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A Black Cat is Staring at me in Paris

A Black Cat is Staring at me in Paris

I came across this fearsome animal when I visited relatives in Paris.


“This is the point of no return” he’s thinking

The path that I have chosen led me to a wall (Tapiur in London)


Spiders In London

Taken in autumn 2011 in London Tooting near the off-licence where I used to buy beers.


Bee In Flower

A bee is pollinating a flower.

fried-ants colombia

Fried Colombian Ants

If you’re into fried ants, Colombia is right for you! The ants being eaten there are rather big and are called Hormigas Culonas (~big ass ants). They are also available in lemon or barbecue flavour! We had these ants for breakfast in San Gil, Santander in central Colombia. How gorgeous they taste!

vulture colombia

Black Vulture Colombia

Black vultures can be found in cities in southern USA, through Central America and throughout most of South America where it feeds on rubbish. This black vulture picture was photographed in San Gil, Colombia.


Pteropus Poliocephalus

grey headed flying fox @Horniman Museum London


Swan Fight

Mute Swans are one of the heaviest flying birds and are rather aggressive. Swans fighting can be seen amongst young male adults like in this photo of swans. Photoshop’s pixelbender was used to generate this picture.

Spider eats Grasshopper

Spider Grasshopper

Do spiders eat grasshoppers? They love them! The spider was eating the grasshopper – not nice, especially sicne my photo assistant threw the poor grasshopper into the the spider web. We’re still feeling bad about it.


Scary Spiders Pictures

Spider, spider dreaming night In the webbing of delight Dangling from a feather waiting strike, Who would plan your putrid pike? I’m a fly buzzing, see, Yet in your catcher of dreams I am free! Here I am, drying, waiting For you twist the sinews of my heart writhing. Nature is cruel like the cosmos. […]

macro shot-fly

Insect Macro

This fly macro photo shows visitor to my house. Feel free to use it a fly wallpaper.

insect-on-leaf macro shot

Insect On Leaf

It’s waiting in the dark. You can’t have it all, the increased macro magnification comes at the expense of depth-of-field – but you can play with it.


The Water Buffalo

This water buffalo photo shows an asian water buffalo, found in Vietnam. I heard they produce some great water buffalo milk, water buffalo yogurt and even water buffalo mozzarella!

fly macro insect macro

Fly Macro

A macro insect is always tricky – lots of camera shake going on. The size of the water drops give you the idea of how small the fly was. This was taken in my back garden, unfortunately the season for macro photographing bugs is rather early (rarely to see and still quite small – looking […]


Tomorrow Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

You can put your mind at rest – this guy was only playing dead. Taken at Wimbledon Common with one flash and some marco equipment.



Lots of people think there’s a pigeon problem. Getting rid of pigeons? That’s the way you do it. Unfortunately the pigeons spear themselves while trying to land – resulting in lots of only one-legged crippled pigeons. Not sure why the pigeons in london try to land on these friendly constructions? Can’t they spot the spikes? […]


Earthworm Hearts

This would be the terrestrial megadrile earthworm which are hermaphrodites, which means that each animal has both male and female reproductive organs. When two earthworms mate, both worms typically fertilize each other (no trouble in reproduction) There are approximately 2,700 different kinds of earthworms. Even though worms don’t have eyes, they can sense light, especially […]


Strong As A Horse

Strong Welsh horses. Taken at Martin’s Haven, Wales, UK.


Kissing A Horse

This is a picture of a girl kissing a horse. I like that the kiss is making the horse smile. Taken in Martin’s Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. There’s also this poem: Kissing a Horse by Robert Wrigley


The Bug Lady

A seemingly lost but beneficial insect. Beware of lady bug bites though. Taken in London, UK.


Can Goldfish Live In A Bowl

This poor goldfish was found in Colombia in a shop where I used to cover my beer supply. Goldfish can live in a bowl but not long. In the best case, goldfish living in a bowl that is regularly cleaned will live for a couple of years.  The worst scenario is the fish will be […]


What Is Reproduction

Two grasshoppers doing the biology thing. Are they having fun? Probably not since it’s reproduction. Humans can’t do plain reproduction.



A cow in the Bavarian mountains (alps). (High dynamic range (HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods)

happy puppy

Happy Puppy?

Puppies being sold on a busy street in Saigon, Vietnam.

Death Of A Workhorse

The Death Of A Workhorse

Slaved into brittle and worked for a lifetime Shaved into rhythm to die on duty The Death of A Workhorse (obituary archives)

battersea power station

Battersea Power Station – London’s Dark Princess

Since closure (1983) Battersea Power Station (near battersea park) has remained largely unused, with numerous failed development plans from successive site owners. The site is currently owned by Irish company Real Estate Opportunities, who purchased it for £400 million in November 2006.The station is the largest brick building in Europe and is notable for its original, […]

Loneliest dog Hongkong

Loneliest Dog Hong Kong

This one was shot from my hotel room. There’s not much room in Hong Kong…


Dream Of Fish

When you’re dreaming about fish this could mean the following:


Pet Colombia

Not really a Colombian pet, rather a typical dog without home and hope. Found in Taganga, Colombia.


Richmond Park Deer

Richmond park is good for: riding Richmond park and deers. The red and fallow deer are rather tame and roam freely within much of the park. But then again the park is full of photographers chasing them.


Snake Charmers In India

Snake charming is the practice of pretending to hypnotise a snake by playing an instrument. The snake charmers typically stitch closed the mouth of their performing snakes, leaving just enough opening for the animal to be able to move its tongue in and out. The downside for the snakes is that they soon die of […]

strange bird London

Strange Bird

I think that’s just a turkey. I also think its a bit ugly – too much skin overlapping. Also the blue skin confuses a bit and on top of it he was watching me. Should be ok however not with that sly look on its face.

Eyes For The Blind Dogs

Eyes For The Blind Dogs

A half-blind dog somewhere in Colombia. Most likely dead by now.

Spider-Colombia Tayrona Park

Colombian Spider

In the Tayrona Parque Nacional, Colombia you’ll find all sorts of animals in Colombia. It’s a great place for relaxing a couple of days at the beach – you’ll sleep in hammocks + no electricity after 10pm though. On top of that there are lots of fluffy things crawling around while you’re sleeping…

guinea pig race

Guinea Pig Race

Guinea pigs (cavies) need regular exercise to stay healthy. This guinea pig game takes place in Bogota Colombia. More guinea pig racing here:

The English Pig

The English Pig

In Latin this would be ‘English sus’

Dead Bird Symbolism

Dead Bird Symbolism

In Asian cultures birds often symbolise immortality. In Indian myth birds represent departed souls and in Christian art birds often appear as saved souls. Some people say when you find a dead bird the meaning is someone you loved passed away. None of the mentioned happened (at least I did not notice) when I found this bird in […]

gibraltar monkeys

Gibraltar Monkeys

Barbary Macaques (barbary apes) are the monkeys living in Gibraltar. Funny enough besides humans, they are the only primates that live freely in Europe. Or maybe excluding London bus drivers. They are also found in the Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Morocco. Some 230 animals in five troops occupying the area of the Gibraltar Rock. They are commonly referred to as the Barbary Ape, […]

fly close up

Fly Close

Brazil somewhere.


Mexican Chicks

I found these Mexican Hotties at a local market in Mexico City.

Panama Birds Presidente

Flamingos In The President Palace in Panama City

Strange to keep and showcase flamingos in the in the house of a public dignitary. But maybe it’s just me. Anyway I had a good time in Panama City – especially since it was Carnival when I was there.

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