Hare Symbolism: What Do Hares Mean Spiritually?

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Hare symbolism

The Hare is a symbol with many meanings. It can represent the feminine, the moon, new beginnings, and change. Hares are also known for their swiftness and agility. They are able to move quickly through difficult terrain and escape predators easily.

Do you know the story of The Hare and the Tortoise? It is a fable about a Hare who brags about how fast he can run and challenges a Tortoise to a race. Of course, the Hare runs off as fast as he can, but when he gets tired and looks back, he sees that the Tortoise has slowly but surely overtaken him.

This story is often used to teach children about the importance of hard work and determination. But what does Hare symbolism mean spiritually?

In this blog post, we will explore the symbolism and meaning of hares in spiritual practice.

“A man who chases two hares catches none.”

– Roman Proverb
Hares symbolize fertility Hare Symbolism: What Do Hares Mean Spiritually?

What do hares symbolize?

Hares symbolize fertility, new beginnings, and change. In some cultures, the Hare is seen as a trickster figure. Hares are also associated with the moon and feminine energy. They are known for their speed, agility, and ability to move through difficult terrain. Hare symbolism can also teach us about hard work and determination.

The hare is a speedy creature, and during the spring they move together in so-called droves. They chase each other around performing amazing feats like leaping high into the air or flipping over onto their back while still being able to box with males trying to get access to female reproductive organs! This behavior gave rise to the term “mad as March Hares.”

mad as March Hares

The Hare and The Tortoise – Fable of Aesop

The Hare and The Tortoise is a popular story that teaches children about the importance of hard work and determination. In this story, the Hare is cocky and confident in his abilities. He challenges the Tortoise to a race and then runs off as fast as he can. But when he gets tired and looks back, he sees that the Tortoise has slowly but surely overtaken him. The Hare learns a valuable lesson about hard work and determination from this experience.

What is the spiritual meaning of a hare?

The spiritual meaning of a hare can vary depending on the culture or tradition you follow. In some traditions, the Hare is seen as a symbol of fertility and new beginnings. In others, the Hare is associated with the moon and feminine energy.

Hares are also known for their speed, agility, and ability to move through difficult terrain. Hare symbolism can also teach us about hard work and determination.

No matter what tradition you follow, Hare symbolism can be a powerful ally on your spiritual journey.

Do you feel called to work with Hare energy? If so, consider adding some Hare-themed items to your sacred space. A few ideas include a statue or figurine of a Hare, candles in the colors of the moon (white, silver, blue), or stones associated with the Hare (lapis lazuli, turquoise, amethyst). You could also add a hare-themed Tarot deck or oracle cards to your collection.

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Believed to bring good fortune to those who provide them with a comfortable home, the hare is considered an animal that helps us easily receive messages from both the heavens and the underworld.

Hares symbolize Humility

Along with its trait of putting its paws in a prayer-like position each time it washes its face, this furry creature would skip into our lives to remind us of the importance of listening to and heeding these wonderful symbolisms.

  • Humility
  • Awareness
  • Being watchful
  • Grabbing opportunities

Humility: Staying grounded

Known for burrowing holes to keep out of sight from hungry predators, hares dig tunnels and combine these with those of others to create an intricate underground space where they can safely live and nest.

Apart from building a hidden structure that naturally protects them from the varying elements, the ground consists of a range of bacteria and viruses that make these playful animals happier and resistant to illnesses.

This serves as our reminder about the importance of staying humble regardless of our achievements and success. The hare would often bounce into our life to tell us that embracing an attitude of humility sets us free from longing for some degree of power or importance. Not only does this spirit animal teach us to value our skills and talents, but it also inspires us to always see the good in others.

Awareness: All ears

Instinctively fearful and shy, hares own the extraordinary ability to rotate their ears 180 degrees to identify the location from where a sound is coming from. While they hide their ears back and flat to their bodies when they are scared out of their wits, their ears stick up and swivel to know when it’s time for them to drop everything and hide.

Such a trait urges us to be more aware of our surroundings and to be mindful of the risks and dangers that lie within. The hare inspires us to be good listeners for it communicates respect and interest to others. Apart from giving us the ability to feel the emotional and spiritual needs of our peers, these gentle creatures help us gain others’ trust and eventually create lasting relationships.

hare in grass

Being watchful: All eyes

With eyes strategically placed on the side of their heads, hares can see a 360-degree view of their surroundings. While they can’t see directly in front, having even just a slight vision of what’s taking place at their backs alerts them of any approaching predator which gives these curious creatures enough time to hop away to safety.

The hare’s presence indicates our need to keep our eyes open not just for threats, but also for opportunities that may come our way. They are often regarded as a symbol of abundance for they enable us to see the many favorable circumstances that abound, as well as the capacity to jump from one great opportunity to the next.

Whether they keep us alert to the risks that are all around or help in giving us a clearer sight of our goals and aspirations, hares provide us with a more content heart and mind.

Grabbing opportunities: Leap of faith

Admired for their unique and adorable ability to jump and twist when they are happy, hares can jump as high as four feet, particularly when they are sufficiently determined. Equipped with long and strong hind legs, they make use of these to leap forward to great distances, to show that they are comfortable and properly nourished, as well as a way for the male to find out if courtship is going well or astray.

While their tiny hops may only seem like a means for them to move from one spot to the next, they signify our need to keep our eyes open for opportunities and to leap great distances to achieve them.

hare big leaps

By encouraging us to believe that we are capable of going beyond our boundaries, the rabbit springs into our life to give us the strength to be more open to change and see it as an opportunity to grow and lead a happier, more peaceful life.

