Egret Symbolism: The Powerful Message of the Egret – A Symbol of Grace and Purity

Known for their familiar looping neck that resembles the letter S, egrets can be widely found in the Americas, as well as much of the world. Often found in bodies of water and wetlands, these long-legged birds would walk slowly or patiently stand still for long periods to snare prey that comes within the range of their equally long necks and strong, sharp bills. They are part of the group of birds called waders or wading birds.

Such a trait has made these relatively tall creatures a symbol of being at peace, calmness, uniqueness, and balance. Territorial and are recognized to be quite aggressive, let’s find out what an egret’s presence can bring into our lives.

“The egrets lifting out of the march carrying the light on their backs.”

Sue Monk Kidd

Great Egret Symbolism

While most of us would probably mistake the great egret for a crane (check also our post about the symbolism of the crane) (or sometimes even with a heron as well: heron spiritual meaning), these two towering birds are entirely different in terms of a number of features as well as their symbolic characteristics.

Regarded as a figure of great compatibility, the great egret is an indication that you have completed the tasks that were given before you and that a more prosperous time is drawing near or has already arrived. For those who have found themselves struggling recently, it could mean that your days of difficulties have passed and that a new and better journey is at hand.

egret transparent

A dazzling sight that frequents many North American wetlands, these large birds with impressive wingspans symbolize that a time for change has come, bringing with it teachings of peace, respect, stability, and harmony.

Although they were nearly hunted to extinction for their plumes in the latter part of the nineteenth century, these amazingly graceful birds delicately come into your life to provide you with grace, awareness, simplicity, and tact as they guide you toward the path of the greater good.

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Egret Spirit Animal

Using their long legs with strong webbed feet, the egret as a spirit animal comes to those who are doubtful or uncertain of the current phase of their life. Since being indecisive can leave you feeling hesitant and insecure, the egret would often fly in to serve as a reminder that you are never alone and that the people most dear to you will be the ones to provide you with excellent spiritual support.

Not only does the egret spirit animal guide you through such uncertainties with ease, but it can also directly show you which family or friends you can always lean on.

egret in jungle

While there may be times when the egret would test how responsible and resourceful you indeed are, you should face every situation, regardless of how difficult, as an opportunity for growth even when conditions are not assured, are uncomfortable, and uncertain.

Notorious for showing great aggressiveness, particularly when protecting their eggs, this amazing spirit animal offers help when you feel that you are beginning to lose focus on your family and your duties at home.

Providing you with ways to consider that will allow you to properly rearrange your priorities, the egret can help you create a scared space that is warm, welcoming, and safe.

Much like when it hunts, the egret swoops in and teaches you how to be watchful and to stand quietly until the perfect timing reveals itself. Arriving in your presence to help restore the calmness of your soul, this spirit animal can help eliminate your restlessness, improve efficiency, develop awareness, and elevate your senses.

Totem Animal

Regarded as perhaps the most refined and gentle animals you will ever meet, the egret totem animal inspires you to be more self-reliant. While it does not necessarily mean that you drive yourself into a secluded life, the mild persistence of those who have the egret as their totem animal makes them dependable communicators and trusted problem solvers.

Since finding excellent alternatives is regarded as one of your instinctive skills, you always seem to find ways to succeed even when Plans A, B, and C do not instantly work.

egret with frog

Not one to worry about the latest trends that come along, this awesome totem animal gives you the courage to explore various ideas, careers, hobbies, and lifestyles that suit you best and provide you with the utmost comfort. The egret grants you the capacity to multitask, maintain your poise, and never lose your sense of proper balance even when faced with somewhat insurmountable odds.

Egret Totem Animal

The egret in different cultures

People have been fascinated by great eagles for centuries because they are so rare, but also because their beauty is unmatched by any other bird in the world.

Egret symbolism Christianity

When it comes to symbols of faith, birds will always have a special interpretation, particularly in several Christian views. Associated with good fortune and long life, the egret symbolism serves as a guide towards being grateful and contentment over what one has been blessed with in life.

Egret in water

Since Christianity is centered on being diligent and patient to earn blessings, this remarkable creature is seen by the Christian community as the most satisfied and content bird, making it the perfect inspiration for the numerous teachings of faith and hard work.

Focusing on being at peace with yourself, tradition suggests that the egret could be a representation of Jesus Christ himself for as the bird at times preys on water eels and snakes, so does Jesus who aims to rid the world of all of the evil one’s symbols.

An illustration of self-reflection and appreciation of one’s countless blessings, the bird’s image indicates that being calm and staying balanced provides you with the wisdom to reach a level of spirituality where you are one and at peace with our creator.

Native American symbolism

The great egret is a symbol of great power and elegance. In Native American culture, the great egret was thought to be a messenger from the spirit world. This bird was considered to be sacred because it represents grace, beauty, and purity. Great eagles are also associated with spiritual transformation and healing.

The egret is also a symbol of patience and good luck for many Native Americans. This belief takes root on the Northwest Coast, where people believe that if you spot this majestic bird it means your fishing trip will be successful!

Native American egret

Celtic symbolism

The great egret is also a symbol of great power and elegance. In Celtic culture, the great egret was thought to be a messenger from the spirit world. This bird was considered to be sacred because it represents grace, beauty, and purity.

The heron and the egret are well-known in the Celtic traditions for their autonomy, persistence, and longevity. They stand for these qualities because they can live on land or water without being preyed upon by other animals; this makes them peaceful towards others while always remaining poised to fight if need be with a calm attitude that never raises its voice against aggression.

celtic cross

The meaning of seeing an egret

When you come across an egret in the wild, what does it mean? What could it be trying to tell you?

When you see an egret, it may be a sign that you need to pay attention to your own elegance and power. This bird is a messenger of the spirit world, so if you see one, the spirits are likely trying to communicate with you in some way.

egrat cought fish

Egrets can also symbolize patience and good luck, so keep your eyes open for these signs if you’re looking for guidance in your life.

The heron is a messenger from the spirit world and this may be an indication that you need to take some time for yourself. The message could also mean there’s something important on your mind, so think about what it means before moving forward!

Very skillful: little egret fishing

Egret In dreams

While seeing an egret on the banks of a lake could be both rare and majestic, a visit from this incredible bird in your dreams is an invitation for us to make a journey towards better self-awareness. It may be a reminder for us to learn about the importance of keeping still and being mindful of our surroundings and maybe tell us that a period of exploring and healing emotions is at hand.

egret in flight

As an egret flies into your dream, it could be prompting you to look at yourself and see if your choices have caused you to go against your principles in exchange for material gains. As the bird makes known its presence, it makes us remember how being patient is a virtue and that postponing immediate opportunities to preserve one’s ideals, morals, and ethics will always trump a lofty but unfair arrangement.

egret dream


An egret swoops into our lives to indicate the need to slow down, nurture each of our gifts, and learn how to embrace our own flaws and uniqueness. While it may not sound much at first, once you’ve learned to completely love and trust yourself, it will be a lot easier to reach out and spread the egret’s message in both wet and dry land.

In case you’re interested, we also compared the egret vs crane.

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