Rice Flowers

Beautiful flower pics: purple flowers of the rice to be found in Vietnam.

I don’t know what they are called but I watched a guy picking them from a rice field hence I call them rice flowers.


  1. Hey there website owner, this is great do you mind if I use some of the information from this post if I include a link back to your website?

  2. We call it is Lotus Flowers, not Rice Flower or Purple Flowers. This flower have 2 colors: pink (purple) and white.
    Anyway, thank your for sharing this picture.  If you like lotus flower, why do you go to vietnam once time?
    Welcome to Vietnam. My nickname (Skype): nhungrjcapital

  3. Rice flower: Real name is Lotus flower (a popular name in Vietnam). Other names: Nymphaeaceae, Nelumbo nucifera (pink color), Nelumbo lutea (white color). For more information, search them on http://en.wikipedia.org/, please.
    I hope you have fun…

  4. One day am gonna buy this one and have it somewhere in my house…. I tell you!

  5. This flower remind me about my village…in malaysia we call this flower “Bunga Teratai”..have many song create to tell the story about Bunga Teratai..