What Does a Cricket Mean to Me Symbolically and Spiritually?

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Featuring a pair of long antennae, strong hind legs, and a distinct chirping sound, crickets are small insects that we often find belting a cheerful song while concealing themselves in trees, plants, and long inactive logs. Thriving much better in places with warm weather, these dominant creatures would come hopping into our lives as a powerful image of patience, protection, and good luck. Respected for having survived for millions of years and with a young that is commonly referred to as a nymph, let’s take a look at the wonderful cricket symbolism and find out which ones will get you jumping out of your seat.

“If you want to be right, do things the right way because if you do things the wrong way, that’s the foolish way.”

– Jiminy Cricket
symbolism meaning

Cricket symbolism meaning

Do you ever hear a cricket chirping in your house and wonder what it means spiritually? Cricket symbolism is thought to vary based on culture, but in general, they are considered to be good omens. They are often seen as messengers of change, and can indicate the arrival of new beginnings. If you see a cricket in your house, take note of the changes that may be taking place in your life!

Often heard catching a tune from dusk ‘til dawn, these awesome insects are a welcome presence in gardens for they help get rid of pests that wreak havoc on plants and flowers. However, they offer more than just a natural protective layer to our yards as they have long been known to carry these deep spiritual meanings that we can find useful as we journey through life.

Leaps and Bounds: What It Really Means When Crickets Are Around

Have a strong inkling

Boasting a compound set of eyes that enable them to look in different directions at a time, the cricket represents your need to be more watchful, particularly of those who tend to take advantage of you. Not only will this keep you and the people who matter most safe from all sorts of danger, but it can also help us make the best choices that may otherwise adversely affect our lives.

Singing a different tune

Gifted with a highly sensitive pair of ears strangely located under their knees, crickets tell us to pay attention and be mindful of the opportunities that are about to come our way. It hops in to remind us that while periods of transition are often accompanied by painful struggles and challenges, getting past all the hardships and adversity brings you to a phase of happiness, prosperity, and grace.

meaning spiritual

Treading gently

Known for using their long antennae to find food and detect danger, the presence of these joyful creatures reminds us that being too careful isn’t exactly a bad thing. While nervousness and anxiety can often disrupt our daily functions and performance, there are times when concern and restlessness keep us driven and enthusiastic about life.

Always touch base

Admired for their melodic chirping calls, the cricket meaning gives us the courage to make light of low self-esteem and to speak up and be more expressive of our opinions and beliefs. As the cricket understands that it’s still best for us to speak only at the most opportune time, what we say might just bring hope and cheer to many by simply imparting with them a piece of your mind.

All eyes forward

Characterized by their highly capable back legs, crickets inspire us to always take the path of progress. Along with its ability to jump onward up to three feet, this assertive creature’s presence motivates us to move forward and to never let up until you have successfully attained the things that you have long desired.

Cricket meaning spiritual

Named after the sound they make, crickets, though small, play a huge role in our spirituality as well as in enhancing our relationship with the Divine. Playfully singing its melodious sound, this vigorous spirit animal appears to bring happiness and good fortune to our lives. Having been around since pre-historic times, they are a revered symbol of intelligence and wisdom, both of which are qualities that pave the way to a fruitful and prosperous life. Their keen eyesight awakens in us the ability to anticipate the dangers and risks that lie ahead, as well as the intuition to see what sort of challenges we are going to face in the future.

symbol cricket

The cricket’s talented legs and feet serve as our motivation to inspire development and growth, and how important it is for us to constantly push forward towards our ideals and goals. Not only does it indicate our capacity to stand proudly on our own feet, but it also gives us the strength and courage to leap to where we can find delight, contentment, and long-lasting bliss. Respected for its ability to recognize the changes in weather patterns, the cricket spirit would often show up at times when considerable changes are needed in your life. Along with the teachings of our spirit guides, it brings a message that tells us the value of embracing such developments and how we can achieve great things by keeping an open mind.

Spiritual meaning of a cricket in your house

Regarded as an aloof creature that leaps away at the first sign of another individual’s presence, seeing a cricket in your house means that you live in a place of comfort and warmth. It indicates that you live in a space filled with tenderness and affection and that you are well on your way to living a life of peace and harmony. Considered a sign of incoming luck in several cultures, the appearance of these remarkable critters represents the end of a period of hardships and financial difficulties and the arrival of a more prosperous and abundant time.

meaning of cricket in house

Often hopping into your home packed with favorable messages, its presence symbolizes a host of productive and beneficial changes that are about to take place in your life. Much like in Native American tradition where they are believed to symbolize success, self-awareness, and perception, to see a cricket gamely hopping in your home means that your skills and talents, as well as your innate intelligence, are all enough to bring about the realization of your life-long dreams.

Cricket symbolism in different cultures

Cricket symbolism in China: In Chinese culture, cricket symbolism is thought to bring good luck. Cricket chirps are often seen as a sign of prosperity and abundance.

Crickets in Japan: Japanese folklore tells us that crickets are the souls of deceased loved ones. They are believed to be protectors of the home and can bring good fortune to those who hear them.

Cricket meaning in Native American cultures: Native Americans believe that crickets are a sign of rain. They also represent new beginnings and changes, as well as strength and courage.

Cricket symbolism in ancient Greece: they were thought to be the souls of the dead in ancient Greece. They were believed to be able to guide the living through their journey to the afterlife. Cricket chirps were also said to ward off evil spirits.

Cricket symbolism in the bible: the spiritual meaning of Crickets is mentioned in the bible, specifically in the book of Isaiah. Cricket chirps are said to be a sign of hope and new life.

cricket in other cultures

Cricket animal totem

The cricket totem is a symbol of calmness and patience. When you are a cricket person you treat others with care, gentleness, and desire to have peaceful encounters or relationships with everyone you come into contact with on an everyday basis because this spirit animal heightens your instincts within you which can always rely on being a resourceful creative person.

You are kind to others, although you may not always show it in public because of your practicality-oriented personality traits; the only thing this totem gets you into trouble with are those who don’t appreciate gentle treatment! This spirit animal sharpens one’s instincts for survival which helps them become more resourceful when needed most as well creativity can come from anywhere at any time due to their Gift (or second nature).

animal totem

The cricket animal totem is also a powerful symbol of change. If you have the cricket as your totem, you are likely to be sensitive to the energy around you. You may find yourself drawn to nature, and have a deep connection to the earth. The cricket totem can also indicate that new beginnings are on the horizon. If you are feeling lost or stuck in your life, the cricket can help guide you back to your path.

What it means to dream of crickets

Dreams of crickets can symbolize a few different things. They may represent new beginnings, hope, and change. Cricket dreams can also be a sign that you are in tune with your spiritual side. If you keep hearing cricket chirps in your dreams, pay attention to the other symbols in the dream to get a better understanding of what it means for you.

In some cultures, cricket is seen as a sign of good luck when it appears in dreams. However, this may not be true for everyone and depends on where you live or what your beliefs are about insects being able to bring happiness into someone’s life with just one song!


While most insects are often identified with a bad rep, crickets are placed in high regard by several cultures. An image of self-expression, intuition, and abundance, these critters inspire us to leap away from our fears and to always be ready to grab any oncoming opportunity. While hearing them singing in unison can produce extraordinarily excessive noise, listening to each chirp closely reveals just how beautiful and meaningful their voice is.

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