Vauxhall Bus Station

Vauxhall-bus-station London

I somewhat like the Vauxhall Bus Station building – it’s so London. The roof of the bus station is designed to rise up to the height of double-decker buses and drop to integrate rows of seating down below. Interesting fact – it’s London’s second busiest bus station after Victoria served by 2,000 buses a day.

Altough the area Vauxhall is quite shitty and is not always the friendliest manor in London.

The picture is in HDR.


  1. hkgimages says:

    Funny bus station. Look like unfinish bridge.

  2. You managed to get it to look much better than it does from anywhere I have seen it from the gyratory. Funny little fact: it is a solar panel and helps to power the station.

    1. richardalois says:

      Cheers WoollyPig!

  3. Great shot, I love the way the lines lead you into the circle and the rest of the picture. Congratulations on your PhotoFriday Noteworthy.

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