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spiritual cobwebs

Spiritual Cobwebs

What is the spiritual meaning of cobwebs? The spider’s web is its domain or kingdom. The purpose of the cobweb has many functions few of which are: home for the spider means of defense for it use to capture prey for its food forms it network of operation

rough and ready in london

Rough and Ready in London

Fooling around in 2010 in Tooting, London.

Revealing London_

Revealing London

A fun fair at Clapham Common in 2010.

Vergeltungswaffe Eins

Vergeltungswaffe Eins London

V-weapons, known in the original German as Vergeltungswaffen hit London during WW2.

road to docklands london

The Road to Docklands

The London Docklands.

giant chair london

A Giant Chair in a London Park

Must have been in Hampstead Heath in London 2005.

London Commuting is Crazy

London Commuting is Crazy

I put the London Commuting in a painting. At some poimt my commute was cycling 13 miles every day, Tooting Broadway to London Bridge – I loved it.

London Bridge News

London Bridge News

There’s now way in London to avoid to get free newspapers for the tube. Taken at London Bridge.

Working at a London Start-Up

Working at a London Start-Up

Spent 2 years in this company in Borough London.

A Woman in Stockwell

A Woman in Stockwell

In 2007 outside my place in London Stockwell.

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

Back in 2007.

breakwater dover

Breakwater Dover

Breakwaters are structures constructed on coasts as part of coastal defense or to protect an anchorage from the effects of both weather and longshore drift.

Clapham south flat with garden in a mess

Clapham South Flat with Garden in a Mess

I used to live in Clapham South, a ground floor flalt with garden. Since I worked very hard I did not have the time to clean?

Clapham Common Tube Station

Clapham Common Tube Station

The station is at the eastern tip of Clapham Common and was opened in June 1900 as the new southern terminus of the City & South London Railway, which was extended from Stockwell. It remained the terminus until the Morden extension was opened in 1926. Apart from a small domed entrance building on the tip […]

southbank centre london

Southbank Centre London

The Southbank Centre is not a beauty, is it? Still, I like it there – lots of things going on there.

Fake Angel London

Fake Angel London

This angel appeared at Trafalgar Square London.

Alison Lapper Pregnant Tafalgar Square

Alison Lapper Pregnant Tafalgar Square

A great piece of art by Marc Quinn back in 2005-2007. More about Alison Lapper here. More about Marc Quinn here. Another exciting project by Marc Quinn is called “Self”, a frozen sculpture of the artist’s head made from 4.5 litres of his own blood, taken from his body over a period of 5 years:

Balfron Tower Brutalism London

Balfron Tower Brutalism London

Balfron Tower was designed by architect Ernő Goldfinger and is associated with the Brutalist style of 1960’s architecture. Goldfinger himself was pleased with the design and moved into flat 130, on the 25th floor, for two months in 1968. He and his wife threw champagne parties to find out what the residents liked and disliked […]


Selfportrait London 2003

I took this picture when I first came to London. I was looking for a job back then, so I guess I was in between interviews.

the barbican statues

The Barbican – Statues

The Barbican is Europe’s largest multi-arts and conference venue presenting a diverse range of art, music, theatre, dance, film and creative learning events. It is also home to the London Symphony Orchestra.

somerset house london

Somerset House London

Photo show a staircase in the Somerset House London. From Wikipedia: Somerset House is a large Neoclassical building situated on the south side of the Strand in central London, England, overlooking the River Thames, just east of Waterloo Bridge. The building, originally the site of a Tudor palace, was designed by Sir William Chambers in […]

Clapham South Off Licence Guy

Clapham South Off Licence Guy

Next to Clapham South Tube Station – I always went there to buy “things”. He was from Iraq I belive. A nice guy and we laughed a lot about the nutters coming into the shop.

battersea park duck pond

Battersea Park Duck Pond

Battersea Park is a 200 acre (83-hectare) green space at Battersea in the London Borough of Wandsworth in London, England. It is situated on the south bank of the River Thames opposite Chelsea, and was opened in 1858. The park occupies a mix of marshland reclaimed from the Thames, and land formerly used for market […]


London Autumn Walk

Always pleasent and colourful are walks in London in autumn.


Rise and Shine

Flower I liked.


Late Night Encounter

Some geezers are enjoying a drink or two.


