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Interesting Plant III

Another flower plant I found interesting. Feel free to give me feedback when you like it. Thanks! Taken again in Munich, Germany


Interesting Plants II

This interesting plant is from the Botanical Garden in Munich, Germany. I like it because it looks like a heart or any kind of control center.


Close to Open

Simple and tiny plant shows me how things get done. Somewhere in a London park.


So Much To See

so much to do so much to see


Coming Of Spring

Spring makes its own tender statement here in London. A blooming magnolia.


Rain On Leaves

These rain kissed leaves are in my back garden. The picture looks kind of fresh, doesn’t it? Two external flashes applied.  


Fern Life Cycle

Fern Life Cycle. Ferns belong to the Division Pterophyta characterized by vascular plants with leaves (fronds) arising from subterranean, creeping rhizomes. In tree ferns, the leaves are produced on a definite woody trunk. The dominant (conspicuous) part of the life cycle is the diploid, leaf-bearing sporophyte. On the underside of the leaves are rows of […]


Sunflower Photography

Plenty of pictures / images of sunflowers in the internet. This is one of them.

magic mushrooms richmond park

Magic Mushrooms at Richmond Park

Where to find magic mushrooms? Ask the mushroom man! Found these magic mushrooms in Richmond Park, London – some tweaking was needed to make them glow. A real magic mushrooms picture looks like that:

day tree

Day Tree

I find this tree rather unusual – with lots of dark red leaves in front of blue sky and green grass. The HDR adds nicely to it – I like the best the plants underneath the tree. Taken in Lincolnshire, UK.


Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding

All I want is to see you smile.


Imagen Colombia

A part of a waterfall near San Gil in Colombia.


Eat Dandelions

Yes you can eat dandelions. I did it. It seems also the main food of guinea pigs and rabbits.

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