Born to office work

In an office in Madrid, Spain. I am afraid I work in an office too, at least its my onw office.

Barcelona Old Town

I just attended the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona for a couple of days. My hotel in the Barcelona old town (barrio gotico) was around the corner that spot.

Mallorca in Winter

Mallorca in winter is quite nice – especially for cycling. Still warm enough, only a few tourists and empty beaches.

Barcelona Dog

We spent some time visiting friends in Barcelona where we came across this little fella.

Self in Spain

From 2004. Reminds me on this: Self Portrait 1969 by Francis Bacon

Streets Of Barcelona

There are some street performers in Barcelona. This is a picture was taken at Las Ramblas in the most exciting city of the world.

Romanian Window Cleaners

This picture was taken in Barcelona, I had lots of furious comments in regards to their ethnic origin. They are Romani and are an ethnic group living mostly in Europe, who trace their origins to medieval India. The Romani are widely dispersed, with their largest concentrated populations in Europe, especially the Roma of Central and Eastern Europe and Anatolia. Deported …

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