Dirty Jesus 2018

Dirty Jesus 2018

The photo was taken in San Agustin, Colombia. But then again, there are more definitions around; on urban dictionary, Dirty Jesus is: when a priest fxxks a choir boy in the asxxole. Another version can be found here.

child poverty colombia

Child Poverty Colombia

In 2014, overall, 34 % of children and adolescents in Colombia are living in poverty. This represents a 10 percentage-point reduction in comparison with 2008. As per the critical dimensions, for all age groups lack of access to potable water, overcrowding and … Read More

vulture colombia

Black Vulture Colombia

Black vultures can be found in cities in southern USA, through Central America and throughout most of South America where it feeds on rubbish. Learn more about the symbolism of the vulture here.This black vulture picture was photographed in San … Read More

coal-worker colombia

Coal Worker Colombia

To protect the coal workers from getting the coal miners lung (or black lung disease) (coal workers pneumoconiosis / coal dust disease) they wear protecting masks. This photo was taken Feb 2012 in Sogamoso, Colombia. Colombia has the 5th-largest coal … Read More



The picture was taken at Playa Blanca, an isolated, near perfect cliche Caribbean beach which is at the Caribbean coast of Colombia, off Cartagena de Indias. There’s no electricity or decent accommodation (no hotel but hammocks basically) and the mosquito eat you alive. However the weather is just great and … Read More