When you’re dreaming about fish this could mean the following:
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  • Water symbolises your feelings as it constantly moves and flows. Deep water can represent your subconscious feelings. The dream interpretation fish then represent issues over which your views are shaping and forming. Think about changes in your feelings taking place and subconscious feelings forming in your mind. Fish tend to link to new moods and motivations. They symbolise the deep emotional connections that underpin our relationships. They also link to strong urges and motivations that are pushing us in new directions.
  • Dream symbols fish often represent life in the subconscious mind. They may show that some ideas are forming in your mind and maybe that you are not sure right now.
  • Jung said that fish are often symbols used by the dream to describe psychic happenings or experiences that suddenly dart out of the unconscious and have a frightening or redeeming effect.
  • The dream meaning fish are also a common symbol of fertility. Your dream may be indicating that you are experiencing a period of personal growth.

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