Eat your own ears London

Eat your own ears


Tree Eats House

Some ivy damaging a house in London South.


No Surprise

In some gallery for some modern art in some city in some country.


Battersea Park Activities

I really like this park a lot and spent much time there but there are some nasty places in Battersea Park as well.


London Free Runner

These free runners guys hang out around London Southbank – lots of needed urban concrete there.

Gipsy hill to Soho

From Gipsy Hill to Soho

Prepared and ready. Where’s the bloody train? Gipsy Hill is located in south east of London. Photo taken 2010.


Straybery Fields – The Way To

A path leading to some magic place forever. Maybe even to the Strawberry fields. Taken in beautiful Wales.


Eating Songbirds

In 2008 I was forced to eat fried songbirds in Italy. Not nice taste-wise and neither aesthetically.


Brixton Cycles

I used to live next door and it was my favourite bicycle shop in London. Missing it now.


Busking London Embankment

There are some mane talented musicians in London busking around. What a pleasure to listen to them.


Medieval Helmet London

A helmet of a knight, bit HDRed.


Mistletoe London

Plenty of these things around here. Liking them, they can gice you magic powers if prepared the right way.


London Photographer on the Road: Brighton

I like this picture, it brings back memories. This was the time when I met my now wife. We went from London to Brighton for the day. Back in 2009.


Bee – Shallow Depth of Field

A picture of a super cute honey bee – must have been taken in Wales if I am not mistaken. Taken with Sigma EX Macro – 150 mm – F/2.8


St Patricks Girls London

Some stupid girls from London Trafalgar Square at St Patricks day 2008.


Kitsch Definition

This rose looks nice but something makes me wonder. Is it kitsch? The kitsch definition is: “calculated to have popular appeal” – a crowd pleaser. Kant describes the direct appeal to the senses as “barbaric” – I feel similar. The presence of sentimentality and the lack of originality seems Kitsch. I can go to a […]


A Day in Life London 2007

I used to live in the house for a while. It was flipping crazy to say the least.


Artistic London Trafalgar Square

Some artist who drew some flags on the pavement at Trafalgar Square London.


The Science Museum London

Located in South Kensington the science museum London is all about science, industry and Puffing Billy… Find the web site here.


Interesting Plants

This time: I have no idea. I have seen this strange plant in the Botanical garden.


Hillman in London

Old Hillman in London.


Newborn London

The baby of a friend. Both exhausted after the birth.


The Blood House

This is the London house were 1985 was a whole family ereased by an unknown murderer.


“This is the point of no return” he’s thinking

The path that I have chosen led me to a wall (Tapiur in London)


Close to Open

Simple and tiny plant shows me how things get done. Somewhere in a London park.


London Paddington

London Paddington, where you can take trains leaving London.


London Tree

This one was taken at Hyde Park, London


Stable Yard Road

Can’t be more London.


Celebrate The Glory Of Tooting

It’s 8am – I am going to a meeting.


Brutalism London

For more and comprehensive information about brutalism in London please see here or here.


Multiculturalism In London

London is multicultural – everywhere you go. This is in Mile End – loving it.


The Good Life Of Tooting

Around Tooting station one can experience the real Tooting life.


Piece of Art in the Old Vic Tunnels

The Old Vic Theater (by Kevin Spacey) acquired this space beneath Waterloo Station and transformed it into the typical London urban fun called Old Vic Tunnels. View Larger Map


London Concert Guy

This photo was taken at a concert at London Victoria Park 2007.


Hercules and the Hydra

The story behind Hercules and the Hydra goes like this: King Eurystheus told Hercules he had to go kill the Hydra. The Hydra was a huge snake with seven heads. Hercules thought, “Well, that sounds easy. I’ll just go cut off its heads with my sword.” But when he was fighting the Hydra, he realized […]


Fallen Military

Memorial at Hide Park in London.

Grave-monument-prices children

Childs Grave

Grave monument prices are high so this makes sense, me thinks. Picture was taken at Brompton cemetery, London.


Spiders In London

Taken in autumn 2011 in London Tooting near the off-licence where I used to buy beers.


Bee In Flower

A bee is pollinating a flower.


So Much To See

so much to do so much to see


Inertia Unit

An impact of age is inertia. The problem is that the inertia moment occurs more often. The picure was taken at a flew market in London.


