The Top 25 Symbols Of Healing: Unlock Those Mysterious Powers

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Symbols Of Healing2 The Top 25 Symbols Of Healing: Unlock Those Mysterious Powers

Whether you are experiencing physical discomfort or mental or emotional difficulties, healing offers a deeper sense of well-being and health. Apart from decreasing the adverse effects of physical pain, it gives us the ability to cope with anxiety and stress better.

Based on the understanding that we function with the help of powerful divine influences, these symbols for healing aim to align our spirit, body, and mind.

Key takeaways

  • Healing teaches us to look forward with enthusiasm. The spiral sun helps us feel more relaxed and balanced amidst uncertainties. It reminds us how being open to change allows us to enjoy healing’s maximum benefits.
  • Healing enables us to be selfless. By showing us the beauty of working together, the Om symbol encourages us to share our talents and experiences rather than focusing only on ourselves.
  • Healing is free for all. By providing free medical services, the Red Cross symbol reminds us that physical and emotional healing should be easily accessible. This remarkable organization tells us how proper healing and care must be unrestricted.

How do you define a healing symbol?

People have long harnessed the power of symbols to heal and restore. Ancient cultures, religious traditions, and personal experiences all provide access points for a healing symbol – from the Om found in Hinduism to the Ankh used by ancient Egyptians or even Native American Medicine Wheels. 

By tapping into this powerful energy source many people believe it can bring about physical, emotional, or spiritual healing as well as improved overall well-being when incorporated into their daily life.

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Asclepius wand

An ancient Greek symbol associated with a demigod of excellent medical and healing prowess, the Asclepius wand (also known as the rod of Asclepius or caduceus) symbolizes the combination of the medical profession, authority, fertility, and rejuvenation. Often represented with a serpent coiled around a staff, this symbol has been recognized as the international symbol of medicine. 

Apart from helping us shed our illnesses and emerge healthier than before, it heals our minds to make us more accepting of the change.

Spiral sun

While the Anasazi people have long revered the natural healing powers of the sun, various cultures see this colossal star as a symbol of energy, positivity, and life. Add to it the spiral’s representation of rhythms and movements, the spiral sun symbol is believed to heal people from their physical and spiritual troubles. 

spiral sun healing symbol
Spiral sun healing symbol

The spiral sun symbol (also called the first healer or first shaman), combines the sun’s healing power and the energy of the entire universe, helping us maintain a healthy and happy life.

The Spiral Sun symbol was discovered via petroglyphs, which are rock carvings that are meant to symbolize the rhythms and motions of life.


Revered in several cultures as the “mother of the world,” Lakshmi is recognized in Hinduism as the goddess that brings wealth, prosperity, and good health.

Lakshmi symbol of healing
Lakshmi, symbol of healing

The loyal wife of Vishnu, she is called upon by some when they need assistance healing their hearts and minds from relationship trials. Lakshmi helps prepare our souls to accept new connections.

Celtic triple spiral

The Celtic triple spiral, also known as the triskele, highlights the Celts’ fondness for all things that come in threes. The triskele appears in various forms, including monuments, manuscripts, and art, and was perceived to indicate the three stages of life: birth, death, and rebirth. 


Apart from alleviating anxiety and mood changes, it helps preserve us from adverse energy forces.

The sacred hoop/medicine wheel

Believed to contain powers that make it a valuable figure in Native American ceremonies, the Apache widely favored the sacred hoop for its association with healing and protection. Although divided into four sections, it represents the coming together of four elements to create one culturally significant symbol. 

The medicine wheel

The medicine wheel enables us to clear ourselves of sorrow and doubt.

The brazen serpent

Serpents have long been associated with symbolism that is both reviled and favored. Like the Asclepius wand, the brazen serpent indicates healing properties and medicine.

Moses and the Brass Serpent The Top 25 Symbols Of Healing: Unlock Those Mysterious Powers
Moses and the Brass Serpent

Known as the bronze serpent on a staff that Moses used in the Old Testament, its ability to cure anyone bitten by the pharaoh’s snake signifies our healing and salvation from Original Sin.

Om symbol

A chant repeatedly heard in yoga and meditation classes, the Om symbol reminds us about the importance of remaining calm as it allows us to appreciate the unity, peace, and spirituality in the world better. 