“A hare is not caught with a drum.”

— Jean de La Fontaine

Spirit animal

While they may seem vulnerable to predators each time they sit and eat in the open, these typically apprehensive creatures would first ensure the safety of their surroundings before they put their defenses down and dig into dinner. However, they also own the ability to scurry into their exit path at the slightest sign of danger, making use of a zigzag running pattern to confuse a potential predator. Several traditions see this as a way for the hare spirit animal to remind us to be more spontaneous and less predictable.

They come into our lives to tell us that while there is nothing wrong with following a routine, doing so restricts our ability to grow and thus, opens us to certain personal and spiritual development risks.

Apart from inspiring us to take advantage of our unique skills and talents to promote growth, the hare urges us to look at things from a different perspective when faced with challenges that we have already dealt with in the past.

While taking on hardships head-on is often the fastest way towards a solution, these curious creatures teach us to sometimes take a twisting path for it almost always yields the best results.

Hare animal totem

Highly esteemed for their ability to run at speeds of up to 48 mph, the hare totem urges us to breeze through things as we see fit. Although going too fast opens us to lapses and missteps, it leaves us invaluable lessons that help us become stronger as we go through the more trying times of life.

Since the rush of adrenaline can also boost our awareness, this high-spirited critter encourages us to make use of our quick wit and vision to enhance our problem-solving skills.

hare going through life

As the hare’s apprehensive nature freezes them in place to camouflage themselves from threats, they remind us of our need to break free from being unappreciated by those whom we hold dear.

While its delightful little cotton tail helps the hare escape from a hungry predator, it signifies how we are capable of using our innate skills and talents to overcome our challenges. Their unconventional means of running away from trouble indicates our ability to tap into our creativity as it may result in a life of happiness, good fortune, and prosperity. 

The hare people are ambitious, fit for fitness enthusiasts with their healthy diet needs; but also linked to vanity by some who believe they should be more selfish than others in nature? The animal has been seen as a jokester since time immemorial which may explain why people think this about them today too!

“We live in culture full of hares; but the tortoise always wins.”

– Dave Ramsay

What does it mean to dream of hares?

Hares are generally considered to be symbols of good luck, so dreaming of hares may indicate that the dreamer is about to have a period of good fortune. Alternatively, the hare may represent some aspect of the dreamer’s personality that they consider to be lucky or advantageous.

Hare dreams may also suggest that the dreamer needs to take more risks in order to achieve their goals. Finally, hares are often associated with fertility and new beginnings, so a hare dream may represent something new that is about to come into the dreamer’s life. Whatever the case, it is always best to consult with a professional Dream Interpretation expert to get the most accurate meaning for your particular dream.

dreaming of hares

Others say that dreaming of a hare means you need to be careful around bad women. These creatures can’t help their adventurous nature, and will lie about anything for the sake of entertainment or validation from others – which makes them very susceptible people in general! If you find yourself in a relationship with someone like this, it’s best to be on your toes and not take anything they say at face value. Hare symbolism also teaches us that these creatures are very fertile – so if you’re hoping to start a family soon, this could be a good sign!

Hare symbolism in other cultures

The Hare is a sacred animal to many indigenous cultures all around the world. In Native American culture, the Hare is considered to be a trickster spirit, similar to Coyote energy. Hares are known for their ability to outwit their predators and escape danger quickly. They are also very crafty animals who are not afraid to take risks.

Native American culture

The Native Americans see the hares as a symbol of sexual potency and fertility. This is likely because of the creature’s high reproductive rate – a female hare can have up to six litters of babies in a single year!

Celtic culture

In Celtic mythology, the Hare is associated with the moon goddess, Aine. Hares were also said to be able to transform into human form and back again. This ability made them both revered and feared by humans. The Celts believed that hares brought good luck and were often seen as symbols of fertility.

the moon goddess, Aine
the moon goddess, Aine

For the Celts, the otherworld is a place where hares live, and they are often associated with it. In one legend Oisin the famous warrior-poet slew his prey when he wounded an injured hare in its leg while hunting for food to sustain him during battle time.

After following the trail of blood that led into thickets away from any human settlement or crops – which were not yet grown at this point so there would be no harvest come year’s end-the man came across what looked like some kind o’ palace in the middle of nowhere.

Chinese culture

The Hare also plays a prominent role in Chinese culture, where it is one of the twelve animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac. People born under this sign are said to be hardworking, ambitious, and quick-witted.

Chinese mythology depicts Hare also with a mortar and pestle mixing the elixir of immortality.

The Hare symbolism in Christian culture

In Christian culture, the Hare is often seen as a symbol of lust and sinful desires. This is likely because of the creature’s high reproductive rate and its association with fertility.

Hare symbolism in art

Hares have been popular subjects in the art for centuries. They have been depicted in everything from paintings and sculptures to pottery and tapestries. Many famous artists, such as Albrecht Dürer and Peter Paul Rubens, have included hares in their work.


Widely adored for their twitchy noses, long ears, and fluffy tails, these naturally shy creatures show that they offer a lot more than simply being a spirit animals of friendship and charm. While many of us probably see the hare as a harmless, fluffy critter that runs on cute, the powerful hare symbolism helps make going through life’s demands and disputes simple, uncomplicated, and smooth.

The hare symbolism teaches us to be more spontaneous, creative, and aware. They also remind us of the importance of taking risks, being careful around bad people, and staying fertile. If you see a hare in your dream, pay attention to what it is doing and how you feel about it. This will give you clues as to what the dream may mean for you specifically.

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