Which Animal Should You Choose as a Totem if You Need Wisdom and Knowledge?

The desire for wisdom and knowledge is a strong one. One of the unconventional ways to achieve it is to appeal to totem animals. Most members of indigenous tribes believe that totem animals help to guide them and build character. Do totem animals hold specific qualities that can help you navigate life more effectively? To find out, you need to identify your spirit animal and start to listen to it. Animals often demonstrate certain traits and strengths that you can use more of in your life. 

How do you know which is your totem animal?

One of the ways you may find your particular totem animal is through dreams, where the animal constantly appears. You may also be drawn to a particular animal, or it may seem drawn to you. Is there any animal that holds special significance for you? Knowing some totem animals and their qualities can help you figure out which one you relate to the most. 

What totemic animals will help during learning? 

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Intelligent and playful: dolphin

dolphin love symbol

If you are intelligent, playful, and comfortable in your own skin, your totem animal could be a dolphin. A dolphin is a master at communicating and naturally reaches out to assist and help others. Dolphins also represent balance and harmony because they are in tune with their instincts. Their sense of playfulness is a good reminder for you to take time out of your busy life to have fun. 

Goal-oriented and sensitive: mole

If you are goal-oriented, sensitive, and set on your path, your totem animal could be a mole. Moles are natural underground pathfinders. Their bodies are highly sensitive, and they are an effective guide for “digging under the surface.” They can guide you to discover wisdom and knowledge you never knew existed. 

Very private and strategic: octopus

octopus animal totem

If you tend to be strategic and low-key, your totem animal could be an octopus. An octopus is very intelligent and great at staying undetected. It can camouflage itself extremely well and act very strategically to achieve its intentions. Quick thinking is important for it to slide past any barriers and achieve its goals. 

Strongly intuitive and sees beyond the surface: owl

owl animal totem

An owl is a famous symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Its all-knowing eyes give the owl the gift of being able to see what others may not see. It is famous for its nocturnal vision and quick decisions. The owl is also strongly intuitive. 

A team player, organized and hardworking: bee


If you have a strong work ethic and cooperate well with others, your totem could be a bee. You are most productive when you are organized and working hard. A bee is extremely industrious and knows how to cooperate to achieve its objectives. 

Competitive, focused, and visionary: hawk

hawk animal totem

To catch its prey, a hawk has to have great vision and focus. It soars high and then swoops down with its eyes focused on the prize. If you find you have this type of laser focus, the hawk could be your spirit animal. 

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Gentle and powerful: elephant

An elephant symbolizes gentleness and strength. If you are always slowly working towards your goals and aren’t put off by any obstacles in your path, your spirit animal could be an elephant. Elephants are sensitive, patient, wise, and strong. They are also known for their courage and loyalty. 

Adaptability and connection: hummingbird

Hummingbirds are constantly moving and flit about with lightness, speed, and optimism. If you are adaptable and optimistic, your totem animal could be a hummingbird. It gives you a reminder to appreciate the little things. You will also have flexibility so you can accept and implement change. 


Whether you believe in totem animals or not, animals like those mentioned above have many characteristics that humans can learn from. By paying attention to animals that come into your life, you can learn some great lessons. They could help to teach you wisdom, patience, focus, playfulness, and much more. 

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