Om symbol
Om symbol

It promotes health and spiritual awareness, spiritual wisdom and the Om symbol calms the mind, harnesses creative energy, and rejuvenates our soul.

Hamsa hand

A long-standing symbol of protection, the hamsa hand offers varying symbolism beyond the limits of religions and cultures. 


Placing it with the fingers looking up makes it a powerful shield from the world’s evil, while a hamsa hand facing downwards indicates abundance, security, and impeccable health.

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Lotus flower

Various traditions consider the lotus sacred. Its ability to flourish in murky water has made it the poster child of resiliency and beauty. However, its widely-revered medicinal properties transformed the lotus into one of the most potent symbols for healing. 

The Lotus flower‘s ability to physically heal and function as an anti-depressant has benefited many for generations.

“The way you help heal the world is you start with your own family.”

― Mother Teresa


Heavily used in social media, many use the heart to represent tender emotions such as romance, love, and affection. It may also mean the flow of creative energy that inspires us to express ourselves confidently. 

Physically maintaining the body’s circulation to sustain our needs, the heart gives us the courage to bounce back and heal from emotional pain or heartaches.


Perhaps the ultimate symbol of continuity, the circle reminds us about the beauty of working in unison. The circle brings us together, encouraging us to accept our environment and explore our healing capacity. 

Apart from guiding us to understand how to keep our emotions, bodies, and spirits rejuvenated, the circle also opens our hearts to the best ways to remove the obstacles that keep us from spiritually healing ourselves.

Spiral triangle

Triangles are a manifestation of enlightenment and seeing things from a deeper perspective. Highly associated with pyramids, the highest point of the triangle represents our spiritual attainment, while the body signifies one’s spiraling ascent toward enlightenment. 

Spiral triangle

Thought to be powerful energy centers, the spiral triangle inspires to heal and grow through a smooth and winding path.

Red Cross

Created in 1859 by a Swiss businessman after chancing upon a bloody battle between Austria and the Franco-Sardinian Alliance, the Red Cross offered to care for the wounded and provide medical services on the battlefield. 

Perhaps one of the most easily recognizable symbols of healing in the world, it is a symbol of hope for those in humanitarian crises. The Red Cross reminds communities enduring the effects of natural disasters, violence, and armed conflicts that help and healing are at hand.

“As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else.”

― Maya Angelou


Initially meant to sow fear and apprehension, the cross has evolved into a universal symbol of hope and salvation. While countless may have suffered a grim fate in its presence, Christians believe that this once fearsome and imposing figure is where the wounds of our sins are healed. 

Catholic tradition tells us that our guilt, anxiety, and depression are mended when we embrace the cross of the father, son, and holy spirit.

Faith healers

Faith healers are known for their ability to rid people of various illnesses through belief and prayer. While many doubt such a practice, believers attest that faith healers cured them of disabilities such as AIDS, deafness, and blindness.

Faith healer
Faith healer

Faith healers teach us to trust the Divine even when His promises haven’t been fulfilled.

Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is a powerful ancient Egyptian symbol that has captivated people for centuries. Representing healing, protection, and the god Horus himself as a patron deity, it appears in many forms – often an eye with a falcon’s brow above and wings on either side. 

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Its mythical power includes warding off evil to bring physical health, emotional well-being, or spiritual growth – all ideas still resonate today! As such the Eye of Horus lives on through jewelry pieces, tattoos et cetera showing its ability to transcend time while maintaining its strength in our culture.


The axolotl, also known as the salamander, is a unique animal that has the ability to regenerate its organs. This characteristic has made it a symbol of healing and rebirth in many cultures. 

Axolotl symbol of healing

The axolotl is often associated with the mythical Phoenix, which is a symbol of renewal and rebirth. In some traditions, the axolotl is seen as a symbol of transformation and the ability to overcome challenges and emerge stronger. Its regenerative powers make it an inspiring and powerful symbol of healing.

Hippocratic Oath

From Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine comes an oath that has endured more than two thousand years. The legendary Hippocratic Oath continues to be a symbol of medical excellence and integrity in today’s practices – setting out ethical standards for physicians everywhere to prioritize patients’ health and safety above all else. 

