What Does It Mean When A Grasshopper Lands On You?

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what does it mean when a grasshopper lands on you

Grasshoppers: a deeper look into these grass-dwellers

Insects are some of the most mysterious animals that we encounter on earth. One of the most interesting insects is the grasshopper. Have you recently had one land on you? If so, there may have been a deeper meaning to your encounter with this tiny creature.


Spiritual symbolism of grasshoppers

Grasshoppers can jump high into the air, much further than humans can be compared to their size. Spiritually, these insects represent a higher perspective due to their increased elevation. They tend to jump high to avoid danger.

A grasshopper’s wings can flutter up to eight miles per hour, which is quite fast for such a small insect. They represent swiftness, forward movement, and fast changes.

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“If a grasshopper tries to fight a lawnmower, one may admire his courage but not his judgement.”

– Robert A. Heinlein

What does it mean when a grasshopper lands on you?

When a grasshopper lands on you, it may bring a message that can help you better understand where you’re currently at in life.


Scientific explanation of a grasshopper landing on you

Scientifically, when a grasshopper lands on you, it’s because it’s likely on accident. When they sense danger, these insects will propel themselves in a direction quickly, sometimes landing on the nearest object in front of them.

Some instances are more than just a random occurrence; a grasshopper landing on you is no exception. Here are the three top reasons why this insect may land on you.


Grasshoppers are skittish insects that jump at just about any threat of fear. If you find one has landed on you, it may symbolize that you have a very safe, warm, and protective energy about you. The people in your life may also appreciate these qualities, which are a reflection of the greatness within you.


Did you know that grasshoppers have five eyes? When one lands on you, it may be a sign that you will gain insight and clarity about a situation you desire. The grasshopper is a reassurance that you will find the answers you seek.

grasshopper on grass

Old Soul

Grasshoppers are one of the oldest animals in existence, even predating dinosaurs. When one of these creatures lands on you, it may signify that you are an old soul. You’re likely different from others your age, often seeming more mature and experienced than peers at a young age.

When a grasshopper lands on me, is it bad luck?

When a grasshopper lands on you, it may be easy to believe it’s because of bad luck. But, you may only associate the experience with bad luck if you fear insects. If you have one land on you and immediately experience negative emotions, try to find the root of these feelings to understand whether it’s from the grasshopper or something within you causing you to experience them.

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What does it mean if you see a dead grasshopper?

Finding a dead grasshopper may make you question if it also has a spiritual meaning in your life. The answer is yes. While this experience can be interpreted in many ways, a dead grasshopper may often symbolize a lack of action within your life.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, spinning in circles, or repeating old patterns, you may come across one of these dead creatures to help you become aware of the current state of your life and inspire you to come out of it. If this resonates, look towards the positive spiritual meanings of the grasshopper and find ways to express these qualities in your own life.

“Grasshopper always wrong in argument with chicken.”

– Bertrand Russell

Colors of the landing grasshopper and their meanings

Grasshoppers come in a variety of colors, all holding their specific meanings.

grasshopper inside


Green is associated with love and abundance, and having a green grasshopper land on you means you have a vast amount of love in your life.


When an orange grasshopper lands on you, due to the orange’s association with passion, you may be called to pursue your interests and spend time doing things you enjoy.


When a yellow grasshopper lands on you, you may be inspired to reconnect with your inner child and cultivate a sense of innocence within your life.

grasshopper landing on girl


A brown grasshopper hints at the near future, focusing on your goals, ambitions, career, and finances.


If you find a red grasshopper landing on you, it may be a sign that there is some repressed anger or resentment within you that needs to be released and resolved (see what a grasshopper in your house means) .


Grasshoppers are special insects that can be found all over the world. The next time one lands on you, consider these deeper meanings for their visit and listen to the message that this creature brings.


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