Purple Butterfly Meaning: What Does a Purple Butterfly Symbolize? 

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Purple Butterfly Meaning

Purple Butterfly Meaning: Why They Really Are Crown Jewels?

Admired by many for their natural elegance and beauty, butterflies play a critical role in pollinating plants, flowers, and even veggies. A revered image of royalty, enthusiasm, and desire, these helpful and welcoming flyers provide us with a range of symbolism that help make our lives peaceful and undemanding.

From ensuring the health of the environment to the numerous meaningful messages they represent, let’s find out what the appearance of a purple butterfly means.

What does a purple butterfly symbolize? This is a question that many people ask, and the answer may surprise you. Purple butterflies are often seen as symbols of transformation because they can go from being caterpillars to beautiful butterflies in such a short time. Purple butterflies can also represent a change in other ways, such as a change in perspective or a change in fortune.

“Nature’s message was always there for us to see. It was written on the wings of butterflies. ”

-Kjell B. Sandved, Norwegian author
Purple Butterfly spiritual Meaning

The butterfly symbolism: what does a butterfly represent?

Butterflies are known for the amazing physical transformation they go through before becoming attractive head-turners. The butterfly symbolism stands for the many life changes we undergo and our capacity to welcome, honor, and embrace them.

Often seen fluttering around in our yards, their presence tells us to identify the negative aspects of our lives. They also inspire us to brave a period of personal and spiritual transformation.

Emerging from an unattractive cocoon into a stunning insect, they remind us of how we can rise from hardships and come out as individuals with charm and beauty.

butterfly royal color purple

The royal color purple meaning

Considered a shade that stands out from the others, the color purple offers a unique glow that typically stands for luxury and power.

Acknowledged for evoking a soothing feeling, it features the serenity of blue and the ferociousness of red, creating a color that indicates prominence, individuality, and wisdom.

A rare color that is abundant in nature, flowers with this delicate hue remind us how we are capable of creating joy and harmony for others. It also indicates a sense of strong self-awareness.

Difficult and expensive to produce in the past, its exclusivity for the royals easily made it into a color that symbolizes prosperity, nobility, and abundance.

Spiritual meaning of the purple butterfly: Top 10 meanings

Perceived to bring about several meaningful symbolisms, the purple color has long been associated with creativity, spirituality, and wisdom. Favored by some for increasing their sense of tranquility and relaxation, here’s what seeing a purple butterfly spiritually means.


Unfolding from a menacing crawler into a gorgeous flyer, the purple butterfly indicates our ability to get the better of life’s challenges, coming out as the best versions of ourselves.

butterfly transformation
Butterfly transformation


Hardships are a part of life. These graceful creatures inspire us to remain hopeful and give us the courage to bounce back from life’s constant ups and downs.


Floating to a variety of flowers in a day, purple butterflies teach us the value of being able to express our thoughts and feelings without interference.


Butterflies wait for as long as three weeks to complete their metamorphosis. This reminds us of the importance of determination for it gives us the courage to power through our failures and to reach for our goals.


While many of us find life changes to be demanding, these purple flyers provide us the spiritual strength to welcome periods of transition and renewal with eagerness and passion.


Often found in our gardens fluttering in the warmth of spring, purple butterflies teach us how we should go about our lives with cheerful and comforting hearts.


Recognized as a sign of good fortune, the presence of a purple butterfly empowers us to lead productive and meaningful lives. It also strengthens us to go after the opportunities we desire.


Generally accompanied by a variety of colors, purple butterflies encourage us to be pleasant inside-out. Not only does it make us delightful to look at but it also helps keep countless spiritual distractions out.

The soul

Revered in many traditions to represent our souls, their appearance in our home is gladly received for they are believed to be the presence of deceased loved ones.

Spiritual Journey

Transforming from terrifying crawlers to dazzling winged creatures, they remind us of our struggles and the hope that we achieve the highest levels of personal and spiritual growth.

purple butterfly in different cultures

The meaning of the purple butterfly in different cultures

Throughout history, the butterfly has been revered as perhaps the most flawless image of change and transformation. A subject of legends and folklore in some of the most prominent beliefs and traditions, here’s how they see the purple butterfly in various cultures.

