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Bee – Shallow Depth of Field

A picture of a super cute honey bee – must have been taken in Wales if I am not mistaken. Taken with Sigma EX Macro – 150 mm – F/2.8


Interesting Plant III

Another flower plant I found interesting. Feel free to give me feedback when you like it. Thanks! Taken again in Munich, Germany


Interesting Plants

This time: I have no idea. I have seen this strange plant in the Botanical garden.


Bee In Flower

A bee is pollinating a flower.


So Much To See

so much to do so much to see

Spider eats Grasshopper

Spider Grasshopper

Do spiders eat grasshoppers? They love them! The spider was eating the grasshopper – not nice, especially sicne my photo assistant threw the poor grasshopper into the the spider web. We’re still feeling bad about it.


Scary Spiders Pictures

Spider, spider dreaming night In the webbing of delight Dangling from a feather waiting strike, Who would plan your putrid pike? I’m a fly buzzing, see, Yet in your catcher of dreams I am free! Here I am, drying, waiting For you twist the sinews of my heart writhing. Nature is cruel like the cosmos. […]

macro shot-fly

Insect Macro

This fly macro photo shows visitor to my house. Feel free to use it a fly wallpaper.

lily-macro shot

Lily Macro

White Lillies are some of the most interesting flowers to photograph. So pure and innocent with a downright elegant shape.

insect-on-leaf macro shot

Insect On Leaf

It’s waiting in the dark. You can’t have it all, the increased macro magnification comes at the expense of depth-of-field – but you can play with it.

fly macro insect macro

Fly Macro

A macro insect is always tricky – lots of camera shake going on. The size of the water drops give you the idea of how small the fly was. This was taken in my back garden, unfortunately the season for macro photographing bugs is rather early (rarely to see and still quite small – looking […]


Rain On Leaves

These rain kissed leaves are in my back garden. The picture looks kind of fresh, doesn’t it? Two external flashes applied.  

macro-shot dandelion

Macro Shot

Macro flower photography is good fun – I can’t give you many tips but that’s how to shoot:


Sunflower Photography

Plenty of pictures / images of sunflowers in the internet. This is one of them.


Earthworm Hearts

This would be the terrestrial megadrile earthworm which are hermaphrodites, which means that each animal has both male and female reproductive organs. When two earthworms mate, both worms typically fertilize each other (no trouble in reproduction) There are approximately 2,700 different kinds of earthworms. Even though worms don’t have eyes, they can sense light, especially […]

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