Swan Fight

Mute Swans are one of the heaviest flying birds and are rather aggressive. Swans fighting can be seen amongst young male adults like in this photo of swans. Photoshop’s pixelbender was used to generate this picture.

Pumpkins in Oil – London Borough Market

A cool new extension from Adobe is the Pixel Bender. This image is edited with the oil painting setting. You need Photoshop CS5 for it – download it here. Waste your time with it! The picture was taken at Borough Market in London, UK using a single off-camera flash.


bombón + linda + confite + dulce + golosina = Chocolatina Colombiana!

Lost and Lonely London

London has a population of roughly 8-9 millions and is the the most visited city in the world. Some are probably lonely in London, I guess. I actually don’t know if the guy on the pic is lonely – it looks like though. However the Tower Bridge is a nice background for this picture.

West Pier In Brighton

The West Pier in Brighton was closed in 1975 and was subsequently severely damaged by fires and storms, with the remaining iron structure being partially demolished in 2010. On the 26 November 1944 a Royal Air Force Hawker Typhoon fighter hit the pier and then crashed onto the beach. The pilot sustained head injuries.

Mexican Church

Mexican Church as an example of Photoshop’s Pixelbender filter. Pixelbender is a free extension for applying nice  filter effects on images in Photoshop CS5.

Cloud Brazil

Cloud and dune in Brazil. Taken in the Lençois Maranhenses National Park,

Flight from Hell

My trip was horrible. The plane was struck by lightning which considerably delayed the scheduled arrival time!

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