London Life Pensions

London life pensions are low, life can be tough in London. Rents are high and the general as well as the work situation is highly competitive. The flute player did not have a pension plan I take it. He should have used a pension calculator. Related articles Are you confident about your State Pension? (


Miss Temptation

My girl friend is requesting my presence at seven sisters park UK.


London Marathon Runners

London marathon runners dress up in fancy dresses. This photo shows Bob, the smurf. This is the London marathon map.


london traffic problems

London Traffic is a nightmare. I wish more people would cycle – the problem is London is rather huge. Better sleep over it.


Coming Of Spring

Spring makes its own tender statement here in London. A blooming magnolia.


Tooting Life

I lived for some time in Tooting and had a good time there. This picture shows my house mate at that time. This is to say about Tooting London: Where is Tooting in London: it’s in the South-West on the Northern Line one stop after Balham (Tooting Bec and the Tooting Broadway) Postcode for Tooting: SW 16 […]


The Girl With No Hands

This picture was taken at Kensal Green Cemetery London. The girl without hands or the handless maiden or the woman without hands or the maiden without hands is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm. A poor miller was offered wealth by the devil if the miller gave him what stood behind the […]


Spring In London

Spring in London is a great time – this photo is from the hidden London series and was taken in Streatham South-London.


London Backyard

There are so many unexpected backyards in London, I always to come across some back yard chickens there. I love these places of neglectance.

portrait-in-the-park London

Portrait In The Park London

My girl friend at Richmond Park, London.


Upper Tooting Road

Part of the borough of Wandsworth Tooting Broadway is full diversity and people you can take pictures ever and ever again. Am missing it! There are not fancy shops or pubs there, its more the real London – without being to much of East London.


The London Bridge Experience

Amongst the interesting places in London the London Bridge is good to watch commuters. Especially bankers – every morning there’s an army of suspicous people walking from London Bidge Station towards the city. A true spectacle – a sad rat race. It’s also a good starting point for places to visit near London. This photo […]


Heat Indicator

I like my stylish heat indicator – its for the bbq temperature. Taken in the backyard of my house in London.


Pride Goes Before A Fall

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall – so don’t be arrogant. However the face is priceless. Taken in London, UK.


Tree Walk Kew Gardens

Kew botanic garden in London are an area you have to visit if you go to London. A huge number of all kinds of tress from around the world and lots of things to do. A newer attraction is the Kew Gardens tree top walk. It takes you 18 metres up in the air, bringing […]


Seven Sisters Cliffs

Wonderful chalk cliffs at Seven Sisters in Sussex, England. Called Seven Sisters Country Park. If you have the chance go there, it’s magic.


From London With Love

London is full of love


Tate Modern Turbine Hall

The tate modern museum is easily one of the best modern art museums in the world. The exciting turbine hall installations or the various tate modern exhibitions together with the fantastic location make me come there very often.


Watching The English

Fun fair at Clapham Common, London. I am British myself but don’t know much about English rules or English behaviour.


We Wanted To Be The Sky

Tim Etchells’ installation ‘We Wanted to be the Sky’ at London’s 2011 Southbank festival.

disused london underground

Disused London Underground

This is not a disused London underground stations but it’s close. It’s a place underneath the Waterloo station called Oldvictunnels. Go and check it out!


Wimbledon Windmill

This is the Wimbledon Windmill where you find the Wimbledon windmill museum. And obviously its in a strong HDR format.


Sommerset House London

The staircase of the Sommerset House in Lodon.


Pteropus Poliocephalus

grey headed flying fox @Horniman Museum London


Tacita Dean Tate Modern

FILM is an 11-minute silent 35mm film projected onto a gigantic white monolith standing 13 metres tall at the end of a darkened Turbine Hall. It is the first work in The Unilever Series devoted to the moving image, and celebrates the masterful techniques of analogue film-making as opposed to digital.


Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You

You’re too good to be true – are you there?


Wind Tree

A tree torn and formed by the ever blowing at Seven Sisters in UK. Loving these wind blown trees.


London Late Night Food

It’s not a late night restaurant in London but it does the job. I guess late night food does not have to be posh. There’s a time for proper restaurants in London… Taken at the graffiti tunnel near Waterloo.

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