Heat Indicator

I like my stylish heat indicator – its for the bbq temperature. Taken in the backyard of my house in London.

Disused London Underground

This is not a disused London underground stations but it’s close. It’s a place underneath the Waterloo station called Oldvictunnels. Go and check it out!

Tiny Buddha

A tiny buddha statue in my house watching over me. Altough it got a bit lazy recently… There’s also a website and a Facebook page with that name I like (full of wisdom of buddha) Tiny buddha quotes I like are: “If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you …

The Sunken

A true treasure sunken in Brighton. The West Pier.

After The Garden Gnome Carnage

Wondering what games to play in the garden? Try to find and take pictures of evil garden gnomes in your back garden – this creepy angry one was hiding in the very back. Ok, it’s not a garden gnome since: [unordered_list style=”tick”] A garden gnome or lawn gnome is a figurine of a small humanoid …


An idyllic place I shot at holidays in Munich at the airport.

London Fighter

A Harrier jump jet has been hung from the roof of Tate Britain like a trussed up bird. Fiona Banner, the artist, dreamt up the installation as a way of asking why fighter planes were so glorified in mainstream culture. Banner said she was “seduced” by the beauty of fighter jets but wondered why there …

10000 Miles London

I cycle London almost every day all year long to everywhere + a London bike ride is not the most pleasant thing; I am cycling to to work, to the pub to everywhere. The bike is 5 years old, but it’s a good bike – Specialised. I like my bike + I like London. As a matter of fact you …

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Top reasons for high shopping cart abandonment rates: High shipping prices or long delivery times Comparison shopping and browsing Changed Mind Total cost of items is too high Checkout process is too long Checkout requires too much personal information Site requires registration before purchase Site is unstable or unreliable Checkout process is confusing

Go Fly A Kite

Clapham Common in London is perfect for flying a kite. Vast elevated plain and almost always wind blowing.

Cranes Today

One of the principles of London. Old besides new – here a picture of a crane in front of the Battersea Power Station.

Photo of Books British Museum

One of the most impressive museums of the world for sure is the British Museum in London. The picture was taken in the reading room. During the period of the British Library, access was restricted to registered researchers only; however, reader’s credentials were generally available to anyone who could show that they were a serious researcher. The …

Mexican Sweets

I don’t know what you call theses sweets or the recipe but these are some other Mexican Sweets: Alegrías Arroz con leche Buñuelos Cajeta Capirotada Carlota de limón Champurrado Chongos zamoranos Churros Coyotas Dulce de leche Empanadas Flan Glorias Jamoncillos Jarritos Obleas Pan de Acambaro (Acambaro bread) Pan dulce Pan de muerto Paletas, popsicles Pastel …

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