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Wind Breakers: Butterfly with Broken Wing Symbolism

Featuring wings of vibrant patterns and colors, butterflies are some of the most attractive creatures in nature. Able to soar by flapping their flyers at a more relaxed 10 wingbeats per second, many traditions see them as figures of beauty, serenity, and transformation.

So, what does it mean when we see a butterfly whose wings are damaged, crippled, or injured? The butterfly is often associated with hope, joy, and new beginnings, now let’s flutter into the butterfly with broken wing symbolism.

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While it may not always be a welcome sight, a butterfly striving to lift itself despite its broken wing reminds us how we too should be resilient. As the butterfly seems to be going through such a discouraging situation, it teaches us to cope and adapt to new and frightening situations.

An indication that we can bounce back from both minor and serious setbacks, butterflies with broken wings inspire us to overcome life’s challenges, from the most common work-related stress to our personal tragedies.



Admired for their ability to go on with life even with a broken wing, their appearance reminds us to keep going on with life even when it gets challenging. Apart from helping us feel better during tough times, they appear to inspire us to make the most dreadful and disappointing situations work out.

As anxiety easily creeps in when we worry about unfavorable things that might happen in the future, the image of an injured butterfly brings about positive thoughts and images of tomorrow, which naturally lower stress and raise levels of self-esteem and self-worth.

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Although a broken wing may bring a period of struggle and anxiety to a butterfly, its damaged state doesn’t stop it from trying to soar again. It gives us the courage to keep going regardless of setbacks.

Although weakened, the butterfly teaches us to eliminate our fears and gives us the spirit to try new things. An image that greatly improves how we manage our emotions, they help us be more creative and resourceful.

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Sporting wings made up of tiny scales, butterfly wings are relatively powerful yet extremely delicate. While their wings’ fragility easily exposes them to severe damage, it symbolizes our ability to flutter past our sufferings and distressing experiences.

Highly revered as symbols of hope and renewal, butterflies with broken wings remind us that we are capable of emerging from our hardships as better, more admirable individuals. Not only does it make us a positive inspiration to others, but it also gives us the courage to get over life’s rejections, pain, and despair.



As we often see them cheerfully fluttering in open fields, meadows, and gardens, seeing a butterfly with broken wings is seen as a sign that a period of uncertainty is about to take place. It reminds us how our lives can easily shift from being carefree and full of beauty to a life of struggles and difficulties.

However, such a heartbreaking image often appears as motivation for us to rise from life’s countless pitfalls and threats.

A butterfly with a broken wing tells us that although adversity, distress, and sorrow will naturally occur, we are all capable of adapting to life-changing events, coping with the most trying times, and snapping out of our tragedies and hardships.

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Recognized as perhaps the most popular symbol of change and transformation, the butterfly is often associated with beauty and renewal. As we may have all experienced a period of heartache and struggle in the past, a butterfly with a broken wing gives us the strength to never give up.

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