Are Hippies happier?

It’s possible that elements of the “hippy” lifestyle, hippy elements being healthy choices, make hippies a consistently happier group than most Americans.

Generally, hippies want to be in peace and love. They want to nurture the world, they want to build a connection between their own essence and nature, the animals. This explains why many hippies are either vegan, vegetarian, some sort of activist or at least aspire to ‘heal the world’.

These hairy tattoo filled rascals in tribal leathers, dancing barefoot till the sun rises, are really doing something more meaningful than watching TV and arguing. They share food, nobody fights, good times are had. It’s hard to hate.

This hippie was found in Mazunte, Mexico. The hippie is selling handmade jewelry there. The name of the hippie remains unkonwn. Mazunte is located at the Pacific coast of Oaxaca and a natural habitat for hippies.

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