The Best Jewelry for Spiritual Defense and How It Can Protect You

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Spiritual Protection Jewelry

Unfortunately, we all inevitably encounter our share of misfortunes in life. Luckily, history has proven that there are ways we can protect ourselves from the negative and harmful energies that surround us.

Do you ever feel like you need a little extra protection in your life? If so, you’re not alone. Many people believe in the power of spiritual protection symbols to keep them safe and shielded from harm. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to spiritual protection, there are a number of symbols that have been used for centuries to offer defense and ward off negative energy.

For many, a piece of spiritual protection jewelry that you can wear every day is considered the best way to shield yourself from adversity and evil. Below is a list of the most powerful spiritual protection jewelry you can get. Each is highly recognized in the spiritual realm and has been proven to have shielded many from negative energy.

Hamsa Jewelry

While the Hamsa is known for its many spiritual meanings, the one that sticks out the most is its ability to protect us from other people’s malice, ill will, and bad intentions. Apart from repelling negativity, this ancient symbol is trusted to bring in positive energy and invite good fortune.

Unquestionably an attractive accessory you can wear to compliment your outfit, this gorgeous Tourmaline Hamsa pair of earrings is also an effective tool to help you get in touch with your inner self better. A piece of gorgeous spiritual jewelry that people wear to block off any negative thoughts, it is our jewelry of choice when everything seems to be going wrong.

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Evil Eye Jewelry

Perhaps the most polarizing of the treasures in this list, the evil eye is meant to keep us safe and protected from danger, disagreements, and other malicious intents. Although it is believed to put a curse on someone to bring them unfavorable luck and misfortune, sporting it as jewelry helps protect the wearer from those who wish to cast the evil eye’s scourge upon them.

As more and more people are naturally drawn to this symbol, people wear this to help them feel more in tune with their energies. This Aquamarine Evil Eye bracelet serves as a reminder to rid ourselves of excess stress. Read more about the impact of chakra bracelets.

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Chakra Jewelry

Described as the centers of energy in our body from which our life force flows, chakras are thought to be wheels within our body that work in harmony with our nerves and organs. Since our energy must be allowed to stream freely, our emotional and physical well-being is affected when one of our chakras stagnates or gets blocked.

While some go through their days with less trouble, many of us experience the constant ups and downs of life. As this Chakra-Balancing Bracelets Set gives us the power to take control of our physical well-being and spiritual health, getting one is one of the best things you can do for yourself (see also rituals for chakra cleansing or the chakra symbols explained).

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Hematite Jewelry

When things seem to be out of place and you feel that your faith has been shaken, hematite is the ideal protective stone to pull things back into order. Apart from helping us let go of the stress and worries that hamper our growth, it also protects us from the negative energy that threatens our calmness and stability.

Although it is easy to say that we all learn to manage our worries as we go up in age, donning this treasure has been proven to protect us in various situations. Whether at home or at work, while driving, or enduring the grocery’s long check-out line, wearing this Hematite Gemstone Oval Statement ring will keep you grounded, worry-free, and balanced.

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Eye of Providence Jewelry

Ever wonder why eyes have had such a strong symbolic significance in different cultures throughout history? Commonly referred to as the All-Seeing Eye, the Eye of Providence is a well-known symbol used for centuries in various religious and practical situations. It shot into popularity during the Renaissance period, and it is typically illustrated as a single eye within a triangle emitting a burst of light.

While little is known about how the healing and protective powers of the Eye of Providence work, donning it as jewelry in times of uncertainty unlocks its true potential. Known to have once been used by knights for protection during battles and to heal them faster when they get injured, getting this gold-plated amulet allows that eye to find ways to serve you and me.

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Beryl Stones Jewelry

The beryl stone is known to intensify the connection between our physical and spiritual selves. Many have worn it for its ability to boost our personal growth and development. Believed to keep its bearer from demons and evil spirits in ancient times, it is held in many traditions as a gem of divine spiritual protection jewelry and guidance.