By separating myth and magic from rational therapy, Hippocrates firmly believed that any natural phenomenon could be explained scientifically. It was his conviction that “every natural event has a natural cause.”

Doctors worldwide pledge fidelity to the timeless values outlined by this ancient code, serving as a reminder that upholding professional ethics is essential within medicine.

Reiki symbols

Reiki symbols are ancient and powerful tools used in the practice of Reiki, a form of energy healing. These three sacred symbols – Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – each represent an energetic frequency that helps bring balance to both body and mind. 

Reiki symbols

When invoked by experienced practitioners with intent during therapies, they unlock their fullest potential creating channels for energy flow within bodies. With wise use, these potent emblems can promote strength and well-being among those who receive them.

The Simurgh

For centuries, the Simurgh has been celebrated for its incredible power to mend mind and body. From ancient myths that depict this mythical bird as a wise being with access to all knowledge of the world, it is no wonder why many cultures revere it as an emblem of holistic healing today. 

The Simurgh as the royal emblem of the Sassanian Empire

Ancient Middle Eastern medicines and spiritual practices continue to use symbols from the storied legend in order to bring comfort, peace of mind, physical health – even enlightenment!

The Merkaba

The Merkaba is an intriguing sacred geometric symbol for healing formed by two interlocking tetrahedrons, one pointing upwards and the other downwards. This powerful shape has been revered around the world for centuries due to its potential spiritual benefits – many believe that it can help reconnect us with our higher selves while facilitating energy flow within our bodies. 

Merkaba symbol The Top 25 Symbols Of Healing: Unlock Those Mysterious Powers

It’s not surprising then that people use this dynamic symbol as a focal point during meditation and visualization practices in order to experience greater healing opportunities on their journey of self-transformation!

Ancient magical or mystical practice

Many ancient cultures believed that symbols had the power to connect them with a universal life force and bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This concept of magical or mystical practices involving symbols (examples are Abracadabra or Magical Alchemy) has endured throughout time as many people still employ such methods in order to access divine energy for health-related purposes. 

Modern-day rituals using spells and invocations often take place today in pursuit of harnessing the transcendent powers associated with symbolic representation.

Witch doctors

A witch doctor is a traditional healer who uses a combination of spiritual and herbal remedies to bring about healing. In many cultures, witch doctors are revered as being in tune with the natural world and able to access the healing energies of plants and other natural elements. 

witch doctor
Witch doctor

They often use symbols and rituals as a way of channeling these energies and bringing about healing. Witch doctors are an important part of the healing traditions of many cultures, and they are often consulted when more mainstream forms of medicine have been unable to bring about a cure.

Shaman’s Hand / Hopi or Native American Healing Hand

With its outstretched fingers, the Shaman’s Hand is a timeless symbol of healing recognized in many indigenous cultures. It serves as an important focal point for meditation and visualization practices to help balance physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being by connecting individuals with their true selves. 

Centuries-old belief holds that this powerful symbol has the power to channel energy into the body inducing harmony between mind, spirit, and flesh.

Native American Healing Hand
Native American Healing Hand

This symbol aids us in getting back to the spiral’s natural rhythm so that we can resume falling into healthy harmony. It represents the healing energy that the cosmos around us are continually radiating to us.

Abracadabra symbol

The Abracadabra symbol is an ancient healing symbol that was believed to have magical properties. The word “abracadabra” is derived from the Aramaic phrase “Avrah Kadavrah,” which means “I will create as I speak.”

Abracadabra symbol

It was often inscribed on amulets and talismans and worn as a protective charm against illness and other negative energies. The symbol is still used today as a symbol of healing and protection.


What is the difference between the Rod of Asclepius and Caduceus?

The Rod of Asclepius and the Caduceus are both symbols associated with medicine and healing, but they have different origins and meanings. The Rod of Asclepius, also known as the Snake Staff, is a single rod with a snake wrapped around it. It is a symbol of the Greek god Asclepius, the god of healing, and represents the art of healing and the medical profession. 

The Caduceus, on the other hand, is a staff with two snakes wrapped around it, often with wings at the top. It is a symbol of the Greek god Hermes, the messenger of the gods, and represents commerce, negotiation, and diplomacy. The Caduceus is also often used as a symbol of medicine, but it is not as widely recognized as the Rod of Asclepius. 

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