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The London Bridge Experience

Amongst the interesting places in London the London Bridge is good to watch commuters. Especially bankers – every morning there’s an army of suspicous people walking from London Bidge Station towards the city. A true spectacle – a sad rat race. It’s also a good starting point for places to visit near London. This photo […]

Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis

Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis

To protect the coal workers from getting the coal miners lung (or black lung disease) (coal workers pneumoconiosis / coal dust disease) they wear protecting masks. This photo was taken Feb 2012 in Sogamoso, Colombia.

I did not offer a chair office-visitor

I Did Not Offer A Chair

Had a visitor to my office today – he did not say a word. I had to eat him therefore.


The Production Of Sugar

Made from sugar cane on a rather small scale near San Gil, Colombia.

India Workshop

Indian Workshop

Amazingly poor work environment ¬†and working conditions in this sweatshop in India. I wonder what’s the average weekly pay? Accidentally¬†came across workshop in New Dehli’s old city in 2006.


Banana Trade Brazil

This one was taken at the fruit market in Manaus, Brazil

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