Obvoiusly I love my girl friend – just look at mi amor this wonderful chocolatina.

But there are several other options:

  • My parents hate my girlfriend
  • I hate my ex girlfriend
  • My friends hate my girlfriend
  • My girlfriend hates my friends
  • My girlfriend hates me
  • My friend has a girlfriend and he hates that
  • I hate my girlfriends friends
  • I hate my sons girlfriend
  • I hate my dads girlfriend

Obviously there are more, but I am tired now.

5 Responses to I Hate My Girlfriend

  • Arianna

    I really hope you don’t hate your girlfriend!

  • richardalois

    Shockingly controversial title, isn’t it? Sometimes you have to shock.
    But of course I don’t hate my girl-friend, my girl-friend knows that.

  • Daisy@Marshal Firth

    Your girlfriend is gorgeous. I’m pretty sure you love and adore her. Don’t let other people come between the two of you. Their negative comments should not matter as long as you and your girlfriend are happy together. It may seem like your relationship is against all odds but it’s worth it in the end.

  • Ehsan Abbasi

    Beautiful indeed.

  • Robert Rosen

    I don’t hate your girlfriend.  I just got got lost in those eyes. Someone help!

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