Feathery Intruders: How to Safely Remove Birds from Your Garage

Birds are cute and intriguing animals. However, not everyone is a fan of these flying creatures. Sometimes birds can become nuisances, like when they want to come into your garage. This article will guide you through the process of getting rid of this problem bird so that it won’t be bothering you anymore!

If you have a problem bird stuck in the garage, this post will share with you some of the common ways to remove these birds from the garage. There are many different types of birds that can get into garages and houses through open windows or doors. These birds often come in search of food sources, as they will usually be hungry if they are cold and tired from a long flight.

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What is the reason the bird entered the garage in the first place?

The bird may have flown in through an open window or door. It’s not uncommon for birds to be lured into a garage by the smell of food, such as garbage cans left out on the curb. They can also enter garages and houses when looking for nesting areas or places where they can lay eggs – like attics! If you live near water, it is possible that these birds are migrating south and coming from Canada or other northern states.

It’s important to remember what your goal is if you’ve found a bird’s nest in your garage and want to get a bird out of your home (or garage). You need to provide them with something better than what they had before so that they will leave voluntarily without needing physical intervention. This means keeping windows closed, not leaving out food or garbage, and removing any bird nests.

Birds that are known to get stuck in garages are pigeons, hummingbird, robin, sparrow, crow, finch.

How to get a bird out of my garage?

Seeing a bird in your garage is an exciting opportunity to release it back into the wild. Wild birds are protected by federal and state laws, which is why they must be humanely removed without injuring the bird or yourself.

It’s easy getting a bird out of a building and you’ll be helping native wildlife! Follow these steps: remain calm, speak softly so that they don’t feel threatened by your presence, and gently coax them towards the light with their favorite food or toy while opening up doors as needed for escape routes until eventually one of them flies out. See the details in the following:

1. Looring the birds out of the garage – the pull factors

Provide an exit and be patient

Cover all your windows with plastic sheeting and turn off the lights. The only available exit is through the door itself which should be open to making it easy for him or her to fly out quickly. You can even proactively do this as an alternative option before adding them into your home if you are worried about their escape plan!


Birds are often more active during the day than at night, even though owls and other nocturnal species fly about. In order to get them out of your garage for a while without causing any harm or injury, you can take some time off in advance by turning off all lights as well as closing every door except one (make sure it is secure).

Cover windows with whatever materials you have available to ensure that they do not see an escape route but make sure there is still enough light coming from inside so the birds will feel safe. Leave the garage like this for 30 minutes before returning – if done correctly then most likely when opening doors slowly after being quiet security should be able-bodied enough to catch those pesky intruders using only a basket or blanket and then move them outdoors.

Pull-factor: food, water, or other

One of the easiest ways is the offer them something better than what they had before so they will leave without having contact with you, like food and water outside the house/garage through an open door that leads into a safe area outdoors where there are no predators such as cats or dogs.

If possible offer them another type of nesting material if their original nest was removed. There should also be a bird feeder outside the open door to entice them with food.

Pull-factor: light

You might not know this, but we have a foolproof plan for getting rid of all those pesky birds that are always on your property. All you need to do is gather up some bright lights and place them in the desired area where they’ll attract every bird with their shiny colors! But don’t expect this one-size-fits-all tactic will work on nocturnal birds like owls because our strategy relies heavily on attracting hummingbirds by using red or brightly colored emergency light bulbs placed near openings into dark areas such as garages.

2. Removing the birds – the push factors

Trap the bird

You can try trapping the bird using a large fishing net or large fabric, such as a tablecloth or bed cover. Ideally, you should do this method with three people who hold the ends of your cloth and spread bird seeds on the floor. Give a silent code for them to trap it by joining their hands together in silence while carrying him outside before he flies away!

bird in my garage cat helps

Bring your cat into play

Birds can be scared out of your garage by a simple cat. Cats love chasing down those pesky little winged creatures, and they’re also more than capable to access all the hard-to-reach areas in your home like garages. Just make sure you don’t hold it against them if there’s any panic or stress that results from this maneuver (and make sure the cat does not catch the bird)!

Call a bird’s specialist or the pest control

One option is to hire the help of an animal control specialist. These professionals know how to humanely catch animals and are able to remove them from any area without hurting or killing them. They have nets that can be used for capturing birds (or other small animals) and they also offer services like smoke bombs which will force the animal out by making it uncomfortable in its habitat. Obviously, the DIY solutions are cheaper and probably faster and more productive.

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In conclusion, it is important to know what your goals are when you want a bird out of your garage. If the goal is for them to fly away on their own accord, then the best thing that can be done would be to secure all windows and doors so they cannot access any openings where they may enter again. Remove any food sources or potential nesting areas and provide an alternative if needed.

Keep in mind other animals such as cats or dogs – make sure these species do not interact with each other too much (if at all). The last resort should only happen after direct contact with humans has been made due to health hazards from picking up sick birds containing diseases like salmonella, tuberculosis, etc.

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How to get a bird out of the garage?

1. Turn off the lights, close the windows, leave an obvious exit open and be patient.
2. Put food and water by the obvious exit.
3. Try to catch the bird using a large fishing net or large fabric.
4. Carefully try to bring your cat into play to help.
5. Call a bird’s specialist or the pest control
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