Spider, spider dreaming night
In the webbing of delight
Dangling from a feather waiting strike,
Who would plan your putrid pike?

I’m a fly buzzing, see,
Yet in your catcher of dreams I am free!
Here I am, drying, waiting
For you twist the sinews of my heart writhing.

Nature is cruel like the cosmos.
Decomposing, I’m the garden with a rose,
How malevolent is your temper?
As benevolent as my tongue you’ll devour later?

Spider, spider, dangling high
Round your token whose death is nigh,
Spinning for your master, Fuehrer of the Reich,
Who would dare to plan your horrid pike?

(I like spiders so stay tuned for more scary spider pictures. If anyone can tell me what what type of spider this is let me know)