Native Americans

The purple butterfly was a respected creature that was trusted to carry our dreams and wishes. Certain Native American tribes have long believed that a purple butterfly could carry our prayers to the Great Spirit. According to tradition, catching a butterfly of this color without inflicting any harm on it enables us to whisper our desires to it. It then carries them to the heavens as a way to show its gratitude for its freedom.

Celtic culture

The Celts held purple butterflies in high regard for they were seen to represent the souls of their ancestors and departed loved ones. Known for their ability to transcend between our world and the heavens, they are perceived to carry the souls of the deceased and messages from the Divine.

Ancient Greece and Rome

Since most butterflies would only mate once before they expire, Romans saw them as an indication of a happy and productive marriage. The purple butterfly is highly associated with the goddess Psyche whose name translates to the Greek word “soul.” It has long been trusted to help the souls of dead kings and queens travel from our world to the spiritual realm.

Egyptian culture

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and resurrection. The image is prevalent in Egyptian cultures, which believe that humans have an immortal soul or spirit capable of animation after death; they also see butterflies as symbols for this life’s journey to another world where souls live on forever.

butterfly-egyptian culture

In China

The Purple Butterfly is a popular symbol in Chinese culture. It’s said to be the reincarnation of a young woman who was so beautiful that she caught the eye of the emperor. She was then forced to become his concubine and live in his palace. The young woman was very unhappy and missed her family terribly.

She would often cry and wish she could return to them. One day, she saw a Purple Crow Butterfly flying near her window and it gave her the strength to take her own life. When she died, she was reincarnated as a Purple Butterfly. To this day the butterfly is a symbol of longevity, summer, love, and happiness in China.

What does it mean when a purple butterfly lands on you?

While butterflies are generally affectionate and friendly, the chances of seeing one landing on you are highly unlikely. However, they would come in contact with us at times to communicate or bring forth a significant spiritual message.

With a life that spans only two weeks, they swoop down to remind us how short life is and that we should take advantage of its wonderful opportunities.

Respected for having a close connection with the Divine, the purple butterfly landing on you signifies that our spirit guides keep us under their watchful and protective eyes.

What does it mean to dream of a purple butterfly?

If you dream of a purple butterfly, it is said to symbolize transformation and change. This can be in regard to your personal life, or it may be a sign that something big is about to happen in the world around you. Purple butterflies are also often seen as symbols of hope and new beginnings. 

So if you have been through a tough time recently, this dream may be a sign that better things are on the horizon. 

purple butterfly tattoo

What does a purple butterfly tattoo mean?

A purple butterfly tattoo can mean a variety of things, depending on the person’s individual interpretation. Purple is often associated with royalty, so a purple butterfly tattoo could symbolize power, luxury, and wealth. Purple is also associated with wisdom and intuition, so this tattoo could also represent those qualities.

Finally, because butterflies are often seen as symbols of transformation, a purple butterfly tattoo could represent change or new beginnings. Ultimately, the meaning of a purple butterfly tattoo is up to the individual.


Honored as messengers and guardians from a higher realm, many of us see the purple butterfly as more than just any other flying creature. Often appearing at times when we need guidance and support, its presence inspires us not just to fly, but to soar.

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What does a purple butterfly mean on a baby crib?

The purple butterfly stickers attached to the baby’s hospital cots are a symbol of lost lives. These beautiful insects represent siblings who did not survive their first few days in this world, and it can be difficult for parents whose babies were part of multiple pregnancies that ended sadly- especially when you see them coming into the world with so much purpose only find out later on how wrong everything would turn out. Read more here.

What color butterfly means death?

In many cultures, the color black is associated with death and mourning. So a black butterfly could symbolize the death of a loved one, or it could represent the end of something. Black butterflies are also often seen as symbols of transformation, so this tattoo could represent change or new beginnings. Ultimately, the meaning of a black butterfly is up to the individual.

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