Beachy Head Suicide

List of cool suicide sites:

  1. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California – over 1,500 suicides
  2. Aokigahara forest, Mount Fuji, Japan – Around 70 suicides a year; thought of as the second most popular suicide location in the world
  3. Beachy Head, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom – about 500 suicides
  4. Humber Bridge, Kingston-upon-Hull, England – more than 200 incidents of people jumping or falling from the bridge have taken place since it was opened in 1981 with only five surviving.
  5. Coronado Bridge, San Diego, California – more than 200 suicides (1972–2000) and many more after
  6. Aurora Bridge, Seattle, Washington – over 230 suicides since 1932,[8] with over 50 from 1997-2007
  7. Jacques Cartier Bridge, Montreal, Quebec, Canada – over 143 suicides. Suicide barriers were erected in 2003.
  8. Grafton Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand – suicide barriers were removed in 1996 after being in place for sixty years but replaced in 2003.

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