Heavy Metal Summer Night

Strolling through the city of London which is completely deserted at weekends. It’s is the Lloyds building, located at One Lime Street (architect Richard Rogers).

7 Responses to Heavy Metal Summer Night

  • Makaid

    Good HDR. It isn’t overdone in my opinion. I love the structure. Very raw and industrial. Good balanced composition too.

    • admin

      Thanks! On some pics HDR work better than on others. Huge differences in contrast normally don’t work very well. I like the subtle HDRs better anyway.

  • Barry H

    That is a great shot, but I am not quite sure why the buildings architect decided that the whole ‘gas processing plant on a god-forsaken industrial estate’ was the hip thing to go with…

  • William K Wallace

    Nice picture you have managed to make an ugly as hell building look amaingly photogenic.

  • richardalois

    Thanks but I find the building actually rather attractive?

  • Reiner

    Impressive image. Like the perspective.

  • Claus Petersen

    Here the colors really enhance the cold feeling of the metal.. great shot.

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