4 Steps To Find Your Spirit Animal

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steps to find spirit animal

Have you ever been an ‘animal person?’ Someone who seemed to be naturally attracted to a specific breed. One that does not sense any danger from you and seems to do just fine around your presence? It could even be a species that you resonate with innately and consider to be your favorite. 

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, guess what? You may have a spirit animal! What is your spirit animal? It’s the creature that reflects your personality and character. Finding your spirit animal is a fun way to understand yourself better, but it can also be difficult.

Taking various forms from Native American folklore, spirit animals are here to guide and help you. They connect you to your spirit guides from other realms. Such a lovely thought! The idea of animal spirit guides supporting you on your journey on Earth. Plus, your spirit animal reflects your inner qualities and offers a sense of assurance. 

As you walk on the road to discovering your spirituality, you may recognize one animal or breed that you are more connected to than others. In this blog post, I will walk you through how to find out what type of animal best represents you so that you can have some peace of mind!

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How To Find Your Spirit Animal 

Once you do find your spirit animal, you can learn to nurture your relationship with your spirit guides, connecting with higher vibrations to gain insightful meaning into your life. The relationship with a spirit animal is one that is truly cherished and filled with unconditional love and support – so if you are wondering if your spirit animal is a bird or a cat, read on!

Remember that there are multiple different ways to understand what your spirit animal is, and no one way is the right way. You might find that meditation and spending time in nature allows you to connect with your guides, as opposed to meditation alone. In every situation, lean into where your intuition is guiding you and you will discover the right steps to connecting with spirit animal(s). 

Once you do find your spirit animal, you can start attuning to it. Spirit animals are here to teach us a significant deal about ourselves. 

1. You cannot choose your spirit animal 

This is the first, most important fact that seekers need to keep in mind when attempting to recognize their spirit animal. A spirit animal is not something that you choose. Rather, it chooses you! 

Your spirit animal might choose to meet you in the dreamscape or visit you as you leave for work in the morning. How your spirit animal chooses to show itself to you is entirely up to it. You might see a series of images on a regular basis, or have recurrent dreams of a specific animal. Remember to accept your sign however you receive, with gratitude. 

It might take a little time for you to adjust to your spirit animal, but learn to be patient and accepting of however they come. When your spirit animal does arrive, it is going to be teaching you a lot of important lessons that could help you clear out any negative energies or blockages in your waking life. 

If your spirit animal is a wild or endangered species, there could be little or no opportunity to meet it. But if you’re drawn enough, you will find ways to visit animal sanctuaries or enclosures in search of this spiritual connection. 

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2. Maintain a dream journal 

The role of dreams in waking life is something that is universally recognized if not scientifically proven yet. Therefore, your spirit animal might use the dreamscape to visit you and give you important messages. An example of this could be a tiger standing in front of Angel number 333

A better way to make note of these visits is to maintain a dream journal where you can quickly pen the specifics of your dream after you wake. If these dreams are recurring, it will allow you to form a pattern in recognizing which specific animal is your spirit guide in disguise. 

Animals are dreamt about. They represent a wide range of meanings – from guidance to knowledge of a person’s life events, to emotions and feelings that have not yet been realized by the dreamer. 

3. Meditate and go within

If this is something you have already tried and failed, we are here to tell you not to give up just yet! Meditation is a practice that takes dedication, sincerity, and effort. One can use visualization techniques coupled with breathing to take that “journey inwards.” And you might just be surprised at what all you find that you are capable of when you look within! 

Setting an intention for yourself before you begin your meditation can allow you to start recognizing and becoming more receptive to spirit animal energy. They might even show up as intuitive messages and symbols. 

Given that meditation allows you to enter an altered state of mind, this is a practice that can be easily employed to find your spirit animal just like that sea turtle in your dream last week. 

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4. Think of Animals You Have Been Drawn To 

There might have been circumstances in your life, where you interacted with animals and now fondly remember the encounter years later. Or maybe you have just been drawn to petting every street dog in your neighborhood. In either case, spend time thinking about the animals that have left a significant impact on you. They could be pets, strays, or wild animals. 

Most of the time, you will find that you are drawn to specific animals over others. Or maybe just a specific animal that pops up in your head. In either case, it can help to write down any significant connections you have with animals. 

As you journal, try to remember the circumstances in which you interacted with the animal, what are the possible lessons that it could be trying to tell you? Doing this regularly for as many animals as you can think of and returning to the notes a couple of days later can help you recognize the animal (and animal spirit) you most resonate with. 

Once you have connected with your spirit animal, spend time internally reflecting on their quiet thoughts and messages. Connect the messages you are receiving with the specific situations in your waking life. And if you do find meaning, clarity, and guidance – you can thank your spirit guides! 

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So whether you’re looking for a little bit of direction, or an excuse to explore your inner wild side, finding out what animal spirit suits you best is the perfect first step. The four steps outlined in this blog post will help guide you on your journey towards self-discovery and understanding. We hope that our guidance has been helpful! If not, feel free to send us a message through social media or email so we can offer some more personalized assistance with locating your spiritual animal match. In the meantime, keep exploring and have fun learning about yourself – it’s never too late to start living life as if every day were full of adventure!

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