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Animals That Have The Strongest Symbolic Meaning

Raw Strength: Animals That Have The Strongest Symbolic Meaning

Whether good or bad, we tend to search for the meaning of the events and experiences that life brings. While encounters with wild animals luckily do not happen every day, nature sends us divine messages through them to give encouragement, to learn, and to better understand.

From those that roam the earth, to the ones that soar in the sky, and the creatures that dwell in water, let’s put up a hunt for the animals that have the strongest symbolic meaning.

Key Takeaways

  • Animals would unexpectedly present themselves to serve as our guides. They lead us in the right direction while teaching us important lessons along the way. Through them, we learn to think more deeply, make decisions properly, and develop better solutions to problems.
  • Animals teach us how to be more aware of our inner selves. By showing us how to better manage and regulate our emotions, they motivate us to develop lasting relationships, better leadership skills, and, ultimately, personal and professional satisfaction.
  • Animals appear to remind us to acknowledge our higher purpose. Serving as guides that spiritually sustain us, they provide us with the stability to face our challenges head-on. Although sometimes intimidating, their presence is essential for living a healthy and happy life.



These hard-working creatures can easily outwit and outlast humans in several ways. Highly revered for their ability to use their jaws to carry up to 50 times their body weight, these highly active foragers remind us of strength, determination, and perseverance.

Often observed to bump each other’s heads to know that they belong to the same colony, they inspire us to carry through our failures and keep reaching for our goals. The ant’s dedication to its colony implies how we too should stay committed to taking care of our family.

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Appearing way before the first flowering plants ever did, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a creature with such a long lineage possesses a handful of amazing symbolism. Starting its life as an intimidating and gooey caterpillar, the butterfly goes through a period of metamorphosis before it finally realizes and displays its true charm.

While they can easily be a poster child for beauty, the appearance of a butterfly inspires us to embrace the changes that occasionally occur, regardless of how life-changing and difficult. Apart from making life more exciting, these social creatures encourage us to move on from the pains of the past and to eagerly face the future.

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Cows are recognized for their significant spiritual and economic role. Affectionate, intelligent, and seen as sacred in several traditions, Hindus believed that they are closely associated with Lord Vishnu, who would reincarnate to restore the balance between good and evil at the end of the world.

Nourishing us with their milk and meat, cows remind us to be watchful of our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Their appearance signifies that as we take time to care for others, we allow them to develop more positive emotions that help them handle stress better.

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Known for their ability to use and create tools, the crow would fly in to remind us of our innate intelligence. Their presence indicates that we too are capable of brilliance and creativity, helping us solve issues of varying complexity. A bird that can endure various environments, the crow urges us to take on life’s challenges and be adaptable regardless of our situation.

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Featuring massive wingspans and sharp, menacing talons, the eagle is one of the most imposing creatures that roam the skies. A symbol of loyalty, foresight, and strength, they remind us of the importance of being faithful in our relationships, for it helps us build lasting bonds.

Admired for their courage in protecting their nest, these strong-willed flyers give us the spirit to speak out against injustice or maybe take a leap toward financial risk. Bold and majestic, eagles would often display their commanding presence as a way to urge us to follow our dreams.

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Having long been utilized for transportation, warfare, and sports, humans have always held a special relationship with horses. Their ability to run at speeds that top 44 km/h is seen by many as an indication of freedom. They inspire us to express ourselves better and be responsible enough to make our own choices.

With eyes placed on the side of their heads, they can extraordinarily see close to 360 degrees at a time. This indicates our need to be more aware of our environment, for there may be a presence of risks and threats. The horse gives us an insight into the traits that are holding us back and urges us to make changes that will bring us success.

Lion & lioness


Boasting a roar that can be heard up to five miles away, this iconic and powerful animal is a widely admired icon of strength and courage. It helps us build our self-confidence and inspires others to be brave too.

As the only cat that thrives in groups, they ensure the safety of their pride by marking their area with urine, roaring to scare off predators and those who attempt to encroach on their turf. This indicates how we should keep our loved ones protected and safe from harm.

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Nocturnal by nature, owls are some of the most interesting and mysterious animals around. Often associated with mysticism and witchcraft, there is more to these amazing night flyers than simply being figures of the occult. Their deep stares using their big, round eyes have made them symbols of intuition, observance, and wisdom.

Apart from giving us grace amid tests and trials, the owl gives us the ability to masterfully handle difficult relationships and situations. Being able to spin their heads at about 270 degrees, owls remind us of the importance of being aware of the dangers in our environment.

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Notorious for their curious and menacing behavior, there is more to sharks than being blood-thirsty creatures. A figure of authority, guardianship, and power, many of us are intimidated by the mere thought of a shark’s fin sticking out of the water.

Admired for their ability to see even in low light conditions, they inspire us to constantly see things in a more positive light. Sporting a rough layer of skin that allows them to swim in deep waters effortlessly, they encourage us to go through life’s difficulties with ease using our skills and talents.

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As a popular story tells us, a serpent once tricked a young woman into biting a fruit, which ultimately changed the course of mankind’s history. Despite giving them a reputation for deceit and trickery, these fearsome creatures offer us meaningful symbolic messages other than images of deception.

Known to shed their skin to sloughing, it represents our capacity to let go of our negative traits and turn into better versions of ourselves. Their powerful yet terrifying trait of coiling their bodies around their prey is telling us how we should grab opportunities as they come and never let go until we reach a favorable outcome.

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