for your future.

Why are doves hanging around my house?

There could be many reasons why doves are hanging around your house. It could be that they are attracted to the food you are feeding them, or it could be that they are looking for a safe place to nest. If you have a lot of mourning doves in your yard, it is considered to be a sign of good luck.

What is the mourning dove call meaning?

The mourning dove call is a symbol of hope and new beginnings. The sound of the mourning dove is said to be like the voice of an angel. When you hear the mourning dove call, it may be a sign that your prayers are being answered. The bird is also considered to be a messenger of love and peace.


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  1. I found a Mourning Dove Feather laying beside my “soul dog” of 16+ years the day he was crossing the Rainbow Bridge. He had walked over, sniffed it and laid down. I kept the feather & only figured out it was a Mourning Doves a few days later. That night & the following morning, I could hear a mourning dove cooing. It was odd as it was the middle of December here in Ontario Canada and we don’t typically hear or see them that time of year.


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