Available in various colors, beryl stones offer an array of symbolism, including abundance, excellent health, and prosperity. They were once worn by seafarers to ensure safe travels and were perceived to provide a shield against negative influences. This attractive Beryl Stone necklace offers high levels of spiritual security in a world of malice and adversity.

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Tourmaline Gems Jewelry

How would you like to step out feeling entirely safe in spirit, body, and mind? Recognized as one of the most powerful protection stones, tourmaline has been used by many for its ability to keep negative vibrations and toxic energy at bay. Strongly connected to our body’s center of stability, most people use it to help keep them safe and steady as they go through their day.

Tourmaline serves as a protective barrier that shields us from threats that upset our positive spirit. Our forefathers used the various colors of tourmaline to keep them feeling secure and grounded as they traveled across the ancient world. Intricately placed in different types of jewelry, this eye-catching Tourmaline Luck Blessing bracelet easily adds to your beauty and charm, all while keeping you spiritually guarded when you wear it.

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Dreamcatcher Jewelry

Once used by Native Americans to adorn a child’s bedroom window, dreamcatchers were specifically crafted to protect us from bad dreams and harmful thoughts as we sleep. Looking much like a spider’s web, it was meant to trap nightmares and allow only positive visions to pass through and reach our consciousness.

Today, dreamcatchers are not considered exclusively for sleep protection. At best, wearing them as jewelry helps protect us from all sorts of evil, not just from nightmares and negative perspectives. Grabbing a pair of these Silver Dreamcatcher Dangle Tear Drop earrings also serves as a reminder to embrace and be more in tune with ourselves.

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Sun Necklace Jewelry

The sun is widely recognized as a powerful symbol of energy, positivity, and brightness. Ancient Egyptians believed that wearing an image of the sun as jewelry allowed them to harness its ability to bring forth life and ensure life after death. Also, the Romans wore stones carved in the image of the sun to protect them from falling into depression, bad thoughts, and evil intent.

As more people get into the idea of putting a sun necklace on, many would attest that it has helped them feel warmer, brighter, and more vigorous. Purchasing this large yet minimalist Sunbeam Necklace, it will help you capture the energy and spiritual radiance of the sun. An ideal piece to wear when you are feeling down, this is what you want on you to help get rid of the darkness of a stressful situation.

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Compass Jewelry

Much like the North Star, the compass was initially created to guide travelers on their journey. However, while our ancestors looked to the stars to provide them with a sense of direction, using the compass as spiritual protection jewelry enables us to take control over our own lives.

This Tiger’s Eye Compass Charm Necklace provides you with guidance and veers you toward the righteous path. It also gives us the courage to face life’s many challenges and protects us from the threat of life’s constant twists and turns. An ideal gift for your loved ones, this accessory will remind them that life is an adventure and it is best to simply enjoy the journey.

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Tiger’s Eye Jewelry

While tigers are admired for their attractive golden fur with black stripes, they are feared for their strength, insatiable taste for meat, and ability to hunt better at night. However, the tiger’s eye stone offers a far better and friendlier symbolism. A gorgeous crystal with bands of yellow coursing through it, it was commonly worn as protection jewelry against curses, particularly in Ancient Egypt.

Believed to help relieve fear and anxiety, this Tiger’s Eye Wrap bracelet converts the negative energy that we encounter into powerful feelings of courage, harmony, calmness, and strength.

Much like the ancient Roman soldiers who wore talismans of these to secure them during battles, getting this bracelet brings you a step closer to having you and your loved ones ferociously protected.

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Tibetan DZI Agate Jewelry

Sported extensively in Tibet and India, the Tibetan DZI Agate is trusted to protect its wearer from negative energies, incantations, and other ill intent. It is also known as the Tribal Stone of Protection. It was used thousands of years ago to forge powerful protective amulets that allowed ancient tribesmen to live a life free of evil influences that worked against their best interests.

Now you can own one too. You can purchase this Tibetan Nine-Eye Dzi Bead Wealth Protection bracelet to shield you from the nagging feeling that something is holding you back. Not only will it help you channel its positive energy, but it will also protect your spirit from all the chaos that is happening around us.

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