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Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You

You’re too good to be true – are you there?


I Hate My Girlfriend

Obvoiusly I love my girl friend – just look at mi amor this wonderful chocolatina. But there are several other options: My parents hate my girlfriend I hate my ex girlfriend My friends hate my girlfriend My girlfriend hates my friends My girlfriend hates me My friend has a girlfriend and he hates that I […]

macro shot-fly

Insect Macro

This fly macro photo shows visitor to my house. Feel free to use it a fly wallpaper.

lily-macro shot

Lily Macro

White Lillies are some of the most interesting flowers to photograph. So pure and innocent with a downright elegant shape.


Brockwell Park London

The image shows Arianna V. in Brockwell Park, London. The sky is underexposed and Arianna is lit by a flash.

insect-on-leaf macro shot

Insect On Leaf

It’s waiting in the dark. You can’t have it all, the increased macro magnification comes at the expense of depth-of-field – but you can play with it.


Rain On Leaves

These rain kissed leaves are in my back garden. The picture looks kind of fresh, doesn’t it? Two external flashes applied.  

macro-shot dandelion

Macro Shot

Macro flower photography is good fun – I can’t give you many tips but that’s how to shoot:


Sunflower Photography

Plenty of pictures / images of sunflowers in the internet. This is one of them.


Never Be Boring

Taken from the magnificent seven cemeteries series – the seven famous Victorian cemeteries in London.


Pumpkins in Oil – London Borough Market

A cool new extension from Adobe is the Pixel Bender. This image is edited with the oil painting setting. You need Photoshop CS5 for it – download it here. Waste your time with it! The picture was taken at Borough Market in London, UK using a single off-camera flash.

Skeleton In My Closet

Skeleton In My Closet

Taken with one flash and a mask from a one pound shop. The skeleton man is actually my pretty girl-friend.

Arianna in Creta

Arianna in Creta

Taken in one the magnificent seven London cemeteries: West Norwood Cemetery (one flash).

fashion jesus

Fashion Jesus

A little improvised fashion shot in my living room.

2015 London Photographer | Pictures from